Regent Couple's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2009 - 2015

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Regent Couple Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: September 2015

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Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik will be on their summer cruise again from September 1st-4th, 2015.

The stages will be:

September 1 - Syddjurs Kommune

September 2 - Vejle

September 4 - Aabenraa

** Program for sommertogt ** translation **

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:previous: Indeed impressive welcome worthy of their guest.
:previous: Thanks Polyesco & Iceflower :flowers:

To put it mildly the local coverage has been massive!

I know the area very well as it virtually down the road and second on the right from where we live.

TV2 local news have a number of clips:
Here QMII is sampling local products, including malt: TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND | Regentparret smagte på Syddjurs | Nyheder | Syddjurs

And here on the traditional ride through the small, but very scenic town of Ebeltoft: TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND | Regentparret på karettur i Ebeltofts gader | Nyheder | Syddjurs

Here is the present from the local municipality to the Regent Couple. A glass bowl or dish whatever: TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND | Her er gaven til regentparret fra Syddjurs | Nyheder | Syddjurs

Arriving to the town of Ebeltoft: TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND | Her ankommer regentparret til Ebeltoft | Nyheder | Syddjurs
The tune you hear in the background is the Colour March - played unusually fast!
The ship you see in the background is the Frigate Jylland (Jutland). She is unique in the sense that she is a hybrid: a steam-screw frigate. She saw action in both Schleswigan Wars in the mid 1800's. PH is patron for the ship.
The tune played towards the end is the Royal Anthem.

Mrs. Muhler combined work with pleasure and saw the Regent Couple. I intended to go too, but I've been unusually busy today, so I couldn't get away.
The tune you hear in the background is the Colour March - played unusually fast!
WOW, that was fast :eek::ohmy::eek: A good thing that nobody should march to that tempo with the estandart (colour flag) :whistling::eek:
This year, the royal couple gave us wonderful pictures of his trips. Especially in greenland.
The summer season with Dannebrog has officially ended today with a dinner aboard the yacht and a parade by the crew: Regentparret takker af på Dannebrog |

Now she will sail to her base in the town of Frederikshavn, where her crew will be discharged and the ship painted and refitted over the winter in preparation for the next crew of conscripts in the spring next year.
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