Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 6: January 2008 - November 2010

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Probably in order to spend the Easter holidays with the Millers...
Only one pic so far, but that pic is great :)

Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-chantal with children at the Annual
Ark Fundraiser held at the old Waterloo Eurostar Terminal in London,
May 13, 2010.

----------> Pic

As it's been a big event, I guess we'll see more soon.
Gosh, Maria Olympia is soooooo talll! It seems like yesterday that they were all tiny.
Hope we get some more pictures.The whole family looks lovely.
She is standing on a step, but I think this outfit makes her look like a pink flamingo. The lovely child always wears these short skirts and flats, and now a pinkish coat, brrr ! MC's outfit also classifies for my "worst ever" gallery. Anyway, nice to see MC again. I understand from the "Nic's engagement" thread that MC& Pavlos are preparing the reception at their home for KC's 70st Bday... Hope they'll share some nice pictures despite the events in Greece.
Look at her picture with Arpad Busson. This girl is talllllllllll!!!!!!@
I don't think it's chanel.
She looks ever so happy to see Arpad, i didn't know they were close. I mean the family and Arpad.
Her hair doesn't look dyed, or has artificial highlights.
He is famous for being very rich.
He is a hedge fund banker and a founder of EIM the largest fund-to-funds company in the world.
He is also a reknowned philanthropist.

I think it's sun.
I think her hair is lighter because they´ve recently been in the Caribbean. She will keep growing, if you look at her long coltish legs. I loved the photo of her enthusiastic greeting of Arpad. I didn´t know as well they were such good friends, even though, I think he does live in London and they probably belong to the same social circles. Constantine is getting to be a very handsome pre-teen as well.And Achilleas is gorgeous as usual.
he is also the father of Elle McPhersons children.

Yes but he is not famous for having kids with her is he?
He is famous for the other things he's done.
Still don't know why he is close to the Greek Royal Family.
Arpad Busson is also the godfather of Odysseus. Arpad`s actual girlfriend is actress Uma Thurman.
Thought they broke up last september and called off there engagment?
That would be why Marie-Olympia was so excited. He is a family friend then i guess.
They reconciled. Uma also attended that event in London.
Oh yes I knew that. But there has been no official say pictures of them back together.
I'm confident that we will see MC&Pavlos at CP Victoria's wedding, because Victoria is the Godmother of one of their children (Constantine I think)...
I am not surprised at the Vanity Fair interview in Spain of Marie Chantal, she hinted that she did not like attending to such acts of Royal Houses
I will be so disappointed if MC and Pavlos don't attend Victoria's wedding - I always love to see what MC is wearing. She always looks great IMO. BTW, great blue dress (color anyway - couldn' t make out the style) for the 70th bday.
Well, since the flower-children are now officially announced (Catharina-Amalia, Ingrid Alexandra and little Christian) and Victoria´s godson Constantin Alexios isn´t listed this is IMO another indication that MC and Pavlos don´t attend. Otherwise they might feel treated unfairly if they attend and their child wasn´t invited to act as a flower-child...
They might painfully realise that they are not a reigning crownprincely couple and that the godchildren of the reigning royal houses are obviously privileged.
I think Constantine-Alexios is a little old to be a flower-child....
He'd be a page boy, not a flower-child.
I am quite surprised MC and Pavlos won't attend such a high profiled event, they have attended other weddings.
I don't see why Theodora isn't attending either.
I wouldn't think CP Pavlos & MC are put out. Other heirs are not in the bridal party. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium and Princess Leonor of Spain are not included either. I don't know whether CP Victoria is godmother to Elisabeth.
Are you saying there not attending because there children haven't been chosen as Flower-Girls or Page-Boys?

She is not godmother to neither Elisabeth nor Leonor.
She is godmother to Constatine-Alexios, but I would imagine he would be too old to perform the duties of a page-boy.
Too young?! He´ll be 12 this year! The other children are much younger. It´s a big shame!
I don't think that's why they are not attending. I was responding to the above speculation. There are other heirs who are not in the bridal party.
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