Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, Current Events Part 8: May - June 2005

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The Princes of Asturias inaugurated today the 64th edition of the Fair of the Book of Madrid (that will be at the Parque del Retiro until June 12th), from where they returned full of books, among them a guidebook for parents. The director of RTVE, Carmen Caffarel also presented the Princes and the baby with one of the Lunnis, the so popular dolls among the children.

The Princes also visited the infantile pavilion of the Fair, where a story teller was delighting a group of students. 'Is thus everyday?', asked one of them, surprised by the flashes that accompanied the arrival.

At the Paseo de Coches, the Princes lived one on the most pleasant and relaxed moments of the entire visit. Right over here, there was a group of children handling story books and waiting for them. The Princes then forgot the protocol and got interested in those readings, as they seated near two of them. 'You are Letizia, right? And he, the Prince?', a girl asked the Princess. Don Felipe also joked with a boy who was taking an earring.

Minutes before, the Princes had signed in the honour book of the Madrilenian pavilion, after turning over the leaves of a luxurious edition of the Quijote. Don Felipe wrote then the first words of the Cervantes' novel: «Somewhere in La Mancha...». Underneath, Doña Letizia wrote the following words: «…in a place whose name I do not care to remember…».
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Article and video from Telecinco:

The president of the Fair of the Book, Purificación Prieto, gave the Princes the book The costumes and the social types in the Quijote, of Carmen Bernis, whereas in the Infantile Pavilion, the Princes of Asturias were presented with the books My dady, of Anthony Browne, Children: manual of the user (or how the children work), of Babette Cole, and The story of Mr. Duck, of Juanvi Sánchez. Diary of my first year, a pictogram of the Quijote, The great bear and Humanity, the last prize Alfaguara and a volume with the Complete Poetry of the Nobel Prize José Saramago were other of the books the Princes took from the Fair.
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More pictures from yesterday:


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she looks just so amazing....
I like her outfit and the way she interacted with the people.
In did she look wonderful and very fresh!!!!
I love see her with no heels.
Some more pics of yesterday-from Seeger Press


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Letizia known as "the chief" by felipe and her closed friends (El

Neither princess, nor Leti, nor "cari" - of affection -, nor treasure... prince Felipe has baptized to his queridísima wife with the sobrename of the Female leader. A name that uses to talk about to the princess of Asturias in the most intimate atmosphere of friends and relatives. The question of the million is: to what it must or why of the nickname? I intuit something, but I prefer that it is the sovereign town the one that draws its own conclusions. The famous Sunday in which the official notice of the real pregnancy was emitted, most of intimate of the pair already knew it. That morning, the princes sent (or they sent to send, because me I do not imagine them sending a SMS by the moving body) messages who but or less came to say: "So that you do not find out by the press, we communicated to you that, etc, etc". It seems that messages went with individual company/signature and others with collective company/signature, like the exhibitions. Days later, the real marriage celebrated its wedding anniversary like any pair and no, as they said the found out ones, with a meeting intima, unless a supper with the forty better friends can be described as ` íntimá. Thus, Felipe and Letizia went to have supper - as Carlos informed in his day Perez Gimeno- to one of the favourite and habitual restaurants of the Royal Family, that is, of the Infants, Go'mez-Acebo, Maria Zurita (without a doubt the best one of the collateral ones)... Reason why I deduce, seems that they did not reserve table. When arriving they had to wait for minutes in the bar until they connected them. The full one was total. Salad of rúcola with cheese and focaccia had supper (bread cake with oil, romero balsamic vinegar and) of first. Of second, the prince chose ñokis to pomodoro and the princess a stuffed paste plate of pumpkin. They shared chocolate dessert. Around the eleven, the prince requested the account and they went course to the house of Asturias. Since data I have to indicate that apparently to the princess the supper seated to him well and did not have you feel nauseous.

