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Thank you for posting Sarahbellar. Really loved the article on food. Finally one positive piece to read about the king. Wish the third one was in English. Keep uploading more, much older aticles if possible..
I have also posted a bunch of old interview articles in the royal family's interview thread.
Att skriva kungens biografi

I just found this- has anybody ever seen it before???

Silvia shows Windsors the right way to do it: Swedish queen proves royalty needn't be a pantomime - World - News - The Independent

Here is an article from 2 January 1994 taking about why Silvia is good for Sweden. It also talks about her 50th birthday celebrations

And here is one summarizing her 65th Birthday Interview- I could not find it anywhere else in the forums so I decided to post it here... Feel free to tell me if it is somewhere else.

I just found a new to me article from the 80s that has become my favorite find. https://www.nytimes.com/1981/11/23/style/royal-couple-private-lives-in-public-eye.html

Very touching to read.

Here is an article about the Kungliga hovleverantorer

The New York Times has a wonderful archive of articles of the family.
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Privat oas | Kultur | SvD

Here is one about the garden at Solliden. I think I have seen this one here in the archives before but I thought I would post it here also.

Google Translate

Very beautiful gardens!
It was interesting to learn that the King and Queen devote many moments during the winter months to plan for the new addition in the garden.
Yes I read it some years ago

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Were they interesting or any good? What language were they in?
Were they interesting or any good? What language were they in?

I'm afraid I don't really remember but she's not Jane Austen that's for sure.
As far as I remember it was honest and open and gave the impression that she has a realistic view of her station and the royal family's role in modern Sweden. The book was in swedish.

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I'm afraid I don't really remember but she's not Jane Austen that's for sure.
As far as I remember it was honest and open and gave the impression that she has a realistic view of her station and the royal family's role in modern Sweden. The book was in swedish.

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Thank you! Maybe that will be my next royal book to tackle. :D
Very interesting; beautiful interiors;
Thank you, Your Majesty!
DI Weekend republished recently the large interview they made of Victoria in November 2003, when Victoria was 26 old. The interview was made in Washington.
Some questions and answers:
If you would not be the crown princess, what job would you like then?
"The area I have studied this week in Washington, international conflict, is an area I would have willingly worked with. Gladly for an international organization such as the UN. I am also very interested in the environment, culture and nature, but something specific profession in those I never thought about"
Have you ever felt, "Well, now that's enough, I don't want to be crown princess anymore"?
"No, I don't see that as an alternative for me. But I have doubted myself. I had a period in my life when I was feeling really bad and felt I couldn't live up to the tough demands that I put on myself."
Is there anything that would make you consider to abdicate?
"If the Swedish people don't want me to fulfill my task, then I obviously will not do it. That's the only reason."
What do you think are required for us to get a more even distribution of women and men in leadership positions in business?
"The starting point must be that it is a given that women are as capable as men. Then it is a fact that the experience and past jobs are crucial to who will get a job at a management position."
How do you see gender quotas?
"A sensitive question. I don't know if that's what it takes, but personally I would like to get a job because of my skills."
You yourself have had your job through inheritance and not the suitability or competence. Doesn't it feel outmoded?
"I have a position that is very difficult to just jump into. Almost an entire life is needed to take on the role."
What is your argument for us to keep the monarchy?
"The royal family has an important role to play as apolitical symbol of Sweden."
Wouldn't it be great to meet and get to know more people your own age? Say that it takes 20-30 years before taking over the throne - then maybe all of your advisors have died or become senile? (Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, 53, and Jan Eliasson, 62, in the seats next laugh happily when the question is asked.)
"I surround myself with people I enjoy and who above have all the knowledge and experience needed. When today's 20-year-olds have as much knowledge I can call to them, too. I address the issue to the person who is best placed to take it."
Isn't it boring to talk to old men all the time?
"I get the question often from my friends. But somehow I never felt this way because I have always been able to learn so much by talking to these people."
Everyone I've talked to here in Washington praises you for your commitment and talent. Still, I've read about your problems with dyslexia - is that something you are still suffering?
"Yes. I have mainly problems with plowing through large text material. I have to read the text several times and make my own notes for it to go well. But you learn to deal with it. One just have to accept that it takes time".
You take frantically notes during seminars and presentations. What do you do with all the notes?
"Because of my dyslexia, it is difficult for me to just listen, I have to take my own notes so that it sticks in the memory. I also save the notes to go back to them if I should do a return visit or a visit where similar things should be handled."
Your schedule in Washington has been busy, and from morning to night you are in the center and have all eyes on you. You must be exhausted in the evenings?
"Of course I'm tired, but you get used to it. This week hasn't actually been more busy than any other. And I sleep a lot in the car between meetings."
»Jag har tvivlat på mig själv« - Di Weekend
:previous: Thanks for this interview! I've long looked for interviews given by Victoria, but I had difficulty in finding some decent one, as they are mainly in swedish. Victoria always sounds so sensitive but reasonable. I loved that she said she would abdicate only if the public wanted her to... Luckily enough, she is the most popular member of the family in Sweden, so I daresay this demand will not likely be handed over....:lol:

