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She seems to be more popular than her husband and that's very good for the future of her son.
I am just monarchist ...and I suppose hope is very important.
‘Nepal king ordered destruction of Buddha statue’ News
A former Nepali minister Monday said then King Birendra of Nepal had ordered the demolition of a Buddha statute. [...]
According to the former minister, the king, who was regarded as an incarnation of a Hindu god and wielded absolute power, had ordered that foreigners would not be able to build Buddhist monasteries in Nepal except in Lumbini, the sacred birthplace in southern Nepal.
However, a renowned Japanese monk, who had also built a Buddhist monastery in India’s Orissa state, wanted to establish monasteries in Nepal to propagate Buddhism.
The Japanese was helped by a former minister from the Nepali Congress, Min Bahadur Gurung.
Gurung offered the Japanese preacher his own personal land in Pokhara city, now a popular tourist destination in western Nepal.
Dahal said to throw dust in the eyes of the government, Gurung built a small temple on his land and then installed a Buddha statue there.
When Birendra came to know, he sent the army who razed down the temple and ‘kicked down’ the Buddha statue, Dahal wrote Monday in the Nagarik daily.
Once the only Hindu kingdom in the world, though Nepal now takes immense pride in being the birthplace of the Buddha, Buddhists however say they live in neglect and repression.
‘Nepal Govt kept King Gyanendra under house arrest on Indrajatra Day’
[FONT=&quot]On Sunday, 11th September 2011, Kathmandu denizens celebrated the Indrajatra Festival with joy and enthusiasm but what went unnoticed on that day is that the government had put the former king Gyanendra Shah under house arrest the entire day.
[FONT=&quot]On Sunday morning, Gyanendra’s aides called officials at the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide needed security to the former King. The response was a straight ‘no’. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The aides told the officials that the King will not be in Basantapur area while the formal celebrations were on and, that he will take blessings from the Kumari-Living goddess and will return home quietly. The response was still ‘No’.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Within minutes after the conversation ended, the government deployed some 100 plus security personnel at the former King’s personal residence in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. He was warned not to dare to come out from his residence else face unfortunate consequences. [/FONT]
HRH the Crown Princess Himani has visited Lord Ganesha's temple and has offered her prayers by lighting a butter lamp. It is believed that offering to and worshipping the deity will make one's wishes come true.
The former Crown Princess of Nepal turned 35 years old on October 1st, 2011.

**Pic** - Reuters
Nepal Ex-King Gyanendra: Back in the news, to abide by SC ruling
[FONT=&quot]Majority of Nepal’s political leaders who consider ‘state-power’ as their paternal property have been shaken by the fresh Supreme Court ruling.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The Supreme Court had Thursday, December 8, 2011 ordered the government to withdraw all facilities being illegally enjoyed by the former prime ministers, ministers, the ex-King and other VIPs from the state coffers, which the apex court said were ‘arbitrary, discriminatory and against the laws of the land’.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]The facilities included, vehicles, fuel, money for home rent and maintenance, state security personnel and other visible and invisible perks to ex-PMs, ex-chief justices, former DPMs, home ministers, ministers, state ministers, lawmakers and ex-royalty.
[FONT=&quot]Reports quote sources close to former King Gyanendra Shah as saying that the former King will also abide by the Supreme Court ruling.[/FONT]
Treasure hunting the royal fortune - Hindustan Times
Interested in taking part in a treasure hunt? If yes, here’s your chance to earn a reward for this Christmas and New Year festivities. But there’s a catch. There’s no map to follow clues and no guarantee how much you can expect to win, if you manage to trace the ‘hidden fortune’.
On Monday, Office of Nepal Trust, the government body formed to track down assets of late King Birendra Shah and his family, announced a prize to anyone providing information about unaccounted assets of the former royals. Set up in 2006, before abolition of monarchy, the trust has been entrusted by the interim constitution the task of bringing all properties of the late king and his family including those of his brother former King Gyanendra under government control to be used for national benefit.
The trust had difficulty in ascertaining whether the royals had deposited money in any foreign banks and initiatives through diplomatic channels to trace accounts in 10 countries had yielded no result.
It had not been able to make proper use of properties, buildings and plots of land brought under its control. There were also protests from land tillers who had been cultivating agricultural land belonging to the royals.
Now with the announcement of a reward there’s hope that enthusiastic treasure hunters will track down bank accounts and other property details of the former royal family — in Nepal and outside.

