Regent Couple's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2009 - 2015

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Feb 10, 2006
The Queen and the Prince Consort, will be on a Sumer tour around the country from June 2-4 and September 6-10.

Kongehuset - Aktuelt - Nyheder

June 2: Nyborg
June 3: Omo and Agersø
June 4: Herning and Ikast

September 6: Lemvig
September 7: Thisted
September 10: Frederikssund
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I love seeing them on their cruise! The Queen looks so summery in her floral dress, and they seem so happy to be on the yacht.
Oooo should be a good few days. Beautiful first pictures. Thank you Iceflower and Queenece for the link :D
I thought Mary was also going to be on this cruise.
It would have been lovely if Joachim, Marie and the 3-boys would have been invited
Yes, I also believed Mary and Frederick would be on board. Maybe Joachim's youngest is too young to sail.
Yes, I also believed Mary and Frederick would be on board. Maybe Joachim's youngest is too young to sail.

The regent couple tour a different area of the country every summer aboard the Dannebrog and unless otherwise specified, other members of the DRF don't accompany them. :)
Yes, I also believed Mary and Frederick would be on board. Maybe Joachim's youngest is too young to sail.

It didn't say on the tread for the DRF events, that anyone other than the Regent couple would be on the cruise.
Margrethe, Henrik, Mary and Frederik are going to Greenland on friday though. :flowers: has an article that says the Dannebrog has violated speed restrictions during the most recent voyage:
Dronningen er en fartbølle - Royale -

They are quick to point out that it wasn't the Queen herself who ordered the captain to use more speed. This was done in an attempt to avoid some poor weather. They weren't ticketed, and the Queen and Prince Henrik arrived to Odense safely.

Yesterday, the Queen and Prince Henrik held a reception on the Dannebrog in the town of Lemvig.
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Courtesy of P.P.E.:flowers:

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik at a campfire during the visit at Thisted (7/09/2009).:)

PPE Agency
Pics 10.9.2009

The summer cruise is over:

Queen Margrethe and Prince Consort Henrik visited the
Town of Frederikssund on the last day of the summer's
cruise aboard the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, September
10, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 **
Pics 11.9.2009

I've been a bit early when saying that the cruise was over
on September 10th, it actually was one day later ;) Here
are some pics of Queen Margrethe on September 11, the
official end:

The Danish Royal Couple, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik
ended their summer tour with the Royal Yacht Dannebrog at
the Toldboden in Copenhagen, Denmark, Sep 11, 2009.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Regent Couple Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: June and September 2010

* *
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik will be on a summer cruise around the country again,
this year from June 7th-9th and from September 14h-16h, 2010.

The stages will be:

June 7 - Kolding
June 8 - Samsø
June 9 - Femø

September 14 - Randers
September 15 - Nekselø
September 16 - Slagelse

Source: billed-bladet
* *​

June 5
Royal Couple arrive by Royal Yacht to Port of Aarhus at 13:00 occasion of Aarhus Public celebrations of HM the Queen's 70th birthday. Official reception at the quay. Coach driving through town to the Aarhus Stadium.​

*Royal Couple involved in reception at Aarhus Stadium, Goodison Park, at

* Royal Couple will attend from at 15:00 the music and sport show "Congratulations Queen of Denmark" at Goodison Park. Birthday show is organized by the Municipality of Aarhus, DIF and DGI.​

*Royal Couple participates in Christmas Dinner at the Aarhus City Hall at

*Royal Couple will attend the gala performance in the Concert Hall Aarhus at

*Royal Yacht departs from the Port of Aarhus to Haderslev Fjord at

June 6

Royal Yacht arrives at Haderslev Fjord at

*Regent Couple will attend the Air Force Air Show 2010 at Skrydstrup Air Base at

*Royal Yacht departs from Haderslev Fjord to Kolding at

June 7

Royal Couple arrive by royal yacht Dannebrog to Kolding Harbour at 10.00 and shall officially bybesøg in Kolding.​

*Royal Couple hold reception at the Royal Yacht at

*Royal Yacht departs from Kolding Harbour to Samsoe pm

June 8

Royal Couple arrive in port of Kolby 10:00 and on an official visit on Samsoe.​

*Royal Couple hold reception at the Royal Yacht at

*Royal Yacht departs from Kolby Kås Port to Femø pm

June 9

Royal Couple arrive by royal yacht Dannebrog for Femø at pm 10:00 on an official visit.​
Here is a funny little story from the paper Jydske Vestkysten :p - Nyheder - Haderslev - Piloter fór vild: Undskyld – hvor er dronningen?
With gallery.

