Queen Juliana (1909-2004) and Prince Bernhard (1911-2004)

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What sad news. You are right though Alisa, he has had a very long and full life. Hopefully when he does pass, it will be painless and peaceful. Poor Queen Beatrix, she has dealt with alot the past few years...
oh poor Queen Beatrix would losses parents but my mom told me that her cousin and her Aunt have cancer but my mom's Aunt died when my mom was 7 years old of Ovarian cancer but my mom's cousin have cancer free! im sure!

i hope Prince Bernhard will feel better soon or he will weak lots! i hope HM Queen will without parents when died like HM Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain learn about losses parents her dad died in 1952 died of Cancer and now her mother the HM Queen died in March 2002 at ages 101.

Sara Boyce
I had hoped that Prince Bernhard would be able to see his daughter's Silver Jubilee celebrations. Sadly, it looks as if that will not be the case.

Hopefully, he will be free from pain.
What a difficult year it would be for the Dutch royal family if they lost Prince Bernhard now, too. Not only is it right before the Christmas holidays, but also having lost Queen Juliana earlier this year, too.
it is sad that everytime a few weeks before a celebration someone died in the Queen's family. Like her husband, Prince Claus died before the Queen celebrate her 65th birthday, and her mother Juliana died some weeks before Queen's Day and the 95th birthday of Juliana. And now (with next year her Silver Jubilee) her father dies
Prince Bernhard is the oldest royal of Europe (don't know oldest of the world for sure). If he dies, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh becomes the eldest royal of Europe, and as runner-up Prince Rainier III (who is also not very healthy anymore)
Duke of Lippe-Saalfeld said:
Prince Bernhard is the oldest royal of Europe (don't know oldest of the world for sure). If he dies, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh becomes the eldest royal of Europe, and as runner-up Prince Rainier III (who is also not very healthy anymore)
how about princess lilian she was born 1915
or are we talking about born royal?
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Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg as well. He was born in 1921. But how sad for Queen Beatrix and her sisters to lose their mother and now might soon lose their father in the same year.
Yes there are more older royals, but i don't know them all...

but Bernhard, it is very sad for the Netherlands to lose this man. He was very popular (because his extraordinary lifestyle and the many scandals in wich he was involved to)
From BRMB, posted by henri m.
HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands: seriously detoriating[font=verdana, arial]

[font=verdana, arial]The situation of HRH Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (father of the Queen) is seriously detoriating.

According to a communiqué by the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD), the Government Information Service, the Prince now not only has serious problems with his lungs, which cause difficulties with breathing.

He now also has tumors in his darms which cause serious problems. The RVD does not classify the situation as 'the Prince is dying' but the situation has clearly worsened. In the weekend a lot of family visited the 93-years old Prince and that surely had a lot to do with his detoriating health, so said the RVD. The death of Queen Juliana has had a very strong effect on the Prince. Since her death the Prince has fallen into a going-down spiral and he still has not coped with the new situation.



From BRMB, posted by henri m.
PM: "Things are not going well at all, for the Prince"[font=verdana, arial]

[font=verdana, arial]Mr Jan-Peter Balkenende, the minister-president (PM) has confirmed that the situation of Prince Bernhard has become precarious. "It is not going well at all. This is a confirmation of what we already knew. The situation is surrounded with concern."

Last week the minister-president visited Prince Bernhard on Soestdijk Palace. He has has 'intense talks' amongst other topics also 'about life and death' so told the minister-president. According to mr Balkenende, the Prince is at home, on Soestdijk Palace. ma 29 nov 2004, 13:05


Bernhard's health worsens as tumour spreads

29 November 2004

AMSTERDAM — Prince Bernhard's health is gradually worsening due to the spread of a malignant tumour, the Government Information Service RVD announced on Monday. But the RVD also said the 93-year-old Dutch prince is not terminally ill.

The RVD said Bernhard is suffering from shortness of breath. He has fluid in his chest cavity due to the spread of an inoperable tumour and has also been diagnosed with an intestinal tumour, which is causing serious complaints.

