Princess Benedikte's Charities and Patronages

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How nice to see her with her granddaughter.
I think it's a Joke Job to name rowing boats. For instance, there are Hollywood stars who are asked to open supermarkets and they don't. This is unreal.
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Princess Benedikte as Patron of the Ballet Friends attended the organisation's General Assembly and Awards Ceremony in Fredriksberg yesterday, October 1:

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Summary of an article in Billed Bladet #40, 2019.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Benedikte visited a scouts-jamboree north of Copenhagen. - In pouring rain!
The job for the day was for Benedikte to plant an oak-tree she had been presented to by the scouts on her 75th birthday.
Having finished that task, she sought shelter in a tent.
In the meantime a pony decided to explore the surroundings. The pretty wet animal broke free and decided to take up position on the red carpet some considerate humans had laid out for it, so that it's hooves weren't soaked in mud.
And there it's muzzle was caressed by every pony-girl in the vicinity. - And there are lots of pony-girls at a scouts-jamboree!
Including of course Benedikte who has a special fondness for horses. When not being spoiled rotten, the animal munched down a whole plate of delicious red apples - they were actually intended for the royal guest and those attending to her, but the horse was hungry, so...

Very appropriately Benedikte was allocated a pair of ten year old twins to accompany her, Gerda and Emily, better known in scout-circles as Kløver & Firkløver = Clover & Four-leave Clover.

You can see the fugitive horse here:
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