LadyFinn, do you have a link to her 18th birthday interview? I've always wanted to hear or read what she said, but I could only find a small videoclip in swedish so far... :flowers:
An article from August 2002

The Crown Princess is strictly guarded
Victoria speaks of concern for her safety
The brutal kidnapping of multi-millionaire Erik Westerberg shocked most wealthy young people in Sweden. Several of them are the Crown Princess's closest friends for a long time.
And now Victoria is afraid that something like that will happen.
- She is worried about her friends and I know that the royal couple feel the same way, says the head of the press Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg.
For five days Victoria has participated in a defence course including topics about terrorism, threat scenarios and crisis management at Solbacka Conference Center.
- It has been an informative course that has been extremely rewarding on several levels, Victoria says.
Terrorism and threats concern her most - as Sweden's future head of state, she can at any time be subjected to an assault.
The Crown Princess is always guarded by two armed bodyguards from Säpo's personal protection department.
How does the Crown Princess feel to be constantly surrounded by bodyguards?
- I've always had bodyguards. It's part of my situation and my everyday life. I have got such a good group, and it is important because they are so close to me.
The kidnapping of Erik Westerberg has caused reactions within the court. Neither the Crown Princess nor the royal family knows the 23-year-old, but in connection with the kidnapping drama, Säpo strengthened their guard.
Nothing was left by chance. Victoria is aware of the risks:
- It's not a game. If something happens then it's serious and then the bodyguards need to act, Victoria says.
She has been afraid that her friends get into trouble. This week, a weekly magazine published detailed information, including the street addresses of friends.
- It worries her. She doesn't want to put her friends in something like this. We have talked about the risks, both before and after the incident with Erik Westerberg, says Tarras-Wahlberg.
Kronprinsessan är hårdbevakad _ Aftonbladet
An article from 2015. Photographer Jonas Ekströmer tells about taking photos of the royal family.

