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Yesterday, October 22, Princess Benedikte as Patron inaugurated the headquarters of the Princesa Benedikte Institute in Curitiba, the first Danish social project in Brazil, that will house children who have been taken out of the custody of their parents, victims of abandonment or violence:

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** paranaportal: Princesa da Dinamarca inaugura orfanato em Curitiba **

In the evening Benedikte attended a concert:

** diarioinduscom: Sua Alteza Imperial Princesa Benedikte visita o Palácio Iguaçu **
those are some very nice pictures. thanks!
It looks like Benedikte got a Brazilian order.
You are most welcome! :flowers:

Yesterday, October 23, Benedikte visited the Curitiba memorial, a cultural space for the presentation of art, folklore, history and information. Afterwards a lunch was given at the Barigüi Park and the day ended with a dinner at the Graciosa Country Club in Curitiba:

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** article with gallery: Princesa da Dinamarca é homenageada em Curitiba **

** article with gallery: Princesa Benedikte, da Dinamarca, é recebida no Centro Histórico de Curitiba **
:previous: This trip has been really nice. The picture with the little girl holding her hand is sweet.
The children seem to have to taken a shine to Benedikte, it's been great to see the photos of her on this trip. I particularly like the photo of her holding the baby boy that Kongehuset posted on their Instagram. A nice thing to wake up to! ?

Princess Benedikte as SOS Patron visited Herlufsholm boarding school today, December 14, to attend a lunch, to receive a donation for the SOS Children's Villages and to open the school's Christmas bazaar. Her granddaughter Ingrid, pupil of the school, was present as well:

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Princess Benedikte as Patron attended a workshop of the National Association against Eating Disorders and Self-Injury at Herlufsholm Boarding School today, March 5:

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And as you can see Benedikte no longer shakes hands, even though she admits the habit is so ingrained she "plumps in" from time to time.

It is AFAIK not an official policy of the DRF - yet.

- And it's no secret Benedikte has problems will illness and people who are ill.
Princess Benedikte as Patron attends the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 2020 in Herning from today, March 6 to March 8.

Here are some photos and a video of today:

** ridehesten: 5* Grand Prix i Herning giver dansk dressur et løft ** tv2 video **

And Princess Benedikte not shaking anyone's hand is still a theme today ;)

"I think you have to be careful. It is not to be unfriendly, I have chosen not to give a hand", she said.
:previous: That event is met with increasing controversy.

Because despite a direct recommendation from the government the organizers have decided to go ahead with the event. That means thousands of people going there. Many from abroad, including people from other countries that also have Corona cases.
The organizers say that it is only a recommendation from the authorities - and people are already here anyway...

The PM tonight urged organizers to adhere to the recommendations of the authorities, if for no other reason then at least out of consideration of those who are elderly, weak or ill. And that going ahead could potentially cost lives.

Benedikte's daughter is trainer for the Danish national equestrian team, so she is present. Which I guess is a part of the reason why Benedikte is there as well, and of course also her own huge interest in horses.

- If there new Corona cases as a result of this event I believe Benedikte in particular and the DRK indirectly may get some heat for that.

It does also show that a lot of people don't take the attempts to curb the outbreak serious enough, or rather weigh personal income higher than the common good.
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Benedikte was scheduled to attend the gala party Saturday evening at this horseshow.
But she has decided to leave - in accordance with the DRF adhering to advise issued by the Health Authorities.

The court also says she had left for the horse show before the authorities and the government issued an advise of cancelling events with more than 1.000 people.

- Some organizers have found ways to circumnavigate the advise, but for example keeping the number just below 1.000 or like the Royal Theater, only selling every two seats.
The reason is that because this is "only" an advise, the event organizers bear the full financial burden. They have to reimburse the spectators, the artists and what other expenses there are.
Princess Benediket as Patron attended the World Cup 2020 at The National Equestrian Center, Vilhelmsborg, Beder from October 16 to October 18:

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