Queen Elizabeth II Jewels 3: January 2016

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:previous: How one would like to be the one to swap that pearl and emerald drops! It's nice to see how carefully the drops are sorted in numbered bags. So every pearl or emerald drop will always go to the same loop.
During her latest State Visit to France, The Queen wore a bracelet* at the State Banquet that was not seen before and many assumed that it was a recent present (like for the Diamond Jubilee). However, I came across this photo (GettyImages #141204230) of HM wearing what looks like the same jewel in a 1972 photo, taken before/after the famous video of The Queen talking about The Imperial State Crown.
Funny fact - The dress Elizabeth II wore in the video was originally made for a State Visit to...France. :)

*photo courtesy of forbes.com
:previous: Great find! I think that your are right and that it is a match.
The bracelet is beautiful. :flowers: Doesn't hurt I am a sapphire fanatic.
The bracelet is lovely. It's a style that my parents often got for me and selfishly I'd be disappointed the style were not more modern. Today, I realize their taste was better than mine!
There's something about old style jewels that's much more better than modern day jewels.
That would be a great piece for Catherine. She tends to wear smaller pieces, which are more fitting for her age and the appearances she does.
:previous: Part of me would rather see such a personal piece on one of the queen's granddaughters. As the future queen, Kate will have access to the multitude of the queen's official and more prominent jewels. This is a special family piece from her father and it would be nice to see it go to Anne and Zara. Or one of the other granddaughters IMO.
I think this bracelet is "new" enough to be passed out of the main line and to one of her granddaughters Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise, or Zara.
I think this bracelet is "new" enough to be passed out of the main line and to one of her granddaughters Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise, or Zara.

Agree - i could see it going to Anne and down that line as the Queen wore it to Anne's christening. That's the way i would do it if i was the Queen - nice to have a link to an important event and pass it with that connection
I always loved that Sapphire bracelet.
Although she doesn't need ( or perhaps want) any new birthday jewels, I hope she gets some that we can enjoy looking out for.

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:previous: This is my favourite tiara as well. It's the one that the Queen was wearing in so many portraits hanging during my childhood and youth. :flowers:
Not a fan either, but very much her style. The queen mum and her husband were both said to be fans of the art deco style (seen in many of her personal pieces). And that broach definitely screams art deco.
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