Royalty of Scotland and Ireland

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Catlin & High King, I’ve not got a dog in the O'Rorke fight but both of you are clearly wrong on different points!

Ok, that’s a little combative. I’m sorry, but seriously.

My first wondering is if the user “High King of Erin” is the “minor” Dillon son of Christopher?

The user name and posting a list that at the very least contains a large number of widely recognised individuals regarded as clan chiefs and then adding at the bottom “Prince and rightful High King of Ireland: a new claimant, a minor, calling himself Díolún mac Críostóir. Last I heard, he is trying to gain support of the last Brehon and another European Princes” might suggest so?

- That his father is still alive might not be an issue, as a number of would be claimants to clans/princedoms give the go ahead to other relatives to use the titles.

- But there is no “last Brehon”, and no European Prince worth his salt would give their “support” to even the most worthy and undisputed on that list, not officially at least.

A search of Díolún mac Críostóir’s Quora account shows:

- That he makes his claim of Kingship alleged decent from Rory O’Conor. Why he thinks he’d have a better claim than The O'Conor Don to be King of Ireland I have no clue.

- His claim as to the Prince of Breffni (The O’Rouke) being “His tanist is the rightful chief, his tenth cousin Clayton Eugene O'Roak” may be because Dillons “mom” is an O’Rouke.

Would it be unreasonable to suppose that Clayton is either a family member or someone that he met online and is trying to gain “support” for his claim of the throne of Ireland from?


Caitlin, when it comes to recognising clan chiefs EVERYBODY “take(s) the Heralds office for fools”!

That’s why the Irish Government banned them from doing it anymore.

Some of the chiefs they recognised were obviously legit because everybody knew their pedigree- it helped if a big ancient physical house/castle or British/Spanish noble title passed along the line with the chiefdom- some were proven to be total frauds (the McCarthy Mor scandal), others were of debatable lines of decent, and yet others were almost certainly frauds but after the Heralds office got out of the business of recognition they were just left to do their thing.

The Heralds office won’t be recognising any more chiefs or giving any direction on rightful tanists.
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Claim as Heiress of MacKinnons of Mishnish

Wow, So much information in this thread.
This is Great!

Ancient Princess, I haven't had time to read the entire thread -
But I am curious how your quest is going. I wish you luck.

Your claim to MacKinnon sounds amazing.

Personally, my mother's family claimed that they were "MacLeod", but I have been unable to verify this. This is on my to-do list

I think ancient princess has finally conceded because she has no claim, the two people she supposedly was descended from had no children and not only that her ancestor was born after the death of the
"mother" so she had to change that story. She tried every which way she could by changing her tree several times, but could never prove it past her Prince Edward Island ancestor. Everyone should be careful what information they take from other people's trees as there are many inaccuracies a lot of times and falsified documents of originals. ?:whistling:
The search on for the remains of Patrick Sarsfield, 1st Earl of Lucan a leading Catholic Jacobite during the Williamite War in Ireland from 1689 to 1691.

Patrick Sarsfield led the 17,000 Irish Catholic nobles and soldiers known 'Wild Geese' into exile after the Treaty of Limerick which ended the Wars. The Irish exiles ended up in the armies of Catholic France and Spain. The Earl was killed at the Battle of Landen in 1693 and was buried at the nearby l'eglise St Martin de Huy.

Recent excavations may have discovered the burial site.
On this day, 23rd of April 1014 : Death of Brian Boru,High King of Ireland

Brian was slain by a Viking following the decisive Irish victory over the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf on Good Friday 1014.
The Old High King was in his tent praying when he was discovered by a fleeing Viking called Brodir who also murdered the kings bodyguards and priest.
The body of Brian Boru was first taken to Swords in Dublin and the buried at St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh.

Brian's grandson Toirdelbach also died having drowned pursuing the fleeing Vikings into the Irish Sea.

The Main Irish kingdoms 11th century onwards

The Kingdom of Leinster
The Kingdom of Munster
The Kingdom of Connacht
The Kingdom of Meath (Mide) Seat of the High King at Tara

The Kingdom of Ulster(Ulaid)

Prince of Breifne.


The Principal Towns and Cities

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The Arms of Ireland over the years

Coat of arms of the Kingdom of Ireland, 1542 – 1800


Tudor Coat of Arms of Ireland

Coat of arms of Meath (Mide) seat of the High King


Coat of arms of Leinster

Coat of arms of Munster

Coats of arms of Connacht

Coats of arms of Ulster
Brian Boru's March is a very old Irish tune in honour of Brian Boru the High King of Ireland who defeated the Danes at Clontarf on Good Friday 1014.

This version by the The Chieftains was recorded in 1969.

Lane family from Cork. Any updates?

Fascinating! By chance has anyone found additional information regarding the Lane's of Cork?

Well yes. Of course its far from County Cork but, there is a William Carey Lane from County Cork that ended up in Hawaii and married into one of the royal houses of Hawaii. He became a prominent and wealthy man and ended up becoming the Govenor of Oahu. He and his wife had many children and they all went on to become important figures in Hawaiian history. So as you might guess, learning anything about that side of the family is very important especially if there are records in County Cork that pertain to him or his family. Since this is a thread about Ireland and Scotland, and I was told that the Lanes were a noble family, I thought there might be someone here with any information that might be able to shed some light on this.

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The remains of leading Irish Jacobite ,Patrick Sarsfield, 1st Earl of Lucan were discovered at the church of Saint Martin d'Outre-Meuse in Huy in Belgium.There are now negotiations to have his remains brought back to Ireland for reburial.

The Earl left Ireland and went into exile following the Williamite War in Ireland and entered the service of the king of France.
He died at the Battle of Landen in 1693 and his last words were "Oh that this had been shed for Ireland!",
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Edward the Bruce was honoured at a Ceremony at Old Faughart, north of Dundalk in County Louth on October 14th.

Edward was the younger brother of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots. He invaded Ireland and was proclaimed High King in 1315 and crowned in 1316. He was defeated by an Anglo Norman forces at the Battle of Faughart in 1318 during which he was slain.
Though his body was dismembered after the battle its believed it was later buried near an old Abbey.
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