Imagine this:

Queen Margrethe was in Kolding in Southern Jutland and Saturday she had decided to visit an airshow at airbase Skrydstrup, also in Southern Jutland. - No problem, Your Majesty, the airforce will pick you up Sunday morning and fly you to the airbase.
Okay, it was agreed to pick her up in the morning from a field.

Morning. An EH-101 (they appear to be flying now, that is, those we still have in DK. The rest have been lended out to the British, who use them in Afghanistan) is flying in.

- There is a field!
- Which one? There are loads of fields down there!
- You see any Queen down there?
- Nope. - It's probably that field.
- Yep, let's land.

And so they did. At the outskirts of the village Årøsund. Completely freaking a cow, which in panic broke out from the fence.

Hmm, no Queen around it appears. But a lot of natives who are by now milling out to see what is going on. (See gallery).

- Let's ask one of the more intelligent looking and hear if they have seen the Queen.
- Hello, can you tell us where Queen Margrethe is? Now there's a good chap.
- Margrethe?!? She's in Kolding. This is Årøsund. Nowhere near Kolding!
- Oh.... Awfully old chap. Sorry to have disturbed your breakfast and all that. Take care.

And off they went and this time they actually managed to find the right field and just as importantly the Queen. And as far as I know they also managed to locate Skrydstrup airbase.

Which was just as well, because the weather was great Sunday and the traffic around Skrydstrup broke down completely. More than 100.000 wanted to see the airshow.

Oh well, I guess that sort of things can happen. I can just imagine the jokes the poor crew will have to endure. :lol:

ADDED: Okay, as it turns out QMII was actually outside Årøsund at a caravan site, where it had been agreed to pick her up.
In the morning Dannebrog had sailed down the coast and a barge sailed her into Årøsund marina and from there she drove to the pick up site.
- That is, there were problems with the car, so a somewhat accident prone morning all in all. A local policeofficer fixed it. That was a first for him.
So the poor pilots are somewhat excused. Still a funny story though.
Here are two picture galleries of their visit to Kolding:

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrive at the habour in Kolding, June 7:

** ppe gallery **

Prince Henrik and Queen Margrethe visit the exhibition at Kolding Hus Castle
June 7:

** ppe gallery **
Seems like there isnt much coverage on the couples tour which is a pitty IMO.
Thanks for the pictures and news so far iceflower & Muhler :flowers:
You're welcome :flowers: Here's a bit more:

The pics of June 5 can be found in Queen Margrethe's birthday thread.

Yesterday, June 8, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visited Samsø.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

** picture gallery **

Today, June 9, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visited Femø.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

** picture gallery **

** picture gallery and vidoe **

** article **

Thank you :flowers:

Yes, two fairly routine visits.
Dannebrog arrive at 10.00 sharp - or rather the clock is 10.00 when QMII arrives, because the Queen is always right on time ;) no matter what your clock will tell you...

Recieved by local dignitaries, I.e, the local city council and some additional officials.
The Home Guard has been mobillized with a small parade and showing their colour.
The same goes for the local scouts.
Everyone who has the chance have shown up to have a look, because after all it's not everyday the Queen visit your island.
That includes residents of retirement homes, who are also wheeled out. Sometimes in beds!

Then it's off to visit a local artist.
A local enterprise.
A choir or children singing or some sort of band playing.
A reception.
Some cultural stuff, perhaps visiting a church.
And a little special treat, like visiting a historical site or some archeological excavation - something that really has QMII's interest!
Sometimes the whole thing ends with a dinner or a reception onboard Danneborg. - That was not the case on these two visits however.

This is something QMII and PH must be able to do in their sleep by now.

Samsø is a very lovely island. Very picturesque with a number of small villages. If you ignore the cars and the tourist you can easily imagine yourself in the Danish countryside anno 1900.
Samsø has an advantage over most other islands, where basically nothing is happeing outside the tourist season.
They are working on becoming completely selfsufficient with alternative energy on a village and farm level. Using the lates ideas and the latest technology they are now very close to reach that goal, if they haven't already. As such the island is an international case study in alternative energy and they do indeed get loads of visitors from all over the world.

