100th anniversary of the Coronation

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Some more from the reception line at the dinner, from Rexfeatures

And Kongehuset has put theese pictures on their website, unfortunatly rather smal
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Princess Mette-Marit loos so beautiful.Thanks for all the pictures:)
The O.C. Fanatic said:
That's the first time I've seen little Alex smile.
Britney Spears said:
Their baby girl never smiles?

I sincerely doubt we never see Ingrid smiles.. She is probably one of the most toddler that shows a lot of emotion. Here's some of her smiles...
(all from TRF's threads)

and these are just some of smiling Ingrid. There are tons of that from the crownprincely family photo session is skaugum on 2004, or the pre-christening photos of sverre magnus. :)
Thank you for all the wonderful photos. CP MM is very beautiul. I love her smile. Princess Ingrid is soooo adorable! Too bad she wasn't feeling well. Maybe because of the weather??
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Great pics everybody! I have always been a Grimaldi family fan, but I really enjoy seeing the closeness of the Royal Family of Norway. Everyone is so beautiful and they all look really happy. I wish Martha Louise and Ari's girls girls could have been there!
IA loooks like such a daddy's girl. I just love the Princely family. They look like such a close knit family. I was really glad to see Marius included in all the celebrations. I can't belive how big Sverre Magnus is, what a cutie!! I love seeing al the pictures, thanks to everyone who posted.
Since we lost alot of pics in the nunn clean up Trondheim kommune has some beautiful ones on their page
Credit Trondheim kommune
Arrival, I wish Mette-Marit would always look this put together, the fashionistas in the press really hated this hat the first time she wore it but I think it suits her actually.

The official pictures in good quality
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Church service in NIdarosdomen
Credit Trondheim Kommune

thanks for the photos larzen.
Mette marit seems a very likeable person and natural that I like of her :) :)
Originally Posted by Larzen
the fashionistas in the press really hated this hat the first time she wore it but I think it suits her actually.

I really like that hat, and the outfit, too!
there are several more pictures... Arrival to Trondheim

(from startstock/uppa)
from the Corronation Tour




(from stella/starstock)
from the Press Conference at Stiffsgarden

(from stella/starstock)
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