Princess Märtha Louise Picture Thread - Part 1

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Here is a nice one of her


She really does look like her mother.
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The thread about her 30. birthday is closed, so I post here a picturegallery with a lot of pictures:
Søk | Scanpix
Princess Martha Louise for February issue of Marie Claire Russia.

I'm pretty sure this interview was done prior to Christmas and the death of Ari Behn. For those who have followed Martha Louise, no new insights but was informative. Here is the link to the article in Russian, (use google translate) Instagram in English: "marieclairerussia The February issue of Marie Claire was made on a royal scale: the subject of our special pride is an exclusive interview with the Norwegian princess Marta Louise - on independence, the power to be oneself and love, which is governed by one law - gravity. Opened 400 years ago by Isaac Newton, it became the main theme of the most attractive collection number 2020 - no magic, only physics ?✨ The full text of the interview is available on the profile link ☝️❤️ Photo: Olga Tuponogova-Volkova"
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