Prince Joachim & Princess Marie's Visit to China: November 23-28, 2010

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Another article from Billed-Bladet, it says that they've spent their last 48 hours
in Beijing. The last event has been a Fashion show hosted by the ambassador
Friis Arne Petersen at the Danish Embassy.

Marie and Joachim stressed how much they've missed little Henrik.

** Marie og Joachim: Selvfølgelig har vi savnet vores søn **


And today Billed-Bladet has added another overview article with pics:

** Stor billedserien: Prinsesse Marie og Joachim i Asien **


Another BB article:

** Billeder: Sådan var Marie klædt i Hong Kong **
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Thanks for the overview gallery & article iceflower, it seems there were a few events we didnt get the chance to see. Hopefully pictures will surface the net.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #48, 2010.
Marie og Joachim nyder hinanden - Marie and Joachim enjoy each other.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Who went with our Marie and her Joachim to China on a very busy trip, promoting Danish commerce. Unfortunately Marie had problems with her throat for part of the trip.

And Henrik Salling exchanged a few words with J&M.
Apparantly Princess Marie became visibly moved when they began to talk about Bette Henrik. Joachim said: "Of course we miss him. We both do".
M: "He's doing so well and he talk a good deal more now. - Our trip to Brazil lasted a little longer, so that was hard"!
The wee Henrik has also recenly started to attend to local nursery in Møgeltønder and the initial phase where a child is gradually getting used to a new routine, new surroundings and other children is over. It's Marie who take him to the nursery every day: "The introduction (phase) has gone really well, but is over now. It's important that's it's me who bring him (to the nursery). Then things go much smoother. It has of course taken him some time to getting used to all his new mates, but now he just say: hej (= hi), when I leave. He is so good".
Q: Is it hard for you hand him over at the nursery?
M: "Actually no. I do know he likes to be there. So that's alright".

La Marie added: "We have not bought any Christmas presents for Henrik during the trip to Hong Kong. On the other hand we have bought something for Felix and Nikolai, whicg we look forward to surprising them with".

It was basically only in Macao, that M&J had time to stroll through the city together.

Joachim presented a ten metre high Christmas tree, supplied from Schackenborg, at Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong.

At the Danish embassy in Beijing M&F attended a fashionshow organised by Copenhagen Fur and Georg Jensen for 50 especially invited guests.

They also visited the ruins of the Skt. Paul Cathedral in Macao.

And the fair Marie tried out one of the chairs at the design exhibition in Manks Store in Hong Kong. The article unfortunately doesn't provide an explanation as to why Marie was wearing what to me looked like high heeled wooden shoes.

It's no secret that Joachim privately frequent quite a few of the discreet but very wealthy business men in DK. Among them Hans Michael Jebsen and wife.
Jens Wittrup-Willumsen, who is married to Charlotte Sparre.

While in Hong Kong, they met Countess Alexandra's sister, Nicola and her daughter.

Apart from Mare's Liw, Britt Siesbye, Joachim's private secretary, Kurt Bache, also went with them.
As indeed very little has happened this past week, Henrik Salling, who went with Joachim and our Marie to Hong Kong has dug up more material.

Tidbits from article in Billed Bladet #49, 2010.
Det bliver en fantastisk Jul - It'll be a fantastic Christmas.
Written by Henrik Salling.

The fair Marie confided to us: "It's going really well with the Christmas planning. We've really got things under control.
How many we will be around the table isn't quite certain yet. But it'll be an exciting Christmas and it'll most definately be a fantastic Christmas".

Alas, la Marie would not tell us more.

Instead she talked about Hong Kong: "I love Hong Kong. Here's a good energy and a fantastic mood. It's really good for us to be here, because we are going to promote Denmark. It's the best place to do business, because everything is possible. Big as well as small".
Joachim (managed :p to) interjected: "Hong Kong has a special dynamics. You get your batteries recharched. The city somehow creeps under your skin".
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