The Fair of the primerizos
Princes Don Felipe and Doña Letizia inaugurated the LXIV yesterday edition of the Fair of Libro. Next to innumerable Quijotes (also for children), they received infinity of gifts pre-mother and pre-papa (patucos, fairytales of Andersen and the Grimm brothers, manual for future parents...) and the affection of an overturned town. This it was the stroll under the sun of Princes in the country of the wonders. Suddenly, skipping the rigorous protocol, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia they are united to the group, they are interested in its readings and they joke with them. The scene takes place in the Pavilion of the Community of Madrid of the Fair of Libro, while the heat squeezes words and resuellos in the Retirement, to 40 degrees. Doña Letizia dresses beige fishing trousers and white jacket. And exceptionally she goes without heels, wisely advised. Comfortable clothes for a stroll by the country of the wonders, that begins at the time of more heat in this frying pan of the Retirement: 12 in the morning. Vítores, applause and congratulations by the happy pregnancy populate the passage. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia affectionately greet children, young people and greater, than they narrow its hands and they kiss to them. The president of the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, decides to be united to the celebration and also she narrows hands and she gives kisses everywhere. He is not the mayor, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardo'n, but the minister of Culture, Bald Carmen, that flatters to the Princes with "complete Stories" of Andersen and several works on the Quijote, among them an edition for children. Lupita, lunnis and the blue patucos The City council of Madrid touches its poetic fiber and gives to Princes "Cancionero and Romancero of absences", of Miguel Hernandez. Moments later, receive a jewel: "the novel of a literato", Rafael Cansinos the one and thousand Assens, poet, novelist and translator lives. Cansinos is going away to turn the first author whose complete work will be able to be completely read in its page Web
They stop in the Critical publishing house, where the Quijote and science receive the volume "", directed by academic Jose Manuel Sanchez Rum and in which other fifteen specialists collaborate. Of Mancha they are transferred to the Iliad with "You sleep and you forget to me", a trip that Carlos Garrido to the heart of the great redentor myth created by Homero proposes. Princes, excited with affection that professes all the inhabitants to him of this great city of Babel (whose honorary mayor is Antonio Mingote), comment the booksellers: "It would be necessary long time to see all this wonderful Fair". The Infantile School the Pitufos (of the street Kings Magos) gives to the Princes blue patucos: "In case he is young. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia are wonderful - her director comments, Maria of the Carmen -. have before not been able to us to salute and they have apologized. Soon they have requested to us, please, that we approached because they wanted to see us ". More ahead, Victory, a precious blond girl, of curled hair, thought that Doña Letizia was going to come dressed Princess. It wanted to give a kiss him and a very great hug, "like of osito", but could the timidity to him. In "stand" of RTVE, Doña Letizia it remembers past times and Carmen Caffarell flatters it with "Lulila, lunni of braids", the personages whom they captivate to the infantile hearing. But somebody corrects the chief of a main directorate: "lunni of braids is called Lupita, Doña Carmen". "That, that, Lupita", confirm. In Circle of Readers, more fairytales (of Andersen and the Grimm brothers) and "the notebook of the baby" to place the first ecografía, the first photo, the first smile. And soon, more books: the poetry of Saramago; the last prize Abundant spring; "Humanity", of Walton... In the infantile pavilion of the Fair, story tellers excite a group of students. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia enter and a rain of flashes and cameras seizes of the scene "Is thus every day", it asks one of the children Princes captivated with the country of the wonders.
Manual for her and him
The books related to the babies, their care and education were the protagonists of the visit of Don Felipe and Doña Letizia to the Fair of Libro. The booksellers flattered to them with fairytales of manual classic and numerous authors for primerizos parents: Larousse encyclopedia of the baby. "It is easy to be parents" (Guide of the daily practice), by Carlos Goñi and Pilar Guembe. "My papa", of Anthony Browne. "Young: manual of the user (or how the children work)", of Babette Cole. "the notebook of the baby". "Daily of my first year".
Photos from ImagineScandinavia:


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DorinNegrau said:
does anyone now something about the prince moulay rachid?

i guess that must be asked in the morocco's thread... don't know what morroc has to do with spain :confused:

"Though earlier this month Crown Princess Letizia was forced to cancel a number of appearances due to bothersome symptoms of her pregnancy, the 32-year-old former newsreader seemed to be feeling better as she resumed her official duties this weekend.

Letizia, who is expecting her first child with husband Prince Felipe in November, was – along with the heir to the throne – arguably the most popular visitor to Madrid's book fair on Friday. The charismatic princess was all smiles as she chatted with throngs of schoolchildren who were thrilled to have their photo snapped with the royal mum-to-be.

