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Advocates of restoring the deposed monarchy waged a general strike on Monday that paralyzed the capital, Katmandu, by closing shops and schools and halting most vehicle traffic. Royalists are demanding a public referendum to decide whether to reinstate the monarchy, a move rejected by other political parties as well as the country’s Maoists. Nepal abolished the monarchy in 2008 and is now struggling to approve a new constitution. - The New York Times
Police arrested more than 200 supporters of the National Democratic Party Nepal who were forcing vehicles off the streets and closing down shops, said Home Ministry spokesman Jayamukunda Khanal.
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Have the chances of a restoration been improved by those actions? Or what's the likelihood of a return in general?
Bollywood actor Manisha Koirala, who became unpopular in her own country in Nepal five years ago by supporting the army-backed coup of King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah, is set to lend a helping hand to another member of the former royal family.

Next month, Manisha, who now also has a foot in the Nepali film industry, will launch in New Delhi`s Oberoi hotel a third novel penned by Sheeba Shivangini Shah, who is married to the nephew of the deposed king, Lt Col Bikash Bikram Shah.

"Facing my Phantoms", published by Rupa, is a semi-autobiographical novel, tracing the migration of Sheeba`s family, the turmoil in Nepal, the reign of four different kings and the 10-year Maoist insurgency.

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On March 7th the deposed Nepali king Gyanendra with his wife ex-Queen Komal went to the Bankali forest area adjoining the revered Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu and took part in nine-day prayer ceremony to restore of Nepal as Hindu state. - Gulf Times

Nepal to be a secular state? - Daily Mirror
I wonder if the tide of history could be turning against the deposers this time? They have surely cost the country a lot so far.
Thanks for the above link. I now have a better 'handle' on the situation re: Restoration.
I hope my wishes for one reach fruition sooner than later.
Thanks for the above link. I now have a better 'handle' on the situation re: Restoration.
I hope my wishes for one reach fruition sooner than later.
My pleasure!:) Let's live and see.
Nepal's former Crown Prince Paras gives an interview and frankly admits past blunders. - Telegraph Nepal
Amid tight security provided by the Nepal Army and Armed Police Force, Nepal’s Former Crown Prince Paras Shah and Princess Himani Shah visited Temples in the district of Gorkha, May 16, 2010.
The former royal couple performed Pooja at the Gorakh Kali and Kali Temples in the district and visited the Gorkha’s Palace.
The district of Gorkha is the origin of the Legendary Gurkha Soldiers and the Shah Kings of Nepal. - Telegraph Nepal
Once worshipped as a divine incarnation, Nepal's deposed king Gyanendra says he is spending his days in darkness like many ordinary citizens because of the frequent power outages in his impoverished country. - Reuters
The massacre at the Naryanhity Royal Palace was the worst royal massacre since the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family in November 1917.
A report prepared by the probe committee formed under the then Chief Justice Keshav Prasad Upadhyaya following the massacre confirmed that Crown Prince Dipendra had killed the ten members of the royal family including the King and the Queen following a family dispute and then took his own life.
Thousands of people, some with shaven head to mourn King Birendra’s death, had come into the streets in the following days demanding proper investigation into the palace massacre.
However, nine years after the tragic massacre, the people of the country have still not been convinced enough about what transpired that fateful night when the nation lost its most beloved King. - NepalNews
Former king Gyanendra celebrated his 64th birth anniversary on Wednesday at his private residence Nirmal Niwas, Maharajgunj, in a manner faintly reminiscent of the monarchy era.
Hundreds of well-wishers including former royalist politicians and Sadhus stayed in a long queue in front of Nirmal Niwas to wish him a happy birthday. School kids in uniforms were also seen in the queue.
Traffic movement was obstructed in Maharajgunj area for hours due to the crowd in front Nirmal Niwas. - Nepal News
Nepal ex-Prince inaugurates School

Paras Shah, Nepal’s former Crown Prince inaugurated a building constructed at the premises of Nepal Rastriya Secondary School located in Prastoka-5 of Bara district, Saturday, July 31, 2010.
Huge numbers of police personnel were deployed during the program.
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Nepal ex-king's son-in-law nabbed for disco orgy

Less than a week after he hit the headlines for joining politics, Nepal's former king Gyanendra's son-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh was arrested by police from a Kathmandu nightclub for drunken and disorderly behaviour.

Singh, a commoner who married Gyanendra's daughter, Princess Prerana, in 2003, was arrested along with over a dozen companions, including six women, for carousing in Club Platinum, the exclusive night club at the five-star Yak and Yeti hotel, after closing hours.- Sify News

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[FONT=&quot]Chandra Bahadur Gurung, central committee member of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal beamingly said while addressing a media interaction program in the district of Gorkha, August 14, 2010, that a “tentative masked agreement” to revive Nepal Monarchy in ceremonial form have already been reached in between his party-the RPP-N, and the Unified Maoists’ party. - Telegraph Nepal
I wonder, could the tide be turning again in Nepal? Could a Constitutional Monarchy be making a comeback, like England & Scotland's did in 1660?
I wonder, could the tide be turning again in Nepal? Could a Constitutional Monarchy be making a comeback, like England & Scotland's did in 1660?

I've been worndering the samething. I generally don't follow the news regarding Nepal, but I'm wanting to say that I've heard peoplel aren't happy with the current government. Here's a question: if the people do want a change and want the monarchy back, would the government listen to the people or ignore them?
Prachanda in favour of reinstating monarchy?

Maoist chief Prachnada, who led the decade-long armed struggle to bring down the 240-year-old monarchy in Nepal, wants to reinstate the royalty to save the country from "foreign intervention", a pro-royalist leader claimed on Friday.
When a pro-democracy movement arose in Nepal, King Birendra willingly accepted their demands and moved to a constitutional monarchy, and he was happy to function as such. I heard in some quarters that his consort Queen Aiswarya, Crown Dipendra, and Gyanendra never really accepted this and favoured a stronger monarchy. Sad to say, it was Gyanendra's overreaching and misuse of his powers that caused people to turn against the monarchy, but at the same time the government is utterly incapable of solving the country's problems.
Former crown princess presides over 'Mrs Nepal' contest

Former Crown Princess Himani, who retained her popularity even during the height of the anti-monarchy movement in 2006 that saw the abolition of the crown, was back in the news Sunday after she presided over a contest during a traditional festival celebrated by married women. - SiFy News
It seems as the politicians are finally 'coming to some senses' now and might, 'just might' have realised the errors of their ways in usurping the King.
A sign they (the political 'elite')are now 'running scared' if they are doing things like this I'd say.
Nepal's former Crown Princess launches a charity trust

October 8th Nepal's former princesses embraced their new status as law-abiding commoners with the inauguration of a charitable trust pledged to social service.
Nepal's last king Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah has inaugurated the Himani Trust, a non-profit charitable organisation started by his daughter-in-law, the former crown princess Himani Rajya Laxmi, in collaboration with six more women, including his daughter and three nieces.

The trust was formally registered with the district authorities last week even as Himani, a scion of the former Indian princely state of Sikar, celebrated her 35th birthday.

The mother of three, one of the most non-controversial and popular members of the royal family, had been among the first to settle down to a changed way of life since the abolition of monarchy, taking her children to the cinema during their school vacation like any other ordinary mum, going paragliding and being the chief guest at a pageant.-
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