Princess Badiya bint El Hassan To Marry Khalid Blair

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No prob Trouble :) and I definitely agree with you, not everyone who converts to a certain religion in order to marry their mate thinks that way. That's why I wrote in my previous post that although some people do partake the action because they're truly in love with their bf/gf, others do it for more nasty reasons. Off course in reality everyone's different and not all "converters" do what they do for negative reasons, but I just meant to say that if there's even a chance that they do change religions for the wrong purposes, that a person should rethink their decision to marry them.
Congratulations to the couple! Princess is such a beautiful lady!
Pic from Princess Badiya's engagement to Khalid (Edward) Blair.


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elizahawthorne said:
Have any idea when Badiya got engaged?

Princess Badiya got engaged on September 21, 2004. Their wedding will take place in June 2005.
P. Badiya is so much more beautiful than that picture suggests. Her beauty does not come across well in photos.
I believe Khaled Blair got this name after his marriage to Princess Badiya, if so, how and who choose the name?
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