Princess Marie, Current Events Part 1: March 2009 - June 2016

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Welcome to Princess Marie’s first current events thread

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Oh what a great news! Princess Marie´s Danish has to be really good if she will give her first Danish speech. Good for her!

Press Release form Danish Education Minister. (In Danish)
H.K.H. Prinsesse Marie går ind i det danske UNESCO-arbejde - Undervisningsministeriet

It says that Princess Marie will opening the Unesco Exhibition "Images of the Future" and that she will give a wellcome speech.
The press release also mention that Princess Marie will colaborate in the future with the Danish National Commision for UNESCO.
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At what time is this event today???
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I don't know danish so I can't say if her danish is correct or not but she looks calm and has a lovely and clear voice!

I can't wait to see the pics!
Well done Marie :flowers:
A nice presentation indeed, she appears very calm and collected.
Congratulations to Princess Marie who is making her debut in a very difficult language. With time, she will improve a lot.
I have to say that Princess Marie did wonderfully today..I was really impressed by her danish! Accented, off course, but clear and enunciated, very pretty.
And the outfit! Excellent!
Well done Marie :flowers:
A nice presentation indeed, she appears very calm and collected.

I think calm and collected is a very good summerization of the presentation. It wasn't perfect grammatically, (there were some r's missing at some endings, and in some words) and it was stilted in places, but the speech improved much as she went along (and got a bit more confident :whistling:) But as she was very clear when she spoke, it was also fairly easy to understand what she was intending to say.

She looked very calm as she was leaving the National Museum.
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Good for Marie! I have been cheering for her since the wedding. She looked lovely, she sounded lovely, and she seemed confident and charming. I hope to see her taking on more solo engagements. I'm sure that Prince Joachim is very proud!
Great to see Marie being confident enough to make her first public speech in danish - it has taken awhile but im glad she has perserved with learning a difficult language
It is nice to see Princess Marie undertaking a solo engagement, which indicates a good progress in mastering Danish.
Although I don't understand Danish I believe the Danish members that she did very well. She is dressed beautifully I love the coat. Well done to her:flowers:
I can only agree with all the other posters. She look wonderfull and it was soooooooooo good to hear her speak danish. In a couple of years - my guess is - she will even include the missing r's :flowers:. Unless she ends up speaking like people from Jutland do (where she live). They leave out the r's very often.
She looks great!
It's good that she speak on Danish which at the moment sound like mix of English-Danish. More practice and will be better.:flowers:
It's great news that Marie has made this speach and in Danish for the first time! She looked lovely - relaxed and more confident than before.
Marie's voice is really lovely to listen to IMO :) She looked interested at the exhibition, and I loved her outfit! The coat especially gets a big :clap: from me
Nice to see Marie at an even alone. She looks very confident and interested. Im glad to hear she gave a speech in Danish, its good practice IMO even if she doesnt speak it 100% well yet. Overall, Marie looked beautiful and radiant.
I love her coat!And I really think she looks radiant, she is a very happy person and that shows in her face :flowers:
Hmmm well done Marie.
And i do love her coat.
She's looking very well with the pregnancy, when is she due again? May?

Good for her! She is a quick learner! She looks beautiful!
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