Pierre Casiraghi Current Events Part 13 : Jan.2008 - June 2008

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yes at Rose BaLL
also she was Stavros girl...
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Maybe I'm being dense, but what do you mean by that?

That Countess Marta, that is Beatrice's grandmother has no sense of fashion just like Charlene.
She was with Stavros? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Just by association of Paris Hilton, I assume that everyone Stavros dates is trashy, which just made my opinion of Beatrice drop about thirty-eight points. eww.

:ROFLMAO: LMAO Tosca. You're right.
yes at Rose BaLL
also she was Stavros girl...

Oh gross! Pierre and Starvos share girls?!

While she did go up a notch in the ladder (Pierre > Starvos), she went down a few notches for dating Starvos in the first place. He dated Paris Hilton! Eww...
Yes, I agree with y'all that Paris Hilton thing is a bit turn off, but come on, Stavros is hooot! Why wouldn't she date him? Besides, if you wanna look at it that way, Pierre is no angel either...
^ True, Pierre is no where near a saint and yes Starvos is pretty hot, but Paris Hilton...
We're going off-topic right now, but IMO Stavros is getting hotter and hotter, and he's such an euro-catch ! ( whatever that means :) )
I love Pierre's outfit! Nice to see Felix, he's still cute!
but her outfit don't fit to the rest (guys,and streets)+}
he looks great but his shoes...the look too big
Felix loos great! Eat your heart out Charlotte!!

And Pierre and Bea look cute together. I got a little of the "street-walker" vibe from her in the first few shots, but then I saw that they were going out at night, so it was alright. She's a good dresser. I liker her simple elegance. I think in a few of the last shots I can see Eugenie, and I'm a bit repulsed by her overt trendiness. It's not cool unless it's on the catwalk.
I'm in pain looking at Beatrice's heels.
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