Princess Aiko Part 2

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Yes, that was very helpful Elspeth. I was also wondering what the various colors might mean so am glad you commented on that.
Article from HELLO
...The little princess was dressed in traditional costume, including a deep purple kosode, or short-sleeved silk jacket, and hakama (culottes), presented to her by her grandparents, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Over these she wore a red chrysanthemum pattern uchiki (long jacket) and held a fan in her hand. And after the ceremony she changed into a beautiful pink silk ceremonial kimono.......
Pss Aiko looks like a doll - very pretty! And did anyone also notice that CP Masako's smile and body language seem more relax - like she's almost back to her oldself.

A very interesting video in which you can see the rehearsal of "Chakko-no-Gi" ceremony of Princess Aiko. You can also see the ceremonies held for Princess Sayako and Prince Naruhito. You can also see Aiko watching sumo for the first time in September this year. The emperor and the empress and other members of the royal family had dinner together in the Prince's residence in the evening of the ceremony.
Princess Aiko along with her mom Princess Masako went to a zoo as their autumn field trip with Gakushuin kindergarten today on Nov. 17, 2006.

Photo from JIJI press
Video from FNN and ANN news

Masako looks very stylish in the white coat.:)
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:flowers: Princess Aiko is growing cute and beautiful girl. Love her smile especially during their trip to Netherland.:)
Masako looks great-the white coat really suits her and it's always nice to see her smiling and happy. Princss Aiko is such a sweetheart!:flowers:
Aiko is so adorable on that dresses. she's one of the prettiest little Princess. I also love to see her parents together. They looked so proud of Aiko. And for CP Masako, she seems very happy. I hope she'll get better and better each day.
Princess Aiko is more cute than ever, and certainly her mother looks great and beatiful these last two months. She seems to be a lot better than sometime ago, when she was so stressed.

ever since an heir was born into the imperial family. . . crown princess masako has become more and more happier. . . which is good as we all can see her beautiful smile more often. i just love her smile. . .
how come mako and kako have no chakko-no-gi ceremony?
mayu12 said:
how come mako and kako have no chakko-no-gi ceremony?
Mako and Kako already had theirs when they were about 5 years old respectively. Maybe you were referring to the video that wlee posted - and Mako and Kako's chakko-no-gi ceremonies weren't included? Empress Michiko already said in an interview during her recent birthday how she remembers the Chakko-no-Gi ceremonies for Sayako, Mako, and Kako.

I know this has been said by the others-Aiko looked especially doll-like in her chakko-no-gi ceremony; such a well-behaved and very poised young girl, too. I especially liked her in that pink kimono.
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Official birthday photos released celebrating Princess Aiko's 5th birthday on Dec. 1, 2006.
From Kunaicho

Aiko looks very cute going horse back riding.

Larger photos from Polfoto , Profimedia and Yahoo

Princess Aiko celebrates 5th birthday

...In one scene, Princess Aiko was seen feeding a carrot to a pony. As the pony's head drew near, the princess stepped backward apparently in fear but smiled in the end, the footage shows.
According to the Board of the Crown Prince's Household, Princess Aiko, who began attending Tokyo's Gakushuin Kindergarten this spring, sometimes helps her 42-year-old mother prepare her school lunchbox.
The young princess also practices riding her bicycle and plays with stuffed animals as if she were taking care of them, the board said. As proof of her strong interest in sumo wrestling, Japan's traditional sport, the princess sometimes watches it on TV after she comes back from kindergarten, it said....

Princess Aiko celebrates 5th birthday
...Prior to her birthday, the Imperial Household Agency released video footage and photos of Princess Aiko enjoying horseback riding in the grounds of the Akasaka Estate in Tokyo's Motoakasaka district.

Japanese princess turn 5 with future in the balance
Japan's Princess Aiko celebrated her fifth birthday on Friday with few clues as to whether the future will see her ascending the Chrysanthemum Throne or bargain-hunting at the local supermarket.
The September birth of her cousin Prince Hisahito, the imperial household's first male heir in more than 40 years, effectively halted progress on a planned change in the law to allow women to take the throne.
But many commentators say the law should still be revised to avert a future succession crisis.
"The birth of Prince Hisahito did not fully solve the heir problem," said Kenneth Ruoff, a professor at Portland State University and author of "The People's Emperor", a study of the modern-day Japanese monarchy. "There is no additional male child, no 'reserve' if you will, to ascend to the throne if something should happen to the prince," he added.....

Videos reporting about Aiko's birthday showing her going horseback riding (will expire soon)
FNN news
TBS news
NNN news

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Thank you for the pics mandyy. Aiko looks absolutly adorable! And Masako and Naruhito look so happy and proud. It's so wonderful to see.
Japanese Princess Aiko, accompanied by her mother Crown Princess Masako and father Crown Prince Naruhitro, arrives at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo to meet with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko December 1, 2006. Princess Aiko celebrated her fifth birthday on Friday.

Photos from AP and Reuters via Yahoo

Video from FNN News of them arriving at the Imperial Palace
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Five years old already! I can recall the day she was born and the announcement. She's certainly grown up into a beautiful little girl and will undoubtedly blossom more and more as time goes by. Hope she has a lon gand happy life!:flowers:
:flowers: :flowers: Happy Birthday, Princess Aiko! :flowers: :flowers:


In the run-up to her fifth birthday Japan's Princess Aiko has been given a treat likely to have made her the envy of little girls everywhere. Accompanied by her proud parents Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, the youngster was introduced to a small white pony in the grounds of the royal palace in Tokyo.

Princess Aiko riding, with parents
Princess Aiko with parents and her new four-legged friend riding
Princess Aiko with parents visits her grandparents
thanksss avalon for the pictures.
What a cut birthday girl! I have always thought she takes after her father's looks. Now, I think she has Masako's eyes.
Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito and his daughter Princess Aiko acknowledge well-wishers as they head to the Imperial Palace for the annual rice pounding event in Tokyo Thursday, Dec. 28, 2006.

Photos from Yahoo
mandyy said:
Japanese princess turn 5 with future in the balance
Thank you for the pix Mandy.

Very interesting article. It seems that at the moment her future training is in the balance. As they cannot train her to be a future empress under the current law but on the other hand they are not training her to lead the life of a commoner - in case the law changes.

Anyway she looks healthy and happy. I love her she is so cute.
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aiko is so so sweet! her parent so pround of her, I really want to see masako happy
Princess Aiko is no longer the heiress?
Mari_* said:
Princess Aiko is no longer the heiress?

She never was. The Succession Laws of Japan do not allow females succeed to the Throne.
Before the birth of Prince Hisahito (the son of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko) the Government considered making Reforms, which would allow females succeed to the Throne.

However, recently it has been announced that the Government will not proceed with the reforms, at least for now.
So Princess aiko is not an heiress, and is unlikely to be one in near future.
Thanks Avalon, so the first in line is Prince Naruhito and the second is his little nephew Prince Hisahito!
It's kind of weird.. IMO
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The first in line is Crown Prince Naruhito, then his younger brother Prince Akishino, then his nephew Prince Hisahito. His daughter and his nieces (Prince Hisahito's older sisters) are not in the line of succession.
I have always liked the picture of Aiko flying the kite. There is such a genuine, candid happiness in her face: here It's on the bottom right of the page.
Amina said:
As they cannot train her to be a future empress under the current law but on the other hand they are not training her to lead the life of a commoner - in case the law changes.

Hence why I feel sorry for that little girl. She has no clear future, so her parents don't know what to do with her, education-wise.
And she seems to be bright too! ;)

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