Prince Joachim, Current Events Part 2: September 2005 - June 2016

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The foreign Ministry has announced that Joachim's visit to Russia next week has been cancelled: Prins Joachims besøg i Rusland aflyst med kort varsel - Royale |

That must be considered a direct consequence of EU tightning the economic screw on Russia.

While a number of EU countries import a lot of gas, the distribution of the gas lines from Russia means that Russia can't divert gas as easily to other markets, thus the economic sanctions by EU are much more serious for Russia than the sanctions employed by say USA, that have a much more limited mutual trade.

We may hope the politicians in this matter begin to start talking soon, because while DK is self sufficient with energy, the energy solidarity within EU means that we have to allocate a good deal of our energy to supply other EU countries, and as a consequence starve a number of major export businesses in DK of energy.
It is interesting that the visit was never written in the royal calendar?
Yes, it is.

Perhaps they requested Joachim and it wasn't certain he could attend? Or the meeting could be cancelled for other reasons?
Or they weren't sure which minister was in charge next week...:p
Or they weren't sure which minister was in charge next week...:p

That's a good guess! :lol:
But it's funny in a tragic way, because it isn't in any way unrealistic :p
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Thanks, Iceflower.

I read the coment to the article. The woman in question had been present and commended Joachim for his speech.
Giving speeches is something I frequently see him being described as very good at.
Prins Joachim jubler: Vadehavet på prestigefuld liste |

Joachim has been on the job today.

In south-western Jutland along the coast. The Wadden Sea has now been added to the UNESCO list over World Heritage sites, something that has been worked for twenty years.
Joachim was pretty delighted. He also talked about fighting a particular kind clams which is an invasive species, something he and his family is doing eagerly. - I.e. by eating them...

Observe and admire how Joachim, being a gentleman, is immaculately attired, despite the hot weather.
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Prins Joachim er meget begejstret for "1864" | Billed Bladet

As Iceflower pointed out :flowers: Joachim attended the gala premiere of the new TV-series "1864" directed by Ole Bornedahl.
And he was pretty delighted with the first episode.
Joachim has been living in Southern Jutland for a long time as you know, and the Second Schleswigan War had a huge impact on that part of the country. As such that was something he would have encountered very often both on an almost daily basis but also through his official work and through some of his protections. But also because Joachim does know his history!

1864, which will air of TV here in DK Sunday is a series, which follow the background and the nationalist, political sentiments leading up to the war and indeed what happened during the war. Behind the scenes, in diplomacy, on the battlefields and on the home front.
Bornedahl has made his series based on history books by Tom Buk Sweinty. The books are very thorough and they have shed a different light than the up until recently popular angle on the war. I.e. Denmark as the little, innocent country set upon by the bad Bismarck and deserted by allies, not least Britain (The DRF and BRF were intermarried at that time). Instead it was blind nationalism, foolish political decisions, incompetent politicians, a stubborn king, a more or less fanatical Danish press and unwillingness to compromise on both sides. (The German Schleswigans and Holsteins were screwed well and truly after the war).

Anyway, the Second Schleswigan War was just as traumatic for Denmark as the Civil War in North America at the same time and the aftereffects of the war have only in recent years begun to wear off.
I understand the series will also be shown outside DK. Britain being one of the countries I believe.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #42, 2014.
Written by Dorthe Quist.

A number of politicians and celebs had been invited to see the first two episodes of 1864 at a gala premiere. The first episode has been aired on TV, but more on that later.
Among them was Joachim who was most thrilled by the series so far. He hasn't written the two history books the series is loosely based on (he ought to!) but he said about the series: "It was excellent. It was wonderful to see and have such a big experience. And then in a hall that is not meant for showing films.
The work is simply eminent, the acting is good, the filming fantastic. This is really good".
The series will be aired here in DK for the next seven Sundays and first episode has 1.7 million viewers our of a population of 5.6 million and it is hoped it will become more or less iconic.

Joachim added: "It's actually not a question of what such a series will mean to Southern Jutland. Because the Southern Jutlanders - regardless of age - are those in Denmark who are most familiar with what the TV-series is all about.
Now the old guy here is talking: For the the history-void youth this series will awaken the interest for the history. Especially the history about 1864, both Schleswigan wars and the Schleswigan-Holstein question as a whole, but about the whole history in general. It will be exceiting to see what follows in the wake of this series.
I am so much going to see the next sis episodes. And so are my sons, even if they have to chained and whipped to do it. And so is my wife (formal word). Difinetely. It's not just a recommandation from me to them. It's law".

