Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 5: July 2015 - December 2015

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I like her style but i love the makeup sooo bright!!
I love her hair both straight and curly depending on the outfit she's wearing. I dearly like the haircut!! Seems like there is no end to the different styles she is able to do with it shorter. Very chic and modern. :)
I so agree about her hair! I do prefer it wavy than slicked though.
Lovely look on Letizia and I agree about her hairstyle it suits her so much better like this.
I love the jacket and shoes.
I love the blouse but not the jacket.
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I love the look , especially the cape it is the latest style cape.
Now this a very stylish but professional look. Perfect for her and the event. She looks neat, very clean and makeup calm and accents face , which is what it should only do for daytime.
That's the third time in quite a short time she wears something like that. It looks like Letizia's cape era has just begun. I approve. :D
I don't know... This isn't my favorite look on her. I don't care for her hair.
She looks wonderful. Very polished and the hair style is wonderful with the dress.
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Beautiful and elegant the Queen today with perfect hairstyle and matching earrings.
I've always like this dress. Can't say I love the collar!
One of her best looks. Her hair pulled up always looks good!
It's a lovely and sophisticated look for this event.
A professional and polished look on Queen Letizia today,and a very lovely hair day too.
The print dress is incredibly exquisite. One of my favorites from her.
Often it is claimed that Spaniards do not wear hats (as an explanation why we never see Doña Letizia with a hat).

This weekend was a Spanish wedding, that of Cayetano Rivera and Eva González and look at the guests: Paloma Cuevas, María José Suárez, Raquel Rodríquez, Raquel Revuelta, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Francisco Rivera and Lourdes Montes, Vanessa Martín, Victoria Martín Berrocal, and so many more.

So, the myth that Spanish ladies (and gentlemen) do not wear hats can be thrown out of the window. Now that common Spaniards wear hats, there is no excuse for Doña Letizia not to do so and appear as a glamorous Queen indeed.

It seems that Spanish women tend to reserve the wearing of hats for weddings as Queen Letizia did during the royal wedding in London. Unfortunately, she can't attend a wedding every day and so we rarely see her wearing one ;)
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I like the jacket, hair and earrings (new?) . And yes could avoid the white bra but is not so bad.
The print of the jacket is awful to me.
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