Princess Marie's Charities and Patronages

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Princess Marie sent a video message from her kitchen in Paris (photo taken by Princess Athena) for the "Schools Save Food" - Denmark's largest virtual food waste event today:

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On November 14 Princess Marie as Patron of the Danish Student House in Paris attended the presentation of John Kørner's painting "Queen Louise's Bridge" that will from now on be exposed at the student house:

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Queen Louise's Bridge...?

Well, if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't know. :ohmy:

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like, I don't like that.
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How's the fight against food waste going in Germany?

It is already well known that recycling waste is almost a national sport in Germany, so I imagine food waste would be a logic thing to get involved in as well.
Not least considering the rising prices on food... :ermm:

It's rather a media hype, than one in the average population. Waste separation and recycling have become normality, the fight against food waste is a media topic, but in reality a nicheness among activists and affluent do-gooders (no offence meant!) ;)

The Palace today shared photos of another event on December 2: Marie as Patron hosted a working meeting with "Le Souvenir Français - The Danish Committee" at Christian VIII's Palace, Amalienborg:

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Marie has traveled to Sweden.

"The fight against food waste has been close to my heart for many years, and I am looking forward to tomorrow opening the Nordic Food Waste Summit here in Stockholm

Food waste is one of the biggest single burdens on the climate. But it is at the same time one of the burdens that it is easiest to do something about. So I hope that the summit can inspire our joint fight against food waste.

✍️ H.K.H. Princess Marie."
"Earlier today, Her Royal Highness Princess Marie was appointed section leader à la suite in the Emergency Management Agency

This happened as an extension of the fact that the Princess had participated in the Emergency Management Agency's emergency management training, where, among other things, a rescue exercise based on a natural gas explosion was on the program.

The Emergency Management Agency's emergency management training provides competence to manage all types of emergency response at an accident site. The training consists of an emergency department part and then an interdisciplinary part, where managers from the police and health emergency services also participate.

The Princess' involvement in the Emergency Management Agency dates back to 2011, when Her Royal Highness completed an operational introduction training. Since then, the Princess has volunteered as a project worker in the field of prevention and participated in exercises, meetings and courses, as well as visited the Emergency Management Agency's units and partners."
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That's the equivalent to captain in the military.

A la suite of course meaning = having no command/honorary.

Our Marie hasn't been idle.

Mary is captain in the Army Home Guard - also a la suite. - But she has been gone quite a bit lately, so I wonder if she will have been promoted to major when she attends the Home Guard parade soon.
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Nice to see the family again.

That center suffered quite a bit during the lockdowns! So a bit of publicity will no doubt be appreciated.

Well, our Marie can't talk her way out of being mother to Athena. That's for sure.
Henrik will probably inherit his dad's bodytype, tall and slim.
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Princess Marie visited the organization Food-with-Heart in Hørsholm today, April 22, focussing on the fight against food waste:

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