Princess Stephanie of Monaco & Family Current Events 12:November 2008 - December 2017

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Thanks, Fanofmonaco, for the info. They do seem good natured and fun companions.

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Lovely pics! I do admire P Stephanie's commitment to these amazing animals. However, I wish she would support the example of some circuses who no longer have animals as part of their performances.

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I've read that interview on twitter... I think Stephanie was being very honest about it all, and to be frank, I think she did good at speaking up about her "nickname"!
She has looked so much better lately, not least,I think, due to the lighter shade of her hair. She looks very rested and whole heartedly involved in this event. It is good to see her out and about.

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Nice pics. :)

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On the occasion of the Day of the Circus Princess Stephanie attended a celebration at the Medrano Circus in Nice, France, yesterday, April 16:

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Lovely to see her out and about. Her love of the circus remains strong. ( I can never quite pair this with her desire to help and care for elephants)
Okay its way too early in the morning and I read your post and was trying to figure out what 'elephants' was slang for. :whistling: Laughing when I clicked on the photo and realized they were actual elephants.:ROFLMAO:

Baby and Nepal are certainly the guests of honor :flowers: I think they looked very appropriate and ready for their screen time with the princess:lol:

Stephanie and Camille made the annual Christmas visit to the elderly people at the Cap Fleuri retirement home yesterday, December 16.

It's wonderful to see how much charity work Camille has supported with her presence and assistance during the last 2 years!

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Princess Stephanie organized in Fonbonne the fourth anniversary of the rescue of the elephants Baby and Nepal with the Prince Albert and her children Louis and Camille

Princess Stephanie attend the inauguration of a monument dedicated to her father, Rainier III Prince of Monaco, at the Circus Park in Bucharest on October 4, 2017. Rainier III founded one of the largest circus festivals in the world.

Belga Image

And today in Romania Princess Stephanie meeting with the CP Margareta and Prince Radu

Princess Stephanie celebrate tonight the Thanksgiving with her family!!
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Here's a nice video of the anniversary on July 12, including an interview with Stephanie:

Stephanie also addressed the UN recently regarding AIDS research. She has come such a long way from her chaotic young womanhood. She has raised wonderful children and is making her mark in the areas that she cares about...animal welfare and AIDS.

I have come to admire her as much as I do Princess Caroline. I wish her parents could see her now.

Here's another video about Stephanie's recent journey:

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