Queen Beatrix, Current Events 6 (August 2010 - April 2013)

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HM attended the Sneekweek Sailing race from her own yacht the "Groene Draeck",Sneek today:

PPE Agency

courtesy ppe
HM The Queen will attend the Remembrance of the 65th anniversary of the capitulation of Japan and will lay
a wreath at the Monument of the East Indies at The Hague,sunday august 15th.

The capitulation on august 15th 1945 ended WWII and saw peace,finally,in the entire Kingdom of The Netherlands.

HM will meet representatives of people originating from our former colony,present day Indonesia,at the World Forum afterwards.
HM The Queen has cancelled her attendance at a concert by the European Youth Orchestra at the Concertgebouw,
Amsterdam tonight due to the death of HRH Prince Carlos Hugo,Duke of Parma and Piacenza.

Engagements by other members of the RF will take place as scheduled.

Queen Beatrix attended the opening of the restored Florabuilding in Boskoop,
August 31, 2010. The Florabuilding was built in 1935 for flower shows.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery ** anp gallery **
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HM opened the new venue of nine residential service apps of the Epilepsy Institutes Foundation Netherlands at Cruiushoeve,Cruquius today.

http://www.ppe-agency.com/show.php?zoektype=2&search=03-09-2010 Cruquius

courtesy ppe

Tonight HM will attend the opening performance of the 15th Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival of Classical Music at the
Doelen Concert Hall,Rotterdam.The concerts theme will be the Commemoration of the bombardment of the City of Rotterdam in WW II 70 years ago.

Sjostakovitsj 8th Symphony,written in 1948,to commemorate the Battle of Stalingrad,the first cello concert by Tisjtsjenko is the other that will be performed at the concert.

Queen Beatrix attended at De Doelen in Rotterdam, the opening concert of
the 15th Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival. This edition is dedicated
to the commemoration of the bombing of Rotterdam, 70 years ago, Sep. 3,

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HM will attend the Breda Hippique Concour at the "Prinsenhoeve" estate,Breda today
and will also attend part of the "Farewell Moment" ,a festive event honouring the dutch
top partcipants of the World Concour Hippique in Kentucky USA this september.

This morning HM received informateur Ivo Opstelten at Huis ten Bosch Palace as he
gave HM his concluding report on the talks to form a cabinet.That collapsed thursday,
so,HM has to start all over again with appointing and/or talks with each fraction leader.
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Queen Beatrix attended at De Doelen in Rotterdam, the opening concert of
the 15th Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival. This edition is dedicated
to the commemoration of the bombing of Rotterdam, 70 years ago, Sep. 3,

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** belga gallery **
Oh she looks so lovely lately. Love her outfit and her hair is blonder and not so rigid.
HM will resume the rounds of talks with Her closest advisors this morning,followed later today by the leaders of the
political parties as talks to form a new government collapsed late last week.

Queen Beatrix attended the opening of the renovated concern location of
the Police academy in Apeldoorn, September 6, 2010. The building is the
centre of police education.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery **

Queen Beatrix has opened the Amphion theater in Doetinchem today,
September 8, 2010.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
On wednesday HM received the Credentials of the ambassadors of Tsjechie,Rwanda and Germany at Noordeinde Palace.
HM will attend the 20th anniversary of debating center De Rode Hoed,Amsterdam this afternoon.

HM will receive the Credentials of the:

The ambassador of Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark,HE Mr.Reimer Reinholdt Nielsen,

The ambassador of the Republic of Cuba,HE Mrs.Zelmys Maria Dominguez Cortina

The ambassador of His Majesty The King of Sweden,HE Mr.Hakan Emsgard

Noordeinde Palace,wednesday september 15th.

HM will sent a gala carriage pulled by two horses to each embassy to collect TE and they will be
escorted by members of the Mounted Police in Gala.
At the Palace TE will take the salute of the Guards and listen their respective National Anthems,
this time played by the band of the Dutch Royal Airforce.
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Here are some pics of the visit to the Military Rehabilitation Centre (MRC)
Aardenburg in Doorn Queen Beatrix has made yesterday:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery **
HM received His Excellency Mr.Minoru Shibuya,the ambassador of His Majesty The Emperor of Japan in a farewell audience this morning.

Huis ten Bosch Palace,september 16th.
HM The Queen will present the Royal Award for Free Painters at the Royal Palace,Amsterdam,friday october 8th.
This,if any event,is among the most favorite by HM,an accomplished artist herself.

This Royal Award for Free Painters award was instituted by King Willem III in 1871.

And,thank goodness the Award ceremony is back where it belongs,the Royal Palace Amsterdam as it was for years
in The Hague due to our magnificent Palace here being renovated.
The exhibition of the Free Painters works opens on saturday october 9th for the general public untill november 7th.

On September 22, Queen Beatrix presented the Medal of Honor for Art and
Science in the Family Order of Orange to the musician and conductor Frans
Bruggen at the Palace Huis ten Bosch.

Mr. Bruggen is a famous recorder player, an expert in the performance of
eighteenth century music.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
HM will attend the 10th Remembrance meeting for the victims of senseless violence organised by the Remembrance Day for Victims of Violence Foundation,Doetinchem this morning.

It is the day we here remember the "useless violence" and its victims.Murdered in the streets for the silliest reasons,and perpetrators almost always getting away with nearly zero punishment.The Dutch judicial system is an absolute farce and I am all for Capital punishment as nothing else scares the next nut off.Its really way too idiotic to see what the judges rule these days.And then Dutch prisons.They are like holiday homes with flatscreen tv and all kinds of goodies that makes me want them to return to water and bread.Medieval?The twits that commit these crimes,THAT is medieval and should be punished accordingly.

Not that it shows much...,but I think this particular subject gets me going as my own grandfather was shot on the street while having a walk on august 30th 1968.I never forget,nor forgive.The guy got away with 2 years in a mental institution,from my tax money,and after that period was allowed weekends home..........and then one sunday,I never forget,he came to our house requesting or he was allowed to take care of my grandfathers vault.Really....ofcourse he wasn't......As if that is normal.It is not,and it should be dealt with severely.It's also the silliest of things to organize yet another silent walk instead of preventing these things from happening.

Dag Herdenken Geweldslachtoffers
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Queen Beatrix attended the 10th memorial service of the foundation
Commemorating Victims of Violence at the Metzo College in Doetinchem,
September 25:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** ppe gallery **
HM hosted a farewell lunch for HE the ambassador of Switserland,D.M.Alder.

Huis ten Bosch Palace,september 22nd
HM will hand-out the Remembrance Medal for Peace Operations to military during a ceremony
at the Brabant Halls,'s-Hertogenbosch / Bois-le-Duc,today.

Almost 1800 military will receive their Medal for their work in bloody Uruzgan and Kandahar,Afghanistan.

Besides HM The Queen,the Minister of Defence and the Commander of the Dutch Forces,General Peter Uhm
and representatives of the different branches of the Forces will hand-out the Medals.

General Peter Uhm lost his son,Luitenant Dennis van Uhm in Afghanistan the day after he was installed as
Commander of the Dutch Forces as he hit a raodside bomb and died with his buddy Mark Schouwink.
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