Regent Couple's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2009 - 2015

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Regent Couple Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: June and September 2013

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Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik will be on a summer cruise around the country again,
this year from June 3rd-7th and from September 2nd-6th, 2013.

The stages will be:

June 3 - Orø
June 4 - Kerteminde
June 5 - Bogense
June 6 - Årø
June 7 - Haderslev

September 2 - Skagen
September 3 - Læsø
September 4 - Anholt
September 5 - Vordingborg
September 6 - Møn

** source: Sommertogter med Kongeskibet Dannebrog i 2013 ** translation **

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:previous: Yes, he has a unique style. :lol:
Prins Henrik was visiting "the friendliest biker club in the world" yesterday, MC Island.

But today they are visiting Kerteminde, a charming litte town on the Island of Funen and the loacl paper is, to put it mildly, covering the visit intensively!

Here with a (so far) 39 pic gallery: Royalt besøg: Regentparret på vej i karet - - Kerteminde
Kerteminde Harbour is too small for Dannebrog, so the Regent Couple were ferried in in the chaluppe.
Notice the honour gauds from the local Homeguard. They are carrying their weapons in a manner that goes from correct to "like carrying your grandpa's shovel". That's part of the charm.:lol:

Did you know... that people on the island of Funen, don't speak Danish like the rest of us do? They sing.
Or more correctly their dialect has a very distinct melodic sound, especially to the west and south of Funen.

ADDED; A gallery of the Guards Hussars:
Let's go through the pics, shall we?
#1: A trooper with a platoon flag. This is a modern unit flag and not a traditional cavalry standard or estandart, they are smaller. Notice the head adornment on the horse. Originally that was genuine protection for the horse, but now it's reduced in size and is only ornamental.

#2: Close combat with sabres. Normally that would only take place in a melee. The ideal thing was to cut the opponent while passing him on the horse. Such light sabres were prodominantly designed to maim the enemy rather than killing him. An ideal target was the face, which is why you would often see so many disfigured cavalrymen after a major war.

#3: The locals also gave a show.

#5: The troopers are here wearing the red fur (jacket) on top of the blue dolman. Normally the fur was only worn this way for warmth and in bad weather.

#6: The troopers with and without the red fur. The blue dolman is easier to see. Hungarian hussars, which all hussars stem from, didn't use bottons, instead they used strings. That is clearly evident here in the white and very elaborate strings on the uniforms.

#7: In attake. Hussars were small men riding nimble horses, geldings and sometimes mares. They were also preferably bright and full of initiative. - In contrast to say cuirassiers, about whom it was said and only half jockingly that they shouldn't be too bright and preferably have no imagination at all. Instead they should be big men who would charge massed infantry without question or hesitation. - Anyone with a little imagination might realise the folly of trotting towards an infantry square, knowing perfectly well that every single musket in that square is aimed directly at you! Thus getting the idea of turning back...

#8: A great view of a trooper on his horse, with the sabre shouldred. Rookie cavalrymen had the annoying habit of hacking themselves in the foot while wielding the sabre, so all sabres were blunt until they knew what they were doing.
The head adorment on top of their kepi is called a "svejf" and it's meant to resemble the mane of the horse, not the tale!
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Right now the Regent Couple are arriving at the town of Bogense, also on Funen.

In the meantime Berlingske Tidende has provided this illustrated summary of the tour so far. 36 pics. Se billederne: Margrethe og Henrik på sommertogt |

#1: Here during their tour through the town of Kerteminde. Fortunately there are still charming old mills dotted all over the country.

#2: The Guards Hussars through the mainstreet of Kerteminde.

#6: Here visiting the Johannes Larsen Museum where the art interested QMII with great interest studied some sketches. - I have to confess that I have no idea who Johannes Larsen was.

#8: On the island of Orø, on top of a small hill locally known as Margrethe Hill. The last time Orø had a royal visit was more than 600 years ago, and the regent back then was Margrethe I.
Traces of what is believed to be a hunting manor owned by QMI has been found on that hill.

#12: PH being put to work plucking a camel. This is a place for youths with mental issues.

#16: A couple wearing a traditional local costume. This particular costume go back to the early 1700's.

#17: PH visting the local biker club, MC Island. Here he rode backseat.

#18: In the meantime QMII visited a local kindergarten.

#19: And, hold on to your hats, the local lawnmover-guild. Who is working on some sort of project, whatever that may be. Haven't been able to figure it out yet.

#20: One of the perks of going visiting small towns as a royal are all the local delicacies you acquire. Here a jar of frehsly made honey.

#32: There is also a local club for American classical cars on Orø and PH hitched a ride back to QMII.

#34, 35, 36: Where he was welcomed by a delighted QMII.

I wish M&F also would go on a yearly cruise, instead of just every few years. They might just well get used to it.
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PPE gallery from yesterdays tour

Muhler, I agree re F&M. A yearly tour would be great. I hope a tour comes up soon.
PPE gallery from Odense yesterday PPE Agency
"Prince Henrik received a sausage with roasted onions from 4-year-old Anna, who helped her mother in the hot dog stand, at the nursing home Mollehoj in Bogense."
Thank you, fairy Tale. :flowers:

A calorie-bomb like that is just what any man needs. - And who can withstand the alluring scent from a hotdog stand anyway? :p
The pictures of them in the beach are very beautiful
i really love this couple. Yesterday we saw they walking in beach. It was lovely.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik have started the second part of their summer tour today, September 2nd, and spend the day in Skagen:

** Regentparret i Skagen ** translation **

** BB: Regentparret er begyndt på sommertogtet ** translation **

** SE BILLEDER: Regentparrets rundtur i Skagen ** translation **
Sorry, the royal dachshunds were also present or not? I like when they are present and add a bit of informality to Queen's visit.:ROFLMAO:
:previous:thank you:flowers:

they both look very well.
I love these summer cruises
04-09-2013 Laesoe Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik visiting Laesoe on the 2nd during the summer cruise on the royal yacht Dannebrog.

PPE agency gallery
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