Besides family, Prince Bernhard — the husband of the late Queen Juliana who died on 20 March 2004 — is receiving few other visitors at his home in Soestdijk Palace. The prince's condition is said to be serious and he if(flashinstalled == 2){document.write(" ");}else{document.write("
received a large number of family visitors over the weekend.

It was revealed in October that Prince Bernhard was experiencing breathing difficulties and was undergoing regular observation at the UMC hospital in Utrecht. Doctors later removed the fluid, but this only gave temporary relief.

Bernhard — who underwent an operation in 1994 for an intestinal tumour and again in 2000 for a chest cavity growth — decided in November to restrict his official activities as a result of his current health problems.

The German-born Bernhard met the then Princess Juliana in 1936 during the Winter Olympics in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany, and their engagement was announced seven months later. They were married on 7 January 1937.

The couple's first daughter, Queen Beatrix, took the Dutch throne when her mother abdicated in 1980. The royal couple also had three other daughters: Irene, Margriet and Christina.

Upon her death in March of this year, Queen Juliana, 94, was interred in the royal family tomb in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft. Despite initial concerns about his health, Prince Bernhard was fit enough to attend the funeral.

[Copyright Expatica News 2004]
Thank you for the updates everyone.

This is very sad news. What a sad loss for the Dutch royal family to lose both parents and grandparents in the same year.

This holiday season would've been no doubt difficult for the Dutch royal family with the lack of presence by Juliana, but now with Bernhard so sick or possibly even not in attendance, too ... very sad.
Princess Margriet has cancelled her trip to Kenya because of her father. Today she has been visiting her father Prince Bernhard at Soestdijk Palace. His health situation is very bad.
She would go to Summit on a Mine-Free World from 29 November until 3 December.

The health of Prince Bernhard seems to be very very bad.
I am afraid, he will pass away before Christmas:(
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Let's keep Prince Bernhard in our prayers and thoughts. I hope he doesn't have to suffer any pain from his illnesses.
A lot of royals visited Prince Bernhard today, here are some pictures:

1. Prince Pieter-Christiaan (in uniform, because he is Major) with girlfriend.
2. Princess Marilene
3. Princess Maxima 1
4. Princess Maxima 2
5. Princess Margriet
6. Queen Beatrix
7. Queen Beatrix
8. Princess Irene


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Queen Beatrix not looks happy! because her father very illness im not sure about Princess Maxima?

Sara Boyce
It is very sad.... Here is to hoping that when the time comes he goes peacefully and surrounded by those he loves.
I hope this is not too insensitive a question to ask, and I don't mean to jump the gun but it does seem apparent that these are unfortunately Prince Bernhard's last days, what kind of funeral will be arranged for him? As the widow of a monarch (and the father of the present monarch) will he be treated to all the "bells and whistles" of a royal funeral or does he have a personal request for a less grand funeral service? (Or a white funeral like his wife?)
I am imagining that if he had requests that those would be followed and hopefully he would be interred alongside his wife.
Ennyllorac said:
I am imagining that if he had requests that those would be followed and hopefully he would be interred alongside his wife.
Yes indeed. The funeral will look like the funerals of Claus and Juliana. I don't think it will be a white funeral. Probably it will be a funeral with much pomposity, Bernhard loves that. And I think also that there will be a lot millitary, because Bernhard has been very important for the army.
[font=verdana, arial]Prince Bernhard has been transported to the Utrecht Academic Medical Centre... [/font]
xxLindaxx said:
[font=verdana, arial]Prince Bernhard has been transported to the Utrecht Academic Medical Centre... [/font]
I saw it on NOS Journaal. His health is now really bad :( I hope he has no pain.

Today visited Princess Irene, Princess Margriet and Prince Willem-Alexander their (grand)father.


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They are reporting on the Benelux Board that Bernhard has died. It is not confirmed yet though. :(
Prince berhnard is dead. Special broadcastings on Dutch TV now
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