Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia's Visit to New York & Washington: March 15-17, 2009

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NEW YORK (UNITED STATES), 16/03/09.- Spain's Crown Prince Felipe de Borbon (L) and his wife Princess Letizia (R) arrive to the presentation of the 'Made in/by Spain' Plan, in order to promote the Spain-made products, as part of their official visit to New York, United States, 16 March 2009. EFE/Miguel Rajmil
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What a handsome couple! Just saw them today coming out of the New York Public Library. When I said," Welcome to New York," the Prince smiled and said, Thank you". I got a great photo of them as they walked to their car.:flowers:
finnaly a new outfit for letizia
Prince Felipe de Borbon and Princess Letizia attend the conference 'Spain-United States Sustainable Business, Facing changes together", held in New York, United States, 17 March 2009. Conference gathers 300 responsibles of companies and institutions from both countries to explore cooperation projects for several sectors.

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letizia certainly looks perfect in red or purple. i love that outfit on her.

i'm so glad they visited new york public library. it's certainly one of my favourite NY spots.
well, she could wear new clothes instead of some recycled ones...
Vice President Al Gore Touts Spain’s Leadership in Energy and Infrastructure

His Royal Highness, Felipe de Borbón, reiterated Spain’s political commitment to solving environmental problems, stimulating investment in these sectors, promoting business cooperation and ensuring Spain remains at the forefront of renewable technologies.

“This conference is a major milestone in the relationship between Spain and the United States, both in the private and public sectors,” said the Prince. “The idea of sustainable growth should underlie the solutions for Spain’s economy and environment. Only by working together with U.S. businesses and government as well as coordinating our needs and priorities can we get our countries, and world, back on track.”

Vice President Al Gore Touts Spain’s Leadership in Energy and Infrastructure
That violet-colored dress looked absolutely stunning on Letizia. Jewel tones definitely suit her!
Spain's Crown Prince Felipe (L) and his wife Princess Letizia, during their meeting, organized by Elcano Royal Institute, with experts of the most influential international analysis centers of Washington, in Washington, United States, 18 March 2009. Spanish Crown Couple have explored with these experts the need of a new energetic model against crisis and studied Barack Obama's priorities regarding Europe and latin America.

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Letizia looks more attractive than usual in purple and I think it's really lovely to see her wearing a dress she has worn in the past. I don't think that wearing new clothes every outing is necessary, or a good example for a royal to set: spending money to never be seen in the same outfit twice.
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