King Mahendra's Nepalese Nationalism
King Mahendra contributed to unite the modern Nepal. Before 1960, Indians were free to purchase land in Nepal. After 1961, king Mahendra banned foreigners from purchasing Nepalese land.
People were compelled to walk through Indian roads to move from one Nepali district to other. In 1961, King Mahendra laid the foundation for East-West Highway at Gailakot.
Nepali language was continued as national language across the nation. Before 1960, 90% of Indian currency notes were in use which was removed and use of Nepali currency was made compulsory. Without any condition the king asked the Indian force deployed for security of Nepal to leave.
Nepal Ex-King Gyanendra appears in public, speculations galore
Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah after several months of hibernation was located in Sauraha - popular tourist destination in the district of Chitwan, accompanied by his family members.
According to reports, except son Paras Shah, the former sovereign is accompanied by seven of his family members including his wife Komal Shah, daughter-in-law Himani Shah, grandson Hridayendra Shah and his granddaughters.
The former royal family will stay in Chitwan until January 4, 2011.
The former King has made it a habit of appearing in public only when country’s erratic politics begins to exhibit fatal symptoms.
However, this time, media reports have it that the former Nepal Monarch will assist Himani Shah in her works through Himani Trust in the area of their temporary residence.

Birendra remembered: Who killed the king
he birth anniversary of Nepal’s slain monarch Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was observed at various parts of the country including capital Kathmandu, December 29, 2011. People from various walks of life paid their homage to the Late King and recalled his contributions to institutionalize democracy in the country with the support of the political parties.
A program was organized at the Jawalakhel Crossing in Lalitpur by the Yogi Narahari Nath Trust wherein leaders of various political parties, former ministers, former bureaucrats, intellectuals and retired security personnel had converged.
King Birendra and the entire family members were killed in a shootout that took place inside the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, June 1, 2001.
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‘Dethroned ex- king Gyanendra will be jailed’
Former king accused of playing spoiler as Nepal peace talks resume
A top Communist leader has threatened to jail Nepal's dethroned king Gyanendra, weeks after the former monarch was accused by Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai of conspiring against the landmark peace process. 66-year Gyanendra, who has increased his appearances at public and religious functions over the last few months, has been targeted by Neplese political leaders amid growing speculation over his future plans at a time when the country's peace process has been delayed due to deadlock among the parties. Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former Prime Minister and senior leader of CPN-UML, warned the Gyanendra that he would be sent to jail if he tried to disrupt the 2006 peace process and drafting of a new constitution.
The King must ask for a referendum because the people had never voted for the republic.
Crown Prince Paras is in a critical but stable condition in a Bangkok hospital after he suffered a heart attack on 19 February. He was also suffering from bleeding from his stomach but this has apparently been successfully stopped by doctors.

He also suffered a mild heart attack back in 2007.

Docs successful in stopping bleeding from Paras's stomach - News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual, POLITICAL AFFAIRS, BUSINESS & ECONOMY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, OPINION, INTERVIEW, INTERNATIONAL, THE WEEK news in English in
Things must be pretty awful in Nepal if the Shah Dynasty is looking good. Even if King Gyanendra managed to pull off a comeback, there would still be the problem of the vile Crown Prince Paras. He surely would have to be bypassed in favour of his son Prince Hridayendra for a restored monarchy to have any hope of survival.
The injusticies agains this Royal Family are just appaling. But what can you expect from the maoists?
The Imperial Household Agency has been appointed by the Imperial Household Agency on Jan. 11, 2008. The Emperor will take over all public duties performed by the emperor, adding that, however, what the former emperor will do. Not to be forced by a third party.
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