Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 6: March 2015 - July 2017

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Welcome to Part 6 of the thread for Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style!

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** Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 5: July 2012 - February 2015 **

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Yesterday, March 11, Queen Elizabeth hosted a reception to mark the conclusion of the "Moving Music" campaign and the long association of conductor Michael Tilson Thomas with the London Symphony Orchestra, at Buckingham Palace.

** gettyimages/zimbio gallery **
I thought the Queen looked terrific today. I'm not completely sure about the shape and height of the hat, but it was a great color. She's such a great lady!
I didn't like the hat, nor the color.
I thought HM looked great, as she usually does, and that shade of blue suits her a lot. Whilst I'm also not a fan of the hat, I think it looks good with the rest of the outfit, so I'll give it a pass.
The blue outfit is very beautiful.
She is wearing a lot of blue lately. Of course, she has a lot of blue to wear - but blues to blue greens seem to dominate lately.
The Queen looked very well in her bright blue coat and hat for the Easter Sunday Service at St Georges's Chapel Windsor.
It's a nice outfit and such colors are always a good choice for Her Majesty.
The blue outfit is a great backdrop for the daffodils - the Queen looks lovely.
She looks very lovely today.

Queen Elizabeth at an Order Of Merit Reception At Buckingham Palace today:

** Pic **
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As for the outfit her Majesty chose today, it was simply great for her! She looked totally fit and almost fresher than other past times!:flowers:

Queen Elizabeth at a Service to Commemorate the Centenary of the Gallipoli and Anzac Campaigns at Westminster Abbey on April 25:

** Full view **
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She looks wonderful in that pink outfit. She looks so happy.
I loved today's ensemble. Her Majesty looked divine in that color.
The Queen looks incredible. Love the color and the hat. I am not quite sure about the black gloves and purse but, overall, she looks great.
Royal baby girl celebrated by The Queen with a rose ensemble at military parade | Daily Mail Online
If I remember rightly, it was said she preferred to wear black as she shook a lot of hands and didn't want to have one grey hand. Makes sense to me, otherwise she and her entourage would be carting multiply pairs of white gloves.

They may well have done so when she was younger but I think this is her simple answer to a sticky problem. :flowers:

(Did you get a peek at the link ROYAL NORWAY posted? The full skirted dresses were to die for and did you see how tiny her waist was? Now they were clothes! :) )
I think it was a really sweet gesture of HM to wear pink, which looked great on her, in connection of Princess Charlotte's birth. I couldn't help but notice how delighted she looked throughout the engagement, HM has a lovely smile (but I feel that she's one of those people who can look really cheerful when smiling, and really grumpy when keeping a straight face!).
I like her better when she wears pastel colors but in that pic she looked way younger...
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