Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 12 : March 2006 - May 2006

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It's true taht's kind of strange that braod smile of Ines but she is very nature as a person and maybe she was very pleased to see Princess Caroline, this doesn't mean she isn't sad. BTW Caroline is Nine's godmother.
I'm wondering if the lady appearing in the last set of pics, who was talking to Caroline is ex model Nadège...
This lady is Farida Khelfa, ex model and who used to be Assistant to designer Azzedine Alaia
Thanks, Assia!
Hummm... You are vey well informed, Assia!
is caro pregnant again

is it true caro is pregnant at 49? if so did she have to use a fertillity specialist?

Caroline is not pregnant.

Photos taken on a vacation seem to show her with a bit of a pooched belly and thus went the rumours.

She's almost 49, she's had four kids and she eats rich French, German and Italian food. Not everyone can have Stephanie's washboard abs!

Were she pregnant, she could have 'done it' naturally. It depends on genes and health factors. My own great-grandmother had a caboose daughter at 45. Her sons were in their 20s and in the military.


2006 Annual Meeting of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors, 15-16 March 2006 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris



What is UNESCO? How are they different from the UN Goodwill Ambassadors?

Some others pics of Princess Caroline at UNESCO party.
It's very nice to see her with this great smile !!:)



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Thanks for posting those pics Ninon... I really liked those pics from that event... She seems to be so relaxed and it is always great to see her having fun....
Here is the official press release of Unicef about Carolines's trip to Boston in May:

2006 Children’s Champion Award to
H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover in Boston

Boston, March 13, 2006—The New England Chapter of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF will present the 2006 Children’s
Champion Award to H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover (Princess Caroline of Monaco) on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at
the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

The Children’s Champion Award is awarded by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to a public figure whose passion for
children has contributed to making a difference in children’s lives around the world. Past recipients of the Children’s
Champion Award include Nelson Mandela, Sir Roger Moore, and H.M. Queen Noor of Jordan.

The black tie evening will consist of a reception, award presentation and dinner in honor of Her Royal Highness. All
proceeds will directly benefit UNICEF’s programs for the advancement of children worldwide.

“H.R.H The Princess of Hanover was chosen as this year’s recipient for Her longstanding commitment to the
betterment of children’s lives worldwide,” said Kimberlea Tracey, Director, noting Her role as President of the World
Association of Children’s Friends (AMADE), an international child advocacy NGO founded by Her mother, the late
Princess Grace of Monaco, in 1963.

AMADE is headquartered in the Principality of Monaco and seeks the promotion and protection of children’s rights
globally and develops humanitarian aid programs through a network of local organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe
and South America.

In 2003, The Princess of Hanover was appointed as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in recognition of Her
efforts to improve the lives of children and their families.

The Princess of Hanover will be accompanied to this event by the Secretary General of AMADE, Francis Kasasa.

For 60 years UNICEF has been the world’s leader for children, working on the ground in 155 countries and territories
to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. The world’s largest provider of
vaccines for poor countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic
education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation and AIDS. UNICEF is
funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

For more information about the event and sponsorship and ticket opportunities, call 617-266-7534 ext. 105, or email
to For more information on The Princess of Hanover and Her charitable activities,
please visit
Thanks for the info paca... I guess if Caroline will appear at court, there has to be some truth in what Ernst is saying. Don't you think?
THen why did't she testify in his first trial? Ad didn't he admit that he was pretty drunk at the time? I doubt that he would have known how hard he hit, when he did (besides there is no excuse for him hitting in the first place and I don't understand why their bodyguards didn't intervene to stop him for his own protection). Caro has been pretty much ignoring his public behavior, pretending she didn't notice what her husband was doing. She never got herself involved in any of this. I don't think she would lie if she was called to the bar, but maybe they think her good reputation would help him. Especially since then he has received treatment and behaved decent in public, so maybe he is trying to clean up his image. Personally I would respect him more if he would say: this is what I have done and I am ready to accept the consequences. I am different now and it won't happen again. BUt unfortunetely the Grimaldis are in a bad habbit of listening to their high priced lawyers, rather then to common sense. Rather unfortunate.
Of course it was wrong to hit him anyway, but if it is true that he "just" gave him a slap in the face without any "bad" injuries like one of those doctors is saying, then I think it is not okay that Ernst has to pay 445 000€. I don't think a normal guy like you and me would have become such a penalty.

In the end all this doesn't matter because it was wrong and even alcohol is not an excuse... So we will see....
I haven't known about the Monagasque royals for a long time so can someone tell me why Caroline was bald at one point?
The official explanation was a stress condition which caused her hair to fall out. I don't recall the name though, sorry.

New Pics

©PHOTOPQR/NICE MATIN/FRANZ CHAVAROCHE ; MONACO, 04/04/2006. LA PRINCESSE CAROLINE DE HANOVRE A INGAUGURE DEUX JOURS DE CONFERENCE ORGANISEES PAR LE CONSEIL DE L EUROPE SUR LE THEME CONSTRUIRE L EUROPE POUR ET AVEC LES ENFANTS Monaco, April 4th, 2006. Princess Caroline inaugurated two day conferences organized by Euopean Council about Europe construction for and whith the children.

Deadline Part 2











Love the new outfit, esp. the necklace and the sunglasses.... She looks great....
I suppose she tremendously appreciates her mom's incredible sense of style -- the Kelly daughter using the Kelly bag. Many celebrities use the Hermes Birkin bag, which is arguably more convenient as it is easier to get or place something in the bag. But Caroline, as well as other purists, prefer the Kelly bag, which is more classic. After all, Caroline may actually be using her mom's own Kelly bags.
ine ine ine I luv Caroline
ine ine ine I luv Caroline
(come on everybody)
ine ine ine...
Oh my god I'm so silly

Princess Caroline wonderful, Gorgeous,Elegant, and all the good things... looks absolutely Perfect
She looks happy and serene, good for her ;)
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