Princess Aiko Part 2

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Does anyone know whether there were similar arrangements made when the other Imperial children entered this school? It seems over the top to me even if Japanese Royalty is more conservative than the European ones.....but then of course, I'm not royalty ;).

Yeah, I'm not sure what the big deal is. (It's not like she's the heir) And even if she is the heir, it's kind of silly.
This was the same arrangement that was made when Naruhito was in school.
Yes, but there is a difference. Naruhito, for one, is the designated heir to the throne since birth, so this type of treatment is to be expected.

Aiko, on the other hand, isn't the designated heir to throne at the moment, as her father is. So this type of treatment might be a bit unsual for her and the situation. This type of treatment would not be unusual if things were changed that Aiko could succed her father.
I wonder who is insisting on Aiko getting this treatment. Is it the IHA or are her parents assisting that she get treated like the future heir? Because if it's the parents, Japan, Aiko, and Hisahito could be in for a very long couple of decades.
All the royal children have gone to this school, so presumably they're aware of the security needs involved. I'm not clear from reading that article whether anything special is actually being done for Princess Aiko that wasn't done for previous royal children or if readers are just being invited to assume that extra-special disruptions are being imposed on other people because of her.
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