Femø on the other hand has a very different story!
A fairly normal island up until 1950's, 60' and especially the 70's. Where it became a summer camp for women, not least feminist.
No men were admitted! That of course led to all sorts of speculations about what was going on:
They are all naked.
They are burning their bras and hate men.
They are all lesbians!
They smoke silly weed and have orgies!
There are perimiter patrols on the island, consisting of women with bodies like Soviet era female wrestlers, who will club to death any male past puberty they may encounter.
Of course TV segments from the island focusing on militant, topless super feminists who were singing revolutionary songs didn't help dispell the rumours.

That was back in the 70's, now things have changed. Femø has become normal, even though there are as far as I know still female summer camps and topless women are hardly a novelty now.
So QMII and PH could safely visit the island for a very routine visit.

I saw briefly in a segment on TV, covering the summer cruise so far, that Prince Henrik visited a falconer (or whatever you call it when it's eagles) because these were big American bald eagles.
An impressive bird by any account and one of them landed on PH's arm, something that clearly fascinated him. He tald afterwards that he some treats for the eagle attached to his arm, but the bird unfortunately landed right on the treats and couldn't quite get to it.
I can't remeber where that happened.

Here's the programme for the second part of the Regent Couple's summer tour aboard the Dannebrog!

September 14th - Official visit in Randers

10:00 - Arrival with the Royal Yacht and official reception

10:25 - Carriage ride with the mayor and his wife to Randers Town Hall

10:50 - Reception at the Town Hall

11:20 - Visit at Randers Kunstmuseum (art museum)

12:10 - Official lunch at the restaurant Skovbakken

14:05 - Queen Margrethe visits Jennumparken

14:50 - Queen Margrethe visits the Hospice Randers

14:00 - Prince Henrik visits the shop Farm Mountain

14:45 - Prince Henrik visits the Phoenix Design Aid A/S company

Then the couple will have a joint programme again:

15:15 - Visit at Randers Rainforest

16:15 - Visit at Støvringgaard monastery

19:30 - Reception for invited guests at the Royal Yacht

21:45 - The city's choir sings at the Royal Yacht

22:00 - THe Royal Yacht sails from Randers Harbour to Havnsø Red. Fireworks on departure

September 15 - Official visit in Havnsø

9:30 - Queen Margrethe is received at the harbour and walks to the K-Salat company

9:40 - Queen Margrethe visits the K-Salat company

10:40 - Queen Margrethe gets a guided tour through Vesterlyng

11:30 - Queen Margrethe arrives back at the harbour, private visits are planned in Nekselø

September 16 - Official visit in Slagelse

10:00 - Arrival at Slagelse Town Hall

10:30 - Carriage ride with the mayor and his wife to Slagelse Museum

11:00 - Visit at Slagelse Museum and The Old Printing

12:00 - Visit at the factory Frese Metal and Steel Foundry Ltd

12:30 - Official lunch at the Slagelse Musikhus

14:15 - Queen Margrethe visits Arla Foods

15:10 - Queen Margrethe visits the Gallery St. Galla (glass art)

14:15 - Prince Henrik visits Rosenkilde Park, a centre for disabled people

15:00 - Prince Henrik visits the company Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs

Joint programme:

16:00 - Visit at the Viking fortress Trelleborg

16:45 - Farewell ceremony with the mayor

19:30 - Reception for invited guests at the Royal Yacht

22:00 - Departure of the Royal Yacht to Copenhagen, fireworks

September 17 - Arrival in Copenhagen


Day 1

(see programme above)

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik arrived in Randers today - impressing how
many people braved the bad weather to see the Regent Couple!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

In the middle of the following article, there's a link to more than 60 pics.
Just click on "Billedserie: Regentparret besøger Randers"!

** Så er regentparret budt officielt velkommen **

And another great gallery of day 1 :

** Margrethe og Henrik hyldet i Randers **

And some funny pics of the visit to the Randers Rainforest are included in this BB article:

** Se prinsgemalen i højt humør som flagermus **
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