Princess Haya Jewellery

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Nov 8, 2002
has she ever worn tiara?

does her husband's family have grand tiaras and necklaces?
Totally, compared to some. Besides, I don't like her sense of accessory. But I think she is very elegant and stunning. :flower:
Princess Haya actually owns the tiara she is wearing in the pictures posted above. It was made for her late mother, Queen Alia, and went to Princess Haya after the Queen's tragic death.

Queen Rania only borrowed it until she had made (or received) her own tiaras.

The women in the Al-Maktoum family are rarely photagraphed, thus there are few pictures of them wearing jewllery. But the family are extremely wealthy, so it is likely they have quite a few jewels.
In the family gallery section of Sheikh Mohammeds official site there is a few pictures of (some of?) his daughters wearing some jewellery:

the site
Could someone post a photo of Haya's wedding ring? I can't access Getty images no matter how hard I try and the other photos don't show much of her hand?
The "every day" jewelry of Mo's daughters is something like you would see on Queen Elizabeth at a state dinner so I would assume Haya has/will recieve many grand pieces, but that she will be much more classy about wearing them.
just to get a working pic inthis tread -
Princess Haya, from a visit to a school in Dubai april 17th:


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Princess Haya Jewels

Princess Haya's ring, necklace, tiara...


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stacy said:
just to get a working pic inthis tread -
Princess Haya, from a visit to a school in Dubai april 17th:

That is a very beautiful & simple (yet elegant) ring (you can see it in the 1st pic pretty well). Is that her engagement/wedding ring/set? I really like it.
galuhcandrakirana said:
I like her seconde and third photos...she looks pretty, also her lovely necklaces
Yes, Princess Haya beautifully as her mother, Queen Alia.
La la said:
It's a very beautifully designed tiara, I must say. I like the way her diamond tiara is dazzling in the first pic.

As do I, I think that wsa the Crown which the late HM Queen Alia gave to her daughter Haya. Then later was lent to Rania as at the time she'd (QR) not comissioned her collection of official Crowns, tiaras etc.
hilal said:
Princess Haya's ring, necklace, tiara...

She definately inherited her Mothers beauty, I aspecially like the photograph of Haya wearing white. I think that was shortly after she became engaged to Sheikh Muhammad, hence the beautiful Engagement Ring. :)
Abir and Haya

Although QA adopted Abir and she is not technically a Princess, I wonder if any of her jewelry was given to her after QA's death. I doubt we'll ever know as Abir keeps such a low profile but it would be nice had she been given a few small pieces of QA's personal jewelry. I also wonder what happened to so much of QA's beautiful turquoise jewelry and diamonds and rings as PH doesn't wear turquoise often, if at all and I haven't seen any of the more elaborate diamond pieces on PH either; just the tiara, which is the prettiest one I've ever seen, IMO.:)

1. Princess Haya's simple white pearl necklace and matching studs (these have been worn many times over the years):
2. Haya's pearl choker:
3. Various diamond and pearl earrings:
4. Diamond and pearl studs:
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I like these earrings a lot,but I literally adored the pearl earrings posted above (post 22)!!They are perfect!
I loved both the earrings and the ring (Dubai World Cup 2008)!!
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