Queen Silvia and the Silvia Home & Foundation

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Queen Silvia attended today a meeting with the Silviahemmet Foundation.
Queen Silvia handed out the diplomas, brooches and scholarships at Silviahemmet’s solemn graduation ceremony at Drottningholm Palace Theatre today.
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Queen Silvia attended today the Silviahemmet Foundation's board meeting.
Queen Silvia inaugurated SilviaBo and a dementia-friendly walkway in Mariastaden in Helsingborg.
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Jonas Spangenberg, CEO of Boklok, Queen Silvia and Wilhelmina Hoffman, operations manager for Silviahemmet planted a rose bush.

SilviaBo – ett klokare seniorboende

SilviaBo are homes and areas designed for physical and mental well-being, a housing concept developed by the Silviahemmet Foundation, BoKlok and IKEA together. With SilviaBo, safe homes and areas are created that the residents do not want or need to move away from as the apartments are prepared to be easily adapted to an everyday life with cognitive difficulties or a disability.
The idea for SilviaBo comes from Queen Silvia and IKEA's founder Ingvar Kamprad.

Queen Silvia inaugurated, among other things, a new home for people with dementia, Silviabo,
The accommodation follows a concept that the Queen herself has been involved in developing and which allows people affected by cognitive illness to live in an apartment with a partner or a friend and at the same time receive help.
SVT followed the inauguration and got an interview with the queen - you can see it in the video above.
Kungligt besök under stadsmässan H22 i Helsingborg _ SVT Nyheter

H.M. The Queen inaugurated SilviaBo in Helsingborg - as part of the city fair H22
SilviaBo is a housing concept for older adults developed by the Silviahemmet Foundation, BoKlok and IKEA together.
- It feels fantastic fun that H.M. The Queen was on hand to officially inaugurate our first full-scale SilviaBo area, especially considering that it was the Queen and Ingvar Kamprad who came up with the original idea for the SilviaBo concept, says Jonas Spangenberg, CEO of BoKlok.
H.M. Drottningen invigde SilviaBo i Helsingborg – som del av stadsmässan H22

Helsingfors Dagblad writes that SilviaBo, the special accommodation for people with dementia, got no tenants and the apartments are now sold to anyone.
Nu är spåren efter drottning Silvia som bortsopade – HD

Svensk Damtidning writes about Helsingfors Dagblad's article:
The name SilviaBo has been replaced with name BoKlok Växthuset (BoKlok Greenhouse), after the greenhouse on the yard, and the condominium apartments are for sale for anyone to buy.
- It was originally intended as a SilviaBo, but there was no market. So we took the project back. Now we have started sales as a normal condominium association, says Sofi Eriksson, sales and marketing manager at BoKlok.
The two and three bedroom apartments cost between SEK 1,575,000 and 2,095,000 to buy. Given the current low economy, it may be difficult to sell now.
Silvias mardröm bekräftad – hjärtskärande upptäckten _*Svensk Dam
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Queen Silvia attended today Silviahemmet Foundation's Board meeting.
Queen Silvia attended yesterday a board meeting of the Silviahemmet Foundation and Silvia Home certification event at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge.

Medical Unit/Nursing Area for Aging at Karolinska University Hospital has been Silvia Home certified. For the dementia patients and their relatives, this means better care and an increased quality of life.
Queen Silvia received flowers from the employees and then handed over the proof that the Medical Unit/nursing area Aging is now Silviahem certified. In her speech, Queen Silvia said:
- You do extremely important work for our seriously ill and elderly. It is a great pleasure to meet you today and hand out certificate number 206.
Drottningen på plats när medarbetare på Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset tog emot Silviahemmets certifiering

The Royal Court
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Queen Silvia attended today a meeting with the Silviahemmet Foundation.
Queen Silvia attended today Silviahemmet Foundation's Board meeting.
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