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Ball-breaking’ aide to help Kate shake up the Palace


The Princess of Wales, who is looking to “shake things up” at Kensington Palace, has hired a “straight-talking” public relations guru as her new private secretary.

Alison Corfield, who masterminded Jamie Oliver’s childhood obesity and free school meals campaigns, will join the palace as Kate’s right-hand woman and most senior aide this month.

Described as “loud” and “persuasive” by those who know her, Corfield’s appointment has been hailed by royal insiders as a “breath of fresh air”. It is understood the princess actively sought out a “different kind of courtier” as she steps up her public work.


I doubt she has any plan nor intention to "shake up the palace", but more likely hiring her for her experience in campaigning for children-related issues considering her Early Years project.
Meghan was supposed to be a breath of fresh air and look how that turned out:eek:.

If anyone can post the article:previous:, thank you in advance :flowers:
Well, at one point Sarah Ferguson was "a breath of fresh air", I remember Catherine was called it too, not sure about Sophie though, but it seems like every newcomer is " a breath of fresh air".

Is the links not working for you? It works just fine on my part (I'm using Opera).
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I'd say the biggest change is that she has more links with Labour politicians in the past rather than Conservative's, which is more usual for palace aides.

At the end of the day its not the role of Catherine's Private Secretary to "shake the palace" nor do I think either of them have any intention for her to do so. the RF have always hired "outsiders" who bring about new ways of doing things to the usual royal norm. The same was said of Sarah Latham, Samantha Cohen, Paddy Harverson and more.
Well, at one point Sarah Ferguson was "a breath of fresh air", I remember Catherine was called it too, not sure about Sophie though, but it seems like every newcomer is " a breath of fresh air".

Is the links not working for you? It works just fine on my part (I'm using Opera).
No, yukari, I’m not able to see it.:sad:
Very interesting. The Prince and Princess of Wales are hiring a CEO for their household, first of its kind.

The CEO will report directly to TRHs and not their private secretary, and will reportedly make more compensation that their private secretaries.

Don’t like the sound of it at all. Intoducing titles and functions from business world is a slippery-slope. Anyway, isn’t a private secretary supposed to be ”the CEO” of a royal household?
Its odd that Kate still has not retained another private secretary at this point. She has not had one for nearly a year...
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I wonder whether she has got a new Private Secretary (or decided that whoever has been filling in has got the job) but kept it quiet, the last new appointees have faced a lot of media scrutiny when their appointment was announced (and one turned down the job when the media started running stories of her appointment). Of course, if true that can't go on forever and it will come out eventually.

Alternatively, with talk of them appointing a CEO maybe there is so much up in the air that they are waiting until that position is filled to appoint a permanent new Private Secretary to Catherine.
It appears that the Princess of Wales might be hiring the late QEII's former equerry, Lt. Col Tom White, as her new Private Secretary soon.

Princess of Wales set to hire late Queen’s former equerry as new private secretary

[FONT=&quot] Lt Col Tom White, a war hero who helped foil Taliban bomb plot in Helmand, served Elizabeth II until her death [/FONT]
I'm not sure if this is the right thread to ask this question in, but it seemed the best fit.

I know that William has RPOs. But how, precisely, does the system work? Does the RPO protect him at home, similar to how the head of the CIA usually has Secret Service living on site, or do they just turn up to escort him when he goes out? How many RPOs does he actually have? Is is just one or two people who always work with him, or a rotating team of 5-6 people?
Most of the answers to your questions will be - no one exactly knows. Certainly not how many officers William or his family have exactly, partly because it will fluctuate depending on the level of threat.

Adelaide Cottage is within the police protection already provided at Windsor Castle by Thames Valley Police, they have the largest protection group outside of the Met Police and these officers, many armed, will be stationed around Windsors security cordon providing protection. Adelaide Cottage is small (though bigger than the name suggests) so I'm not sure there is a place provided for protection officers to stay but I'm sure some will always be around somewhere on the Windsor Estate as they will defo need to be close to hand if the Wales decided to go out off the secure estate or to help secure Adelaide Cottage incase the perimeter security fails.

KP is protected by the Met Police who have a "Royalty and Specialist Protection branch of their own Protection Command.

Anmer is the one residence where I could potentially see their RPOs having more of a role in protecting the house but wider perimeter security will be provided by the Norfolk Constabulary who have their own Royalty and VIP Protection Squad (RVIPP) - 'a dedicated unit adjacent to the Royal Estate at Sandringham', with 'responsibility for visits of protected Royalty and VIPs
within both Norfolk and Suffolk'. It was widely reported (based on planning permission submitted when the house was renovated by the Wales') that the old garage block at Anmer was converted into rooms for RPOs.

The main role of RPOs is to protect royalty when they are out and about, protecting buildings is usually uniformed officers responsibilities but I imagine the RPOs will never be far away from the royals wherever they are, just in case. Certainly Windsor and KP have a big police presence to protect them which probably diminishes the role of the RPOs in protecting the buildings.

This article may be a good read if your interested in RPOs
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