Working Visit to Georgia & New York, USA: June 10 - 13, 2024

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Interesting that Seth lived in Amsterdam making his reference very apropos. Honing his comedy skills pre SNL - Saturday Night Live.
The king mentioned during the press conference that before meeting Frenna (the rapper that Alexia apparently is a fan of) he was not aware of his previous conviction in Suriname for sex with a minor as well as filimg and spreading the video of it. However, both the king and queen stressed that after they have served their time (in this case it was equal to the time of pre-trial detention) everyone deserves a second chance.

See: Koning: ik wist niet van veroordeling Frenna

Imho, his staff should have known this in advance and someone else could have been selected to join them.
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How unfortunate. A simply check of the wikipedia page would have taught the staff that.
I believe that before he was famous Seth Meyers lived in Amsterdam for some time, working for a comedy club called Boom Chicago, located on the Leidseplein in those years.
That would explain how he knows how to pronounce the king’s name!
What a thoroughly enjoyable trip this has been and the weather too looked fantastic (unlike in Europe)
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