Royal Selfies & Photos Taken by the Public

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Jan 9, 2003
I was wondering, how many "real photos" of the royals do you think there are online?
With real photos I mean photos taken by fans, at a public or private event.
But no photos from proffesional photographers/ agencies!

I have taken some photos myself, of the Danish and Swedish royalties and I have seen some of Diana.

It doesn´t matter if its your or sombody elses photo (as long as you give credit ofcourse :) )

so, lets "post away"!
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Here´s my photos of the danish royal family onboard Dannebrog in Helsingborg on june 2nd 2005

and Frederik and Mary at the train station
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and the swedish royal family outside of their hotel in Helsingborg

Victoria at Ven, april 29th 2005

This is a photo of a girl name Karin and Victoria. They met on the island of Ven in the summer of 2001(?)

here´s the site where the photo is from:

Random photos of princess Diana. I never had the chance to see her irl, but many other people was. Here´s some of the (probably hundreds) photos of Diana

(I had them saved on my harddrive so I´m not sure where they are from. If anyone know the sources please tell me!)

these two photos are from a visit to Viassystems in 1992

In april 2004 queen Silvia of Sweden visited Ronna school in Södertälje, south of Stockholm.

Here´s their story and photos!

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Stephanie of Monaco

... photo taken by her friend during her honeymoon on the Island of St. Martin.



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It is very interesting thread Yenny, I think a real photo more interesting than the one which has taken by a professional photographer since real photo has no special finishing touch into it. Thanks for posting the photos
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galuhcandrakirana said:
It is very interesting thread Yenny, I think a real photo more interesting than the one which has taken by a professional photographer since real photo has no special finishing touch into it. Thanks for all the photos of poster
I think so to! A "real" photo feels much more real :)
It might not be as perfect as the press photos, but it gives you a more realistic veiw imo

ps. I love the photo of Stephanie! She looks really happy! t4p it michelle!
Howcome it was made public? Was it the "friend" who sold it?
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ps. I love the photo of Stephanie! She looks really happy! t4p it michelle!
Howcome it was made public? Was it the "friend" who sold it?[/QUOTE]

I love it too :D

It's her friend who's the owner of the hotel residence where she stayed and the photo belonged to the webpage publication.
Maxima & W-A in Argentina, May 2004

Maxima at her best friends wedding in Argentina, May 2004. This pics were taken by sbdy who attend the wedding, no paparazzi.


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Two more of Princess Stephanie at the Circus Festival Aftershow Party

(by Victor Kee)


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Great photos. I like the fact that they are shown in a more down to earth light than having to be on for ther press at all time. That in itself while trying to go about your normal day has to be stressful
I think this photo belongs here aswell. It was probably taken by Rosa Monckton, the girls mother and as she was a personal friend of princess Diana, the photo is a "real" one :)

and this photo was taken at Harrods in 1997, perhaps by someone who spotted her when she was busy shopping

both from my personal collection so I dont remember the sources, sorry

Here´s the much talked-about photos of the swedish royal family at a private party in 2001.
All the guests were givien a camera to take photos with during the dinner. Then they was supposed to give the cameras to the host, but someway one of the cameras got "in the wrong hands" and the photos was leaked to the press.

The royal family was very upset :)

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Great thread idea, yennie. I really love photos that aren't professional because they do seem more real to me. Wonderful photos, everyone!
what about Prince William and Prince Harry? and Earl and Countess of Wessex? and lots of more of British Royal Family but i knew Diana had loads of photo! like as about 100 or 200 maybe 1,000 photos!

Sara Boyce
60th Anniversary of Alexander II of Yugoslavia


King Karl XVI of Sweden

Queen Silvia with husband. behind is Behind is princesse Katarina Karadjordjevic with her husband Desmond de Silva, Knight of the Order of St John, one of the best lawers in England.

Grand Duke of Luxemburg in the same party. July 2005
what a nice thread! thanks everyone for those photos... they were all lovely. it's nice to see the royals in "real" as the thread says...
Great!!!This is a very wonderful thread with a lot of real photos of Royals taken by members from our Forums,that's really cool!!
King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia on a private visit to Prague. They stayed at Park hotel and the photos are from their website.

I have no idea of where they were going, but perhaps they were going to St Maxime?

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Victoria and Silvia on a visit to a school.

I dont have the adress to the site saved but if anyone know it, please tell me!

Madeleine on a visit to a hospital in Linköping in january 2005.

photos taken by the staff /

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Two more of Princess Stephanie, Prince Albert and Prince Rainier at one Circus Festival Party.



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Photos I took this summer on 60th birthday of Alexander II Karadjordjevic


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galuhcandrakirana said:
Yennie, she semmed to spot you and your camera and she wants to know who is that on the balcony:D :)
what CP Victoria doing look at paparazzi! its really funny! why not put in funny faces?
Sara Boyce
Yes she spotted me... I and some others stood on a balcony at a buildingfloor in the same "level" as her and I was videotaping so thats probably why she noticed me :)
Great photos, I've never been a big Maxima fan, but those photos are fb and have completely changed my opinion of her.
The king and queen on a visit to the swedish equestrian team during the olympics


psst: Princess_Maxima, although the pictures you posted are great, they dont really "belongs in here".
see here:

Crownprincess Victoria at a event hosted by SWEA on june 19 2004

Katrine, the owner of, has taken these photos of princess Madeleine at Solliden. I think this was in july 1997

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Here are some pictures taken by Bernth Jacobsen, Bernt Sjursen and Nam Young-Pak during Haakon and Mette-Marits visit to Havøysund in the very north of Norway in 2004, the were put on the webpage of the town.


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More photos of the swedish royal family, taken by people who "crossed their way" :)

from varios sources (private individuals= no photoagencies) If anyone sees a photo here that you have taken, please tell me and I´ll give you credit for it!

1: Princess Madeleine and queen Silvia on a visit to Gävle in 2001

And some random photos of the swedish royal family!

The King and prince Carl Philip on holiday on the swedish island Ven in the 80´s

And some photos of Carl Philip and Madeleine from 1999 & 2001

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Victoria and some people who were lucky enough to meet her!

same credits as above :)

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and last (but not least haha), here´s some of my photos of the royal family taken on Victorias birthday

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How wonderful those "real" photos of royals are!..I enjoyed seeing it, its interesting..Thank you guys for posting it...You did a great job..
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