Princess Máxima's 40th Birthday: May 17, 2011

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Jun 19, 2005
With the 40th birthday of the Princess on May 17th this year,I think it's good to open a thread as that day will not go by unnoticed.
Apparently a birthday bash on a scale we've seen on her husbands 40th is planned with tout le monde of Royals of the same generation.
Till then.:)
Has a guest list of Royals expected at her 40th birthday been released?
Beautifull!!I love how some members here fall over her outfit....but I love it!

It takes a woman of the caliber and jois de vivres like our Máxima to pull this,up close she looked smashing and whatever whenever she always radiates her special brand of being.Inexplicable,but omnipotent.Always,nuestra famoso chica latina!How lucky are we,and have her as one of us.:)

The Princess at 40,as a mum:

ANP Beeldbank

courtesy anp

Máxima at 40,portraits:

ANP Beeldbank

courtesy ANP

On 27th May :)

That will be just the start as that is the day/eve of the concert at the Concertgebouw,Amsterdam offered to Princess Máxima
and her guests by the Royal Concertgebouw orchestra of which she is Patron.:)
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A special edition of the newspaper AD with a great photo of princess Maxima made by Erwin Olaf.

Oh, glamour girl! How elegant and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!1
That is (as we say here)one gorgeous gal!!!!!!!
It will be included in the normal AD on saturday. I am looking forward to it. The issue also has an interview with the parenst of Máxima, the first (and probably the last) one they gave. I am happy to see that so many magazines and television programmes are paying attention to the birthday! And the verdict is overwhelmingly positive.

The dress was used during the Swedish state visit btw.
beautiful cover of princess Maxima, as always :)
i can't wait to see the interviews and pictures from Maximas gala concert
On monday the 16th the documentary on Princess Máxima wil be aired on Ned1 at 20.30PM.The Princess was followed since last september / october,both at home and abroad and privately at the " Eikenhorst" .

The documentary is such a succes beforehand that German TV station ZDF purchased it as well and will air it on the evening of the 17th,the actual birthday of the Princess.:)

Princess Máxima at 40,her hats:..
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Maxima must have a huge space to hold all her clothes, hats, shoes, bags and such. I would love to have a peek.
Maxima must have a huge space to hold all her clothes, hats, shoes, bags and such. I would love to have a peek.
i would love that too! andtry her tiaras and jewelerry
I was just to post the link to these breathtaking beautifull pics of a breathtakingly fascinating Lady.Fantastic work by Erwin Olaf.Amazing!!!:heart:
These pics are simply beautiful. Wow!! I love every single one. She has never looked lovelier before.
Sorry if this question is asked again but,will there be a huge celebration like her husbands 40th?Will european monarchs/royals go?
Wonderful pictures...she looks fantastic in all.
Really gorgeous. I love all the ways these were taken! She is stunning!
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