(*) The first episode was aired last Sunday.
The jury is still out as far as I am concerned. It's beautifully filmed!
It was a bit slow while the characters were being presented but hopefully that will improve.
The producer certainly has a modern political message he wish to put across, even though he denies, fair enough - it's not a documentary but a drama.
There were a number of things I didn't understand the deeper meaning of: A link to a modern girl, whom I didn't even like. Irrelevant and distracting.
A maturbation scene with twelve year old boys - what on earth had that to do with anything? Was it supposed to cause a stir? Well, it did, but only because people, like me, couldn't understand why it was shown at all. Boys masturbate and the sun rise in the east, what else is new?
The sound was crap - as usual. I fear the characters will be somewhat unnuanced. - We have the bad guys in the blue corner and the good guys in the red corner.
We'll see. I can always cut the sound and enjoy the imagery.

Anywat, here is a trailer from the series:
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1864 indtager England - Underholdning |

As a follow up on the above and as info for our British members. The series 1864 will be aired on BBC4 on Saturdays later this year.

Watched episode two last Sunday, going to watch episode three tonight. If the series doesn't shape up tonight I'll dump it.
The photography is very beautiful, you can cut the sound and enjoy the scenery - some might find that preferable...
There are still something I don't get the deeper meaning of. Like the relevance of some drunken friends humping a cow, apparantly as a kind of dare. Might have happened from time to time, but so what...?
Still don't get the point of switching to modern times.
The action is slow! You can easily be away for ten minutes and still be able to follow the action.
There are some political correct scenes with some gypsies - yeah right!
So far there is only one character I find really interesting and he's apparantly so bad that Attila the Hun would blush with envy.

I think it's a series you either love or don't get. Certainly judging from the reactions.

But first and foremost this is drama, not 100 % historical fact. For those who may wish to explore the real history behind the Second Schleswigan War the two books forming the basis for the series are very much to be recommended and perhaps they'll be translated to English.

I certainly hope these books will be translated into English, or else I will buy them and start seriously learning Danish:flowers:Thank you, as always for your explanation. I will look out for this series to be posted in the usual places but wanted to share with you that the CBC, the DR of Canada, made a similar series some years ago
At the time, it was hoped that this project would interest young people in the history of our country and research has shown it was indeed helpful
I hope for a similar outcome with 1864, that shows a crucial and eventful period in not just Danish, but international history. After all, this year in Canada we are also celebrating 1864 as the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown conference, that led to the confederation of Canada:flowers:
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I love his pink shirt and pink tie combo
but Im confused with the blue handkerchief :lol:
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Pink shirt?!? No, no, a white shirt with a reddish hue. :cool:
And not a pink tie. A light reddish tie, my dear color-blind Polyesco.

But I'm glad you mention his handkerchief, folded stylishly. A proper gentleman always wear a handkerchief in his breast pocket so that he may offer it to any distressed lady he may come across. I notice that the other men present are unprepared for such an eventuality. :ermm:

Also, notice how Joachim, like the properly attired gentleman he is, keeps his jacket buttoned when standing up. :cool: Only protection officers are allowed to have their jackets unbuttoned. Not buttoning the jacket is the hallmark of barbarians. Such men can be expected to throw gnawed bones at the dog, should you be so unlucky to have invited such a personage to dinner.
:previous:you have outdone yourself Muhler:ROFLMAO:
but no I need to send pink handkerchiefs for Joachim. So he can complete his outfit.

He, along with William and Harry, need better suits :whistling:

On March 12 Prince Joachim was invited to a celeration of the Danish St. Knud's guild in Flensburg, Germany. Three new flags for the royal "brothers of honour" King Frederik the 7th, Prince Henrik and Prince Joachim were unveiled.

** Dansk Generalkonsulat i Flensborg fb gallery **

Prince Joachim visited the education and training institution Tradium in Randers today, April 21. Among other things he evisdit the school's hairdressing and carpentry courses, podiatrists and the Technical High School.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** source **
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