And on Sunday, Felipe and Letizia travelled to La Coruña, in northwestern Spain, along with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. There, the crown princess assisted the royal family in marking the country's Armed Forces Day."



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letizia today apparently felt sick and could not attend to the receptions. the kign and queen and felipe were there.
Elsa M. said:
Here's the provisory schedule of the trip to Japan, according to the article posted by Lucys:

June 2nd - the Princes arrive in Tokyo

June 3rd - Don Felipe will preside over the VIII Forum Spain-Japan, whose objective is to reinforce the bows between both countries. On that same day, TRH cshall have dinner with the emperors of Japan, Akihito and Michiko, at the Imperial Palace.

June 4th - Don Felipe and Doña Letizia will offer a reception to the Spanish community in Japan and, in the evening, they will travel to Nagoya, capital of the province of Aichi.

June 5th - the Princes will visit the Expo Aichi-2005, with special attention to the pavilions of Japan and Spain. They shall leave Nagoya and return to Tokyo on that same day, to have dinner with Prince Naruhito and Masako, before flying back to Spain.

The Princes of Asturias shall travel next Thursday to Japan, for a visit that will last until Sunday, when they shall visit Expo Aichi, in the southwest of the country. Although it is expected that the Princes of Asturias will travel together to Japan, a spokesman of the House of the King explained that, due to the long flight and the state of the Princess, we will not know, until the same day of the departure, whether Doña Letizia will actually make the trip or not.

HRH the Prince de Asturias, along with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, offered today a reception at the Palace of La Zarzuela, to a Military representation of the Orders of San Fernando and San Hermenegildo. Although it was initially expected that the Princess de Asturias would also attend the act, at the end, she could not accompany her husband.

For news and pictures about this topic, please go to the thread:
Some more pictures from the Book Fair in Madrid. In the first one you can see the collage that some kids made for the Princes.



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The english of the princess letizia (from an spanish journal)

A journalist of the German weekly magazine Bunte approached to talk in one reception with Princes de Asturias, during its recent official trip to Balearic. Doña Letizia went to perfect him in English, what motivated that the German journalist did a praise to him, that the princess of Asturias was thankful, but not without emphasizing that his English is not as good as the one of his husband: since in the real family the English is spoken indifferently and the Castilian ".
rchainho said:
The english of the princess letizia (from an spanish journal)

A journalist of the German weekly magazine Bunte approached to talk in one reception with Princes de Asturias, during its recent official trip to Balearic. Doña Letizia went to perfect him in English, what motivated that the German journalist did a praise to him, that the princess of Asturias was thankful, but not without emphasizing that his English is not as good as the one of his husband: since in the real family the English is spoken indifferently and the Castilian ".

Copiado de la revista tiempo de esta semana (de una página de confidenciales):

El ingés de la princesa Letizia

Un periodista del semanario alemán Bunte se acercó a departir en una recepción con los Príncipes de Asturias, durante su reciente viaje oficial a Baleares. Doña Letizia se dirigió a él en perfecto inglés, lo que motivó que el periodista alemán le hiciera un elogio, que la princesa de Asturias agradeció, pero no sin subrayar que su inglés no es tan bueno como el de su esposo: "El príncipe es totalmente bilingüe, ya que en la familia real se habla indistintamente el inglés y el castellano".

Copied of the magazine time of this week (of a page of confidential):
The English of princess Letizia

A journalist of the German weekly magazine Bunte approached to converse in a reception with Princes de Asturias, during her recent official trip to Balearic.
Doña Letizia went to him in perfect English, which motivated that the German journalist did a praise to her, that the princess of Asturias was thankful, but not without emphasizing that her English is not as good as the one of her husband:"the prince is totally bilingual, since in the real family is spoken indifferently English and the Castilian ".
Hello! :D

does anyone knows when are they leaving to japan?
As Elsa posted above they will start the trip on June 2nd and then they leave Japan on June 5th.
thanks for the information sue :) .
Sorry, i didnt see the post above :eek:
Princes de Asturias left to the 17.15 hours of today of the airport of Madrid-Barajas, to Japan, for a visit that will extend until the Sunday, day in which, before returning to Spain, they will cross the facilities of the Expo de Aichi, in the southwest of the country. Don Felipe and Doña Letizia travel in an airplane of the Spanish Air Force that will land in the airport from Tokyo to last hour of afternoon of Thursday.
Short wire story from AFP via Yahoo News:

Spanish crown prince, pregnant wife head to Japan
MADRID (AFP) - Spanish heir to the throne Prince Felipe and his pregnant wife Princess Letizia embarked on a four-day trip to Japan during which they will visit the World Expo at Aichi.

