Princess Märtha Louise 's Patronages 2006 -

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how many associations does the princess have now? there are associations to give up her as patron.
Press release from Foreningen for Muskelsyke
The association for Foreningen for Muskelsyke (Muscular Dystrophy Association) breaks off its collaboration with Märtha Louise.
"The princess has always taken her responsibility as patron seriously and shown genuine interest in what we are working on, but more and more members are reacting to Durek Verrett's speculative outbursts about his own form of alternative medicine and abilities as a shaman. For FFM as a representative of a number of very rare neuromuscular diseases with little or no offer of medical treatment, this seems provocative."
The recent media coverage of Märtha Louise and Durek has caused much discussion and unrest in the association, many of its members are now questioning being a member of an organization that has a royal patron who supports various forms of alternative medicine. Certain members have already renounced their membership because of this matter.
The central board of FFM has therefore taken the difficult decision to end the collaboration with Märtha Louise.
Pressemelding fra FFM – Foreningen for Muskelsyke
Quite right to remove her as patron because of this.
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