Pavlos And Marie Chantal: Current Events December 2002 - October 2003

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Thanks to Samitude, pictures from Jay's Miller Sisters website.

Pavlos and Marie-Chantal with their children arriving at the baptism for Pavlos' sister Alexia's youngest daughter Ana-Maria's baptism. - Pavlos and Marie-Chantal attending the 21st birthday celebrations or Prince William. - Stars Attend Launch of Jimmy Choo at Harvey Nichols
Prince Pavlos of Greece and wife Marie Chantal attend the launch party for a new Jimmy Choo concession at Harvey Nichols.


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Great pictures, Alexandria! Thank you!

Question: is M-C very actively involved in many charities and how proficient is she in Greek?
The issue I have is that the slit up her thigh on that dress is most unladylike
for a woman of her age, married with children, plus her position !
If she was not princess then it would be no issue. I think she has a position
and represents the family and country-and she needs to understand that comes
with sacrifices-one can not always do what the ordinary girl can.

It is also too high. Maybe a smaller slit -shows too much thigh. Not attractive.

Less is more. It is sexier to leave it to the imagination instead of showing it all.

But these are modern times and sometimes a woman needs to learn
common sense.
I've heard that M-C was a terrible Greek speaker. Apparently she has an atrotious accent, she's probably just bad with languages. Some people pick up languages really quickly, like Alexandra of Denmark, she didn't grow up speaking Danish. I don't think she's too involved with charities, no offense, but I've always thought that she was more involved with herself.
The slit in the one picture isn't Crown Princess Pavlos's. It's her sisters leg that is showing that much.
I was thinking of the first picture at the top of this page with Marie-Chantal and her sister Pia Getty both in black dresses, the slit is quite high in that one as it goes mid-thigh. Standing up with a gust of wind ... :innocent: And in that picture it is most certainly MC's legs that are showing rather than her sister's.
Oops, I goofed Alexandra. Sorry about that, I thought it was MC's legs that were behind the sisters and Pia's body in front. sorry!

Royal Retreat For Sale In Connecticut

Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

From The Wall Street Journal Online

Their home is their castle.

But Princess Marie-Chantal and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece have moved to London -- and are selling White Ash Farm, their country estate in Connecticut. The 64-acre farm property in the Litchfield County town of Washington has an asking price of $6.2 million. The royals -- he's heir to the now-defunct Greek monarchy; she's the middle member of the celebrated Miller Sisters (the three socialite daughters of American duty-free tycoon Robert Miller) -- have three young children. The princess is about to open the flagship store for her own line of children's clothing -- Marie-Chantal LLC -- in London next month. With business keeping the couple there, they found it impractical to keep the ivy-covered circa-1740 stone house they bought in 1999 for $3.275 million through holding company Peck Realty Ltd., real-estate records show. They renovated and added a four-bedroom guesthouse and put in a pond. Besides the 5,000-square-foot main house, the estate also comes with a six-stall horse barn, a riding ring, tennis court, pool and poolhouse, entertainment barn, apple orchard and a stocked chicken coop. Peter Klemm, of Klemm Real Estate in Washington Depot, has the listing.

Seasonal Sale

Four Seasons restaurant co-owner Julian Niccolini and his wife, Lisa, have purchased a pied-à-terre studio in Manhattan's Sutton Place. The suburbanites "needed a place that was within walking distance from the restaurant," says listing agent Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern, of Gumley Haft Kleier. The 700-square-foot space was listed for almost a year, starting at about $240,000; the sale price was approximately $200,000. Although buyers showed plenty of interest in the property, which has big closets, wood floors, bay windows and a glimpse of the East River, the process of getting co-op board approval slowed the sale, Ms. Morgenstern says. While the Niccolinis may be quiet neighbors, their Philip Johnson-designed restaurant can get pretty rowdy. During last week's blackout, it was the site of an impromptu Champagne and foie-gras party. That's not the only noise lately: Diners have been up in arms about former corporate parent Vivendi Universal's plan to auction the dining room's "Tricorne," a stage curtain painted by Pablo Picasso. While he's hoping Vivendi will decide to donate it, Mr. Niccolini says galleries are calling daily seeking to provide a replacement. A Vivendi spokeswoman says no formal decisions have been made.

Lagging on the Lake?

Upper-end properties aren't moving as fast as they once were around Lake Tahoe, so some sellers are going the auction route instead. Ted Fuller, owner of Stonebridge, a new 13-room, 7,954-square-foot residence in Incline Village, Nev., listed it for $5.65 million in November 2002. But he says he didn't get any suitable bids. So now the former insurance executive plans to sell the five-bedroom residence to the highest bidder at a sealed-bid auction, with offers due Sept. 25. "It's a way of capturing the attention of the market and bringing the property to the forefront," says Steven L. Good, chairman and chief executive of Sheldon Good & Co. Auctions of Chicago, which will handle the proceedings. The home has broad lake and mountain views, two master bedroom suites, a media room and a game-room level. Why sell a brand-new home? During the four years of construction, Mr. Fuller says he changed his mind about moving and has decided to stay in his other residence in Incline Village.