The official part of the couple's trip will begin Friday, when they will attend the eighth Spanish-Japanese Forum at the Spanish embassy in Tokyo.

The pair left Madrid's Torrejon de Ardoz military airfield shortly before 5:00 pm (1500 GMT) with Letizia's personal doctor aboard, the correspondent said.

The princess is expecting the couple's first child in November.

On Thursday [sic, should be Friday] the royal couple will attend a dinner at the imperial palace hosted by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

After meeting members of the Spanish community in the capital the couple will head down to Nagoya, the capital of Aichi province, which has been hosting the Expo since March 25 under the motto "Nature's wisdom."

The environmental jamboree runs to September 25.

Returning to Tokyo on Sunday, Felipe and Letizia will dine with Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako at their hosts' Akasaka Palace before returning to Spain.
does anybody know if there was a conmemorative coin or stamp of the wedding? can you post pics?
carlota said:
does anybody know if there was a conmemorative coin or stamp of the wedding? can you post pics?
Here you have the commemorative stamp and coin:


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To Letizia it feels the pregnancy well to her (Diez Minutos)
Princess de Asturias has taken something of weight already, has the rellenita face més and begins to lose the line of her streamlined waist. To five months to become mother, Doña Letizia still uses her normal clothes. Sometimes only the néuseas force it to cancel her agenda.​
The Princess already is in her forth month of pregnancy, but as soon as him note. It is truth that Doña Letizia has the redondita face més, but its figure continues being same, thin, the streamlined one. It has not reduced the heel of his shoes and although the clothes has left a little més fit it, still does not need to use dresses of I presucked. In fact, the past 25 of May, when the Assembly of the Enterprise Confederation of Madrid presided over with Don Felipe, in the Fairground Juan Carlos I, shone black trousers and a jaspeada jacket with which already we had seen it in another occasion.

Sometimes, it has mareos and it undergoes néuseas
On the following day, the pair presided over the concert that the Symphony orchestra of RTVE offered in Madrid in the occasion of the 40 anniversary of its Foundation. Princess de Asturias appeared with the waved and very handsome melena although she suffers the own annoyances of his state.
Letizia, nevertheless, is fulfilling its agenda, although sometimes, as it happened 29 of May the past, Day of the Armed Forces, must retire to rest minutes. The Kings and the Princes presided over the parade, that ran by the Marine Stroll of Corunna.
Después of the parade, the Kings offered a reception in the Palace Maria Pía. There, the real pair received a game of cradle of embroider of power groups for bebé that they hope. Days before, the 27 of May, flatteries overflowed to them during the inauguration of the Fair of Libro of Madrid.
The opening reunited to very many people eager to follow the route of the Princes by the 370 houses. His first shutdown was in the publication house of the Ministry of Culture, where minister Bald Carmen gave infantile gifts to them, the stories of Andersen, a book on illustrators of "the Quijote" and an edition facsimile of the magazine Poetry.
Among them, "Daily of my first year", "Stories of the Grimm brothers", "He is fécil to be parents", "Of the pregnancy to the first year", "My papé", or the "Larousse of bebé", a manual for primerizas mothers.


Bags full of books and gestures of affection
In the TVE house it received Carmen to them Cafarell, that gave a simpético to them "Lunni". The Princes chose to "Lupita" because "coletas més showy for bebés is", said. The Infantile School the Pitufos flattered to them with blue patucos and, in the house of the CAM, the pair it was entertained playing with a group of children of the Trabenco school of the Well.
También received other books, some were new features; others, auténticas jewels of Literature and many on "the Quijote", since both very are become fond of to the reading. Before leaving they asked if it had something, since the escorts filled a pile of bags with books. Anécdota of the day carried out Ricardo Peñalva, a man who obtained that seven times tightened the hand to him.Photos: Agencies and Ana Rui

I'm new here at this board! Has someone recorded the TVE- special
about Felipe en Letizia? Please let me know something! If you send
the video I can pay for it.

Thank you very much
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