Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia's Visit to New York & Washington: March 15-17, 2009

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Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, the future heirs to the Spanish throne, recently travelled to New York to help publicise a campaign to modernise Spain’s image in the eye of potential American tourists.
Spain is the world’s second most popular tourist destination after France.
But it has been recently trying to dispel its traditional image as a sun, sand and sea destination.
Travel crisis: Britons abandon Spanish costas -Times Online

Zapatero's recent decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan will anger especially the Americans and might prove counterproductive for the image campain just done by spanish industry & CP couple.
Spain's retreat from Kosovo raises eyebrows - International Herald Tribune
Wow! really? are they better looking in person that in the pictures?. I think she is a good looking lady. She was even better looking when she used to work as a newscaster. How tall is she? would you say. Thanks
What a handsome couple! Just saw them today coming out of the New York Public Library. When I said," Welcome to New York," the Prince smiled and said, Thank you". I got a great photo of them as they walked to their car.:flowers:

You are one lucky person. I've been waiting for this couple to visit our country...;)
Operafan, could you show us your photo? It's always so nice to see one not from the papparazzi.
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