Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 9 : Aug.2005 - Nov.2005

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Caroline and the Nicole Coste magazine spread

Thanks, Tosca, for that picture of Caroline's reaction to Nicole's magazine spread. Her reaction was priceless. :) I admit that I'm most intrigued about Caroline's reaction to Nicole. That picture says it all. :)

I didn't know the magazine compared Nicole to Princess Grace....:confused: just so tacky of them to make comparisons when obviously there is none, just so they could write something. I'm sure Caro, Steph and Albert are insulted! But on the other hand, it is quite funny (pathetically funny) to be delusional about something so far fetched. At any rate, I'm glad Caro had some laughter, I'm almost sure she found the pic of Nicole imitating her (Caro's) pose highly amusing!
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Thanks for the pic Tosca.
I loved Caroline's reaction.
Maybe she saw that pic Monica! Her pose was very similar to Caroline's in that pic.
monaco70s said:
Maybe she saw that pic Monica! Her pose was very similar to Caroline's in that pic.

Monaco70s, that would really be a laugh. :) You were the one who said that Caro also posed that way before.... I just remembered it when Caroline's reaction was brought up. I could almost guess Caro's reaction, "Oh my, what was she thinking?" I'm sure Caro saw the similarity if ever!
Could somebody please post the pic where Caro posed like that (I think I don`t know it) and next to it the pic of Nicole. So we could compare the 2 pics. Would be interesting.
I think you talk about those two pics.

From Bunte and Worldroots.


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tbhrc said:
I think you talk about those two pics.

From Bunte and Worldroots.

Thank you, tbhrc...
Caro looks amazing :) ...reeally amazing
You're welcome. She looks really great, just beautiful!
Ok kids, I didn't think that pic would made such a great fuss!:D :D :D

Actually the photos posted by thbrc didn't appear in that article. They show Nicole posing like Grace and Steph instead.

Unfortunately my own photo was anything but good, because my camera started to play up and refused to shot more pix,- I guess it needs new batteries:p - otherwise I would have tried to shot a better one. I did some research for that pic on the internet, but I couldn't find anything, although I think it was taken during Caro's short stay in Ponza island. So now we all know that she reads "CHI":D , and so does EA. I know that Caro speaks Italian, but what would have EA understood? Perhaps he might have enjoyed viewing the pictures!
I haven't seen any picture of the family landing in Pantelleria (an island off the coasts of southern Sicily ) this year. Last year I read in a mag called "Panorama" that Caro and EA had a wild row when in Pantelleria, because the prince glanced at girls' décolletés and he seemed particularly attracted by the young curvaceous owner of a local restaurant!;)
Thank you tbhrc for posting the pics. Caro really looks beautiful and elegant. Nicole can`t fill these big shoes.
tbhrc said:
I think you talk about those two pics.

From Bunte and Worldroots.
Thankx tbrhc, I did not realise Nicole's dress was that ugly the first time I saw the pic.
Idriel said:
Thankx tbrhc, I did not realise Nicole's dress was that ugly the first time I saw the pic.

Who's Nicole? Her maid?:D
Are you sure you are with us in that forum or are you joking ? :
Joking of course. Kisses:p
Anyone know when will Princess Caroline officially come back to her Royal works/visits?I think it seems she does not have much visits for long time.
CAPTION: Princess Caroline of Monaco (c) with her daughter Princess Charlotte(r) and friends seen reading a people magasine on board of their yacht "Pacha III" during their holidays in the Mediterranean see. Ponza, Italy 24th July 2005. The magasine that they are reading is about the story of Albert II of Monaco and Nicole Coste

From newscom


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Analysis of the last posted pictures:

-I really think Charlotte enjoys the student life: parties, a lot of beers,... (I can't still accept if she should be pregnant, I don't understand it anymore if you see these pics again...)

- The woman in white was really shoked when she saw the pics.

- Is Caroline busy laughing or crying? I guess this is crying. Not? (Maybe she has just heard she's becoming grandmother. Should it be true Tati is pregnant. Or maybe our quiet Pierre who becomes dady ;-) )

More comment follows...
I think Caroline is laughing...maybe the friend made a caustic comment about Nicole?

I think this is more likely.

Given how notoriously publicity-adverse Caroline is, I really wouldn't be surprised if she is not impressed with what Coste has done.

However, it is interesting that we now have proof that she does read what is written about her family. Perhaps only to laugh at it :)
You're welcome Nina and Monaco!!
Great pics!
I think Caro knew the press was photographing her that's why she stood up in full clear vision for the lens. She's discreet sending a message.
Thanks tbhrc!!!!!! Those pics are so fun

Your comments are fun,rdb.
Thanx for updating, tbhrc..:)..Great photos..hehe..
those photos are so cool!!!!!!! :)

Thanx so much tbhrc!
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