Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 11: October 2012 - May 2014

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Excluding the belt, the red outfit is lovely.
she always looks wonderful in red the outfitis perfect on her.
love the hair.
How lovely! The hair is so cute and the red looks fantastic on her. I also love the belt. Too bad there's no full length picture yet.
December 2013- New Year Card
Recycled purple thoub

Beaytiful coat. I wish see full pic.
The jacket is so beautiful. Very elegant and classic.
She is just beautiful. Her smile is resplendent. :)
:previous: I agree with you, this coat is really elegant !!
the jacket is repeated but i am not sure.
i also like the blouse only i don't think the outfit fit well,each piece is lovely alone.
Queen Rania has only worn Chanel on a handful of occasions. It really wouldn't be practical for her to go out and about conducting her official engagements wearing a Chanel suit. Even abroad, she seems to prefer wearing other labels.
The outfit is boring and the least favorite of mine that she has worn in a long time. The overall look reminds me of a school uniform and moreover, I think its way too much grey.

But the labels she wears is just as costly as Chanel is and the couture she wears is way more pricey. The reason with many of the other brands she wears is that they don't have their logos visible which would make it difficult for people to know what she is dressed in unless you do the research.
Yes, I think that's the point - other brands don't have their logos visible and it's more difficult to identify them. That's why this last outfit suprised me.
That doesn't sound very logical to me. Any item of designer clothing is instantly recognizable as an expensive, quality, well-made piece, never mind what label it is.
To those of us with a discernible eye, the provenance of most of the items she wears can be identified. If she wears a Prada jacket to an official event, for example, it is almost immediately identified in this thread. So I don't buy the logo argument because that would imply she's trying to hide what label she's wearing. I don't think that is possible in this day and age when everybody has access to her pictures and what she wears is reported on all over the place.
My point is, those who know designer clothing, will know what she wears. Many, if not most, people she meets during her official engagements, however, won't (no matter what the label).
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