Social Norms: Diana and Staff

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I’ve never heard that rumour, but if there’s any source for it it’s probably noted in the end notes/foot notes.

I went through the index, and I couldn't find any mention of the source. The names credited to Page 120 are Edward Adeane (Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales from 1979 to 1985), Barbara Barnes (the princes' nanny), Stephen Barry (valet to Prince Charles), Michael Colborne (private secretary to Prince Charles), and Oliver Everett (private secretary).
Perhaps a good idea would be to read further on about this period of time and Diana's hiring and firing of staff that worked for her as a new Princess of Wales. One book I can recommend quite highly where the experiences aren't related and named to a "source" but comes from the actual source herself, would be "The Housekeeper's Diary" by Wendy Berry.

It deals primarily with Diana and Charles and their years together at Highgrove. I think this gives a much clearer insight into how Diana handled her staff and her motivations behind it.

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