Princess Märtha Louise 's Patronages 2006 -

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Princess Märtha Louise attended the Oslo Horse Show a second time (the Para Gala Night had
been part of it) and handed out some awards on October 16:

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I like Martha Louise and i hope to see her more often.
H.H.Princess Martha Louise attends the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Equestrian Federation in Oslo.

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Article from NTB translated by Norway today - read more:
Royal glitter bestowes Deaf Culture Days in Bergen - Norway Today
The deaf Culture Days are an annual cultural, and social, encounter for sign language users, and interested people from all over Norway.

The princess is the ‘Døveforbundets’ (The deaf society’s) patron, and therefore participated in Friday’s opening of this year’s event.

The princess was welcomed by the Norwegian Deaf Federation’s leader, Hedvig Sinnes, and also the general secretary, Bjørn Kristiansen.

She then took a tour of the expo part of the event, where several companies and organisations have stands. Among other things, she visited Supervisuell (Super visual) , the company who are responsible for film, and sign language communication, as well as Nav’s stand for Aid to the Deaf.
Princess Martha Louise teaches children about epilepsy as read the fairy tale about Rudy and lightly sampled. Princess Martha Louise is the protector of the Norwegian Epilepsy Association.

Princess Martha Louise is the patron of eight organizations, and today she accepted representatives of all of them at the Royal Palace.

I audiens hos Prinsesse Märtha Louise -
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Summary of the Royal House article:

Princess Märtha Louise granted (as eya wrote) separate audiences to her 8 patronages today:

To representatives of the Norway Muscular Dystrophy Association:

To representatives of the Norwegian Association for the Hard of Hearing:

To representatives of the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted:

To representatives of the Norwegian Association of the Deaf:

To representatives of the VIVIL (We want) Games (nationwide sports event for mentally disabled people):

To representatives of the Norwegian Epilepsy Association:

To representatives of the Norwegian Rheumatism Association:

To representatives of Ridderrennet (“The Knights’ Race”, a Norwegian skiing event for the blind and mobility impaired):
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Today, March 30, Märtha Louise took part in Ridderrennet 2019, the world's largest annual winter sports event for visually impaired and disabled people, at Beitostølen.

** kongehuset: Gikk Ridderrennet **
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About the ViVil (WeWant) Games, which is one of her eight patronages: Is the country's largest multi-sports event for people with Intellectual disabilities, which takes place every year at Nadderud stadium in Bærum (a neighbouring municipality of Oslo), where they compete in football (soccer), handball, boccia, swimming and athletics. The games were started in 1979 (yes, as mentioned in the above post, they celebrates their 40th anniversary this year) by Vivil IL (Norway's largest sports team within this field, founded in 1978) and last for three days with participants from all over the country. Another thing to mention is that no winners are named during the individual competitions, where everyone receives equal prizes/diplomas. However, that is not the case in the team sports, where the winning team is awarded with a cup.

And to those who wonder how it's funded?
The team: Through support from the state, sponsors, an annual membership-fee and volunteerism.
The games: Through its own support from the state, sponsors, start-fees and volunteerism. (Yes, separated from that given to the team.)
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