Silver Wedding Celebrations of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard - 1962

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On 7 January 1937 Princess Juliana of The Netherlands and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld married in The Hague. Their silver wedding was celebratedin great style in Amsterdam to show the country & the world that they had overcome their marital problems.

The four princesses offered their parents a statue of the four of them. The statue stayed in the sitting room of Soestdijk Palace until 2004:


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Official silver wedding portrait:



29 April:

The couple arrived in Amsterdam with the Royal Barge. Apparently the flag on the back was too high, so tey had to lower it at a bridge on the Ceintuurbaan. However this never in the presence of the monarch in the 144 history of the barge, in the end Queen Juliana gave the order herself.

The barge arrived at the Amstel hotel and the couple switched to the creme caleche and made a tour through the city. The group went to the Stadsschouwburg where the wedding song of Wagner's Lohengrin was sung by the Dutch opera. After this the procession went towards the RAI halls, where there was a special entertainment show for the royal family & the public. Upon the entrance of the couple 500 turnsters form the letters J and B, with the number 25 in the middle while eight choirs sing 'Tulpen uit Amsterdam'

NB. Another source says that they started with a carriage ride, visit to the RAI, boat tour and ended at Dam palace.

The evening starts with a dinner at the Royal Palace on Dam square. Afterwards the Royal Family leaves in cars to Royal Concert Building, where they were offered the national present: two fields where centers will be founded for the Dutch youth. The showis ended with a fireworks show.


April 30:

Church service at Westerkerk in Amsterdam


May 1:

Arrival of foreign royal guests. The most important ones were greeted by Princess Beatrix

In the evening there was a boattour through the canals of Amsterdam. After the tour the guests arrived at the official dinner and photo shoot at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. According to the pres Queen Elizabeth II was not amused to see that not she but the Shah of Persia was sitting on the right side of Queen Juliana (I am not sure if the made this up btw). The tables were decorated with salmon-coloured tulips in silver bastkets and vases.

The menu:

Les queues de homard a la parisienne
La sauce verte
L′extrait du charolais au cerfeuil
Les supremes de pintadeau smitane
Les pommes noisette
Le souffle glace jubile
Les friandises
Le cafe


2 May:

They day started with a visit tothe Keukenhof gardens in Lisse. I have read that Queen Juliana thought it was 'fun' (or more practical?) to go by bus, much to the horror of Queen Elizabeth II. King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola, who were unable to attend the celebrations the day before, did arrive here too.

In the afternoon the celebrations were finished aboard the HMS Oranje, with a bridal ball. It was noted by the papers that Jhr. C. J. de Ranitz, mayor of Utrecht danced with Empress Farah. To emphasize the informal nature of this ball, the Queen and Prince also invited student friends of princesses Beatrix and Irene. Princess Beatrix was dancing with Bob Steensma, a son of a civil law notary from Eindhoven, which started rumours about a relationship of the two.


3, 5, 7, 8 May:

Visits to the capitals of all 12 provinces of the country
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The Royal Barge:




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Arrival of the guests:


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Keukenhof visit




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Ball at the HMS Oranje:

to emphasize the informal nature of this ball, the Queen and Prince also invited student friends of princesses Beatrix and Irene. Princess Beatrix was dancing with Bob Steensma, a son of a civil law notary from Eindhoven, which started rumours about a relationship of the two.



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Guestlist of the event (not complete!):

- Shah Mohamed Reza and Shahbanou Farah of Persia
- Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and the Duke of Edinburgh
- King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of the Belgians (only on May 2nd)
- King Olav V of Norway
- Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Felix of Luxembourg
- Prince Bertil of Sweden, Duke of Halland
- Princess Margaretha of Sweden
- Hereditary Grand Duke Jean and Hereditary Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg
- Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent
- Princess Alexandra of Kent
- Princess Maria of Savoy-Aosta
- Prince Louis-Ferdinand and Princess Kira Kirillovna of Prussia
- Princess Armgard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
- Prince Aschwin and Princess Simone of Lippe-Biesterfeld
- Princess Anne of France
- Prince Michael of Greece
- Prince Charles of Luxembourg
- Princes Friederich-Wilhelm and Michael of Prussia
- Princesses Kira and Marie-Cecile of Prussia
- Princess Tatiana Radziwill (dau. of Eugenie of Greece & Denmark)
- Princess Feodora Reuss
- Prince Heinrich I Reuss
- Princess Woizlawa Victoria Reuss, née Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
- Prince Ernst-August of Hanover and Princess Maria Angela of Hanover, née Pss of Solms-Baruth
- Richard and May Abel-Smith
- Count Klaus von Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
- Princess Maria-Christina of Aosta
- Prince Franz and Prince Max of Bavaria
- Count Bertil Bernadotte (son of Count Folke)
- Count Fabian and Countess Dorothea von Dohna
- Prince Friedrich von Fürstenberg
- Prince Karl and Princess Clarissa of Hesse-Kassel
- Princess Sophia of Greece
- Prince Otto of Hesse-Kassel
- Count Paul de Kotzebue
- Duke George von Leuchtenberg
- The prince and princess of Linange (Leiningen, I suppose)
- The dowager princess of Lippe
- Prince Armin and Princess Traute of Lippe
- Duchess Thyra of Mecklenburg
- Count and Countess Caspar von Oeynhausen-Stierstorpff
- Count and Countess Rabe von Oeynhausen-Stierstorpff
- Prince Friedrich and Princess Birgid of Prussia
- Hereditary Count Hans-Veit of Toerring-Jettenbach
- Count Johannes and Countess Sigrid von Welzeck
- Prince Vincent and Pricness Marthe von Windisch-Graetz

Newspapers reported 109-150 royal and noble guests. Among them the enfants d'honeur (flower girls & pages) of the wedding in 1937:
Historische Kranten - actualiteiten uit het verleden

From Denmark King Frederik and Queen Ingrid were supposed to attend, but due to the death & ourning period for Countess Alexandrine Castell-Castell they cancelled. In October Queen Ingrid and her two eldest daughters however did pay a visit to The Netherlands:

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Beautifull pics...and jewelry that needs a good dusting and release from the vaults!...
King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola did not attend the glittering evening but were at Keukenhof the next day.
Empress Farah Diba was stunning...she looked like a movie star back then!:ohmy:

Baudouin and Fabiola were such a sweet couple in their day.:whistling:
Empress Farah Diba was stunning...she looked like a movie star back then!:ohmy:

Baudouin and Fabiola were such a sweet couple in their day.:whistling:

I NEVER saw Baudouin walking without being attentive to Fabiola - holding her arm, talking to her, putting his arm around her. When you see the Shah and Farah Diba deplaning he just leaves her on the stairs and proceeds ahead. This is in stark contrast to how Baudouin always looked after Fabiola. It's one thing that drew me *instantly* to them and made me want to know their story. They're so lovely together. They were meant to be - I always LOVE seeing couples who were meant to be life partners. My husband and I enjoy that type of union. What a blessing he is to me. :wub:

I will have to find it but there a series of pictures of Baudouin/Fabiola and the Shah/Farah Diba sitting on a sofa in Iran (Tehran?) watching a dance performance and Baudouin/Fabiola are holding hands beautifully and the Shah and Farah Diba have no physical interaction with each other. I don't know if this is due to cultural concerns or what. Any idea?

Edit to add (found them):
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