Princess Alexandra, Current Events Part 4: September 2008 -

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Jan 15, 2006
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg (Alexandra Joséphine Teresa Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine )
(born 16 February 1991) is the fourth child and only daughter of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg. Her godparents are Prince Michel de Ligne and Princess Maria-Anna Galitzine.

Princess Alexandra has four brothers: Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg; Prince Félix of Luxembourg; Prince Louis of Luxembourg; and Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg.

As she is female, Princess Alexandra cannot currently succeed to the throne of Luxembourg, although Alexandra's great-grandmother and her great-great aunt did reign as Grand Duchesses of Luxembourg in their own right. Through her father, Grand Duke Henri, Princess Alexandra is related to every currently reigning European monarch.
(info from Wikipedia)

So... It would be nice have thread about her photos :flowers:
Here are some beautiful pictures of Alexandra in her childhood:
(Credit: Corbis)







Grand Duke Henri certainly seems to dote on his only daughter!
She is beautiful, and always beautifully dressed.
Nice pics!Hope to see her more recent. After all she is beautiful young lady now...
Wonderful family pictues.Alexandra is beautiful,I'll bet she's Daddy's girl:cool:
Princess Alexandra is not only pretty today, she was also a very cute child. She seems the most similar to Duchess Maria Teresa of all children.:)
Yes, and now she is beautiful and cute young lady:)
The VTM-programme "Royalty" had an item on her last Sunday as she was opening a wing to a school. She was dressed all in pink. She really looked beautiful and she realy loved being there. As far as I could say she did a great job on her first solo-event, as neither one of her parents or siblings accompannied her. It was so cute! All those toddlers singing a local song. It made princess Alexandra smile.
It is nice to see how someone can be so cute when their a baby then grow into a beautiful young women, her brothers have also grown into handsome young men. You know I think that she looks like her grandmother Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and she looks a little bit like her mother. :)
For those interested the official birthday(which is Feb. 16th) photo of Princess Alexandra is available onf PPE Agency website. See link below (if it doesnt take directly to the pic just type in "Princess".

PPE Agency

What a lovely picture of Princess Alexandra. Thank you dbarn67! Hope she has a wonderful 16th birthday.

Happy Birthday Princess Alexandra!!
Click on keyword and type in "Alexandra". It should come up.

Happy sweet sixteen, Alexandra!
She is a very beautiful young woman and I can see her becoming more and more like her mother. She must be fighting off the boys, its a good job she has 4 brothers and a father who clearly dote on her:flowers:
Lovely young princess. I think we shoud definately keep an eye on her
Happy 16th Birthday, Princess Alexandra!! :flowers: Wow, It's hard to beleive she's growing up very fast! I remember she was a baby!:wub:

Chantal :)
The Luxembourg Royals page has some pictures of Princess Alexandra running for a charity. Sorry I cannot read Dutch to know exactly what she was running for. Nonetheless, she looks in great form!

Link Here
Alexandra was running for the cancer-association of Luxembourg, it was on 3 march 2007
I know its quite late to ask but does any one have pics of Princess Alexandra on her 16 B - day?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Alexandra and her mother?:bang:
If you've already searched through our forums (including Alexandra's past news and picture threads) then you could try searching through yahoo groups. I know there are a few inactive ones with great picture collections.
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Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien attended a charity event of the Red Cross, the posts concerning this event have been moved to the thread about the Grand Ducal family, as more people than Alexandra were involved. You can find the thread here.
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