Web Watch / Foreclosures

For bargain-hunters, the Web is an easy way to find properties in various stages of foreclosure. One site,, allows registered users to search by location to find soon-to-be foreclosed properties in all price ranges. The site shows lender information, the applicable state-foreclosure laws and contacts for agents with experience selling distressed properties. Like a competitor site,, each has free seven-day trials. But it's up to the consumer to remember to cancel when the trial period is up or continue being charged a monthly fee.
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal in their house in London

Scanned from Point de Vue


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Great new pictures Martine! Where did they come from?

I cannot belive how big and grown-up Marie-Olympia is and how much like Marie-Chantal she resembles.
Originally posted by Alexandria@Sep 24th, 2003 - 8:39 am
Great new pictures Martine! Where did they come from?

I cannot belive how big and grown-up Marie-Olympia is and how much like Marie-Chantal she resembles.
The pictures are from this weeks "point de vue".

yes Olympia really looks like Marie-Chantal ! that was the first thing i noticed when i looked at the pics :) I think she will grow up to be as glamorous as her mum and aunts...

I think Achileas really looks like Pavlos , especially after seeing those pics of Pavlos as a child (which are sooo cute ;-) )

I also love how they decorated the house (the picture with the red art on the wall : that are pictures of ex king constantine...) it's much better than their NY house
that is great pictures Martine, thank so much, can you give a summery what the articles said?
Summary of the article

-Pavlos said that they always intended to come back to Europe , mainly because of the children's education. they want that the children know their roots.
He also said that the move is important cause his family lives in Europe and they missed out a lot (marriages , christenings,...). If they want to be at those events when they lived in NY , they would have to leave the children at home and they didn't want to do that.Pavlos also think that NY has changed after 9/11.

-They are selling their house in Connecticut , but they are thinking about buying something on the country in England or Greece. (They also kept their horses and dogs from the Connecticut home ;-) )

-Marie-Chantal actually rather wanted to live in Paris but London is better cause of the family and Pavlos' work (he goes back to NY once a month)

-They live next door of Marie-Chantal's sister Pia , but this isn't their dreamhouse , they are still looking for something better.

-Pavlos and Marie-Chantal went to Greece this summer , to the island of "Spetsae", pavlos's parents and Alexia were there too.

-When visiting Athens Olympia said : "this is where i want to live later "

-Marie-Chantal is going to open a shop with children's clothing in London

That were they most important things they said in the interview

if you want and understand french i can scan the article , just let me know if anyone is interested in that
Oh, could you scan the article? I would appreciate that as I'm sure others would also.
Originally posted by samitude@Sep 24th, 2003 - 5:04 pm
Oh, could you scan the article? I would appreciate that as I'm sure others would also.
ok hope this comes out good :)

article from this weeks"point de vue"






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Thank you very much for scanning this. A. over at the Miller Sisters Message Board translated this article. Here's the translation.

Link: Translation
Hmm... okay, enough all ready.... I seriously doubt that CP Pavlos and MC will ever become [Fmr.] King and Queen of Greece any way. (((Nica is our man))). They gave such lame excuses.....P&MC are perhaps the most boring royal couple on the planet (yawn). :innocent:
Originally posted by samitude@Sep 25th, 2003 - 6:56 pm
Thank you very much for scanning this. A. over at the Miller Sisters Message Board translated this article. Here's the translation.

Link: Translation
Thank you for the link samitude.
Imagine Scandanavia has a close picture of Marie-Chantal and Pavlos.
Copyright Imagine Scandinavia


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Is Marie-Chantal wearing pants or is her skirt just blowing between her legs?

Thank you, Josephine, for posting this photo. I have not been having success attatching photos to this message board.
Originally posted by samitude@Sep 30th, 2003 - 3:09 pm
What's wrong with being conservative?
yeh I'm wondering that too , i think there's nothing wrong with being conservative. I don't think MC is totally conservative ( I remember a special "spanish like" dress she wore at some marriage)though. I think she has a lot of special things added to conservative outfits , she in a way creates her own style i think.
Ah, nothing wrong with conservative--I much prefer that to women hanging out of their clothes! Perhaps a better description is that for such young woman with a beautiful figure, she dresses old for her age.
:eek: Sorry, Bubette. I'd meant to post the message on the board...Not that I wouldn't send you a message some other time--I don't know you yet! :p
But, getting back to the topic of MC's clothes, I agree with you ladies. Conservative is better than busting out of your clothes...But, do at least try to dress more 'flatteringly' to your age! Look at Queen Rania-Not only is she beautiful and elegant, her clothes are always classy, stylish, not-too-conservative, and most importantly of all-at least for this present topic-flattering and appropriate for her matter what situation that she's in (of course, only judging from all the pix pix of her that I've seen). Alexandra of Dk seems to suffer from the same "affliction" as well, at least in terms of her day-clothes.
These are really great pictures. Can anyone tell me where Marie Chantal was born and her nationality? Cuz i read on some websites that she was born in england and some said she was born in the united states. Also does she have any greek blood in her? Thankyou :)
I think Princess Marie Chantal is not beautiful. She is too thin. She sould add the weight. Do you think so??
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