Pavlos and Marie-Chantal current events 6: January 2008 - November 2010

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I don't think there are any hard feelings between the Greek and Danish royal family, they haven't been at the photoshoot in some time and don't expect to see them this year. I expect Anne-Marie to go for some time.
So,what have they been up to,lately? It seems that the family goes through periods where they intentionally stay away from the press and photographers.
You have no idea why they didn't attend. Just an assumption.
I was also surprised not to see them at Victoria's wedding as well. I purposely looked for them. I thought it was a little odd but who knows ......:whistling:
About Pavlos and MC not going to Victoria's wedding, I think that they just wanted to leave the spotlight for Tatiana and Nikolaos since their own wedding was so close. A bit of a PR move on the part of the Greek Royal Family probably...I don't think there's anything behind it. They may have also been on vacation with their children...most royal families "share" this kind of duty. Also, what to us "commoners" is perceived as an event not to be missed might be instead seen as a burden by someone who has to attend so many functions a year...
Prince Pavlos and Marie Chantal attended a private preview of "The Shoe
Galleries", hosted by Alannah Weston, Selfridges' Creative Director, at
Selfridges, London, September 16, 2010.

On September 23 that so called "world's largest shoe department" will be

** Pic **
Pity we don't see much of them like we use to in the past. They seem to have not been so public now.
Quite an odd choice of jacket for M-C.
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This outfit does'nt do MC any favour, but it seems to be her style of the moment. Still it is nice to see the happy couple. By the way I received my Marie Chantal catalogue ; there is a beautiful pic from the spanish Vanity Fair photoshoot (last year) inside. Lovely choice. And, a question to Greek posters, are there interesting pictures of the MC-Pavlos family in the Greek Life&Style that reports Nicholaos' wedding ?
The new website hasn´t up and run. I think that it will be brilliant.
Don't take it personally.I'm sure they love Greece.
I suppose for the family Greece is some sort of home, not really a place for feeling on holiday ... well, that's how I feel when I go where my family stems from...
I agree with you, SITA. I think they go to Greece quite often, not only on holidays.
SITA: Did you see that Odysseus and even little Aristidis are modelling some of the outfits?The clothes are beautiful.
Of course Carmina Stalker ;). I love all these pictures and I keep them in my collection... These little ones grow up so quickly, I hope they will become nice persons later.
SITA: I also collect pictures of this family, as well as Princess Alexia´s. I remember Pavlos and Alexia (and Nicholas,) as children. I´ve always loved them.
Princess sacks maid in storyline straight out of Downton Abbey | Mail Online

A maid was was unfairly sacked following a 'downstairs' plot to get rid of her reminiscent to the hit TV drama Downton Abbey.

Susana Danio claimed she was dismissed after other members of staff at the Chelsea home 'brainwashed' her employer, London-born princess Marie-Chantal, against her because they were jealous.

And at at a central London employment tribunal today, Marie-Chantal, heiress daughter of US duty-free billionaire Robert Miller, was ordered to pay the maid almost £7,500 compensation.

Read more: Princess sacks maid in storyline straight out of Downton Abbey | Mail Online
This is a problem of envy among the servants, the servants with more years envied to her, because she had worked fewer years and earned more money than them.
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And think that in my country we say that Greeks are like that and abroad people are fair and open-minded.

The above show that people are of the same nature all over the world...

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