How did you start photographing the royal family?
- The first time was when I worked at Barometern. There were some photo sessions at Solliden the same year as Crown Princess Victoria was born. When the Crown Princess was newborn, we were not allowed to take any photos, but some years later we were a number of photographers standing at the entrance at Solliden. Suddenly the Crown Princess toddled on the gravel and it was truly a memorable event.
- Then there have been more photos in different contexts over the years. Partly at weddings, trips and other public events. I have also taken some private photos, but because of privacy I don't want to talk so much about it.
The awesome family photo you took in connection with the Crown Princess couple's wedding, tell me how it happened!
- It was only a month before the wedding that I was asked to take the official wedding pictures. I was a bit surprised, but of course it was a very fun and honorable assignment that I immediately thanked yes.
- As for the big family photo, there were 69 people who would be in it. The requirement was that it should go fast. I think I was doing for a maximum of one minute to take that photo.
Well, I thought it was a job that took a lot of time!
- Fortunately, the master of the ceremonies decided where everyone would stand, so I could not control that much when it came to it. It's just good that it was fast, because people get easily tired of standing still for too long. As a photographer, you have to always talk to them to keep their attention. I was able to take about 35 photos on that minute and I was satisfied with the photo that was then selected.
- I took even more photos of the couple in another room. Before that I discussed with the Queen who was interested and wanted to know, among other things, how the flower girls would stand in the photo.
How is it to take part at royal family's trips?
- It's exciting. Now in March, I was with Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in South Korea. Such journeys often involve an amazingly tight schedule. What turns out is that the Crown Princess is a very kind person. The Crown Princess is always humble and great to have and do with.
When there are several photographers in the same place, do you help each other or keep everyone at their fingertips?
- Ha ha, it's clear you want to take the best photo. We usually are a small group of photographers who are on those trips, and we spend almost all the time together and have fun together. We know each other well so there are really no hard feelings.
Do you never feel that you are disturbing when you come with your camera?
- At most official events, it is included in the game. But it's different in for example funerals or other private situations. Then, of course, it is more sensitive. We at TT News Agency don't take so-called paparazzi photos and it feels very good. I don't want to do things like that.
Jonas Ekströmer - kimono.se
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Here is an interesting article about the business sector and the royal family, April 2016:

"The Wallenberg foundations intend to support foundations / organizations whose purposes we know engage His Majesty", writes the Foundation Information Director Oscar Stege Unger in an email to Fokus.
This is not the first time the family opens the Foundation's wallets for the royal family.
At the Queen's 50th anniversary in 1993, she received "Queen Silvia's Foundation for Research and Training" as a gift from three Wallenberg foundations. The same foundations have then filled up with SEK 5 million each at Queen's 60th and 70th anniversary.
When the King turned 50 in 1996, the family foundations set up the "King Carl XVI Gustaf's Foundation for Research and Training". Also here was filled with SEK 5 million at the 60th anniversary and it is not impossible that there will be another splash now.
At the Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling's banns of marriage in 2010, it was time for her to have a foundation from the Wallenberg family. SEK 10 million became the starting capital of "Crown Princess Victoria's Foundation for Scientific Research and Training".
All three above are managed by the Wallenbergs, and in its boards are representatives of the family together with their respective royals.
The threads spun through the years between the family and the royal house are many.
Already in 1972, when Gustaf VI Adolf turned 90, H.M. King's Wallenberg Fund was founded with money from family foundations. Its purpose is, according to the royal house, to promote scientific research and "teaching or study activities of countryly meaning". The Wallenberg foundations have also donated money to at least one of the royal family foundations in modern times.
But Wallenbergs are not the only ones in the business community that appeal to the royal family foundations when they are filled in.
A couple of days before Queen's 70th anniversary in December 2013 a gala was held at the Oscarsteatern in Stockholm. Lill Lindfors was the moderator and on stage were Lena Philipsson and Tomas Ledin. At the gala, the queen also received a gift: H.M. Queen Silvia's Foundation - Care about the children.
Behind it was a large part of Swedish business sector. Olof Stenhammar, founder of the securities company OMX, led the collection committee.
- I had worked for several years with another of the Queen's foundations, Mentor, who works for a drug-free society. As I traveled around the world with the queen, I saw what appreciation and attention her work gave. So when her 70th birthday approached, I asked around the court if there was something going on, and there wasn't. And given that I've carried out several major collections earlier in my life, I decided to do it one last time, says Olof Stenhammar to Fokus.
Stenhammar received a total of SEK 57 million. Among the contributors were a large number of the wealthiest people in the country (including a Wallenberg Foundation).
The King's most important foundation today also was founded on a birthday. In 2006, at the turn of 60, King Carl XVI Gustaf's Foundation for Young Leadership was created to promote leadership in the spirit of scout movement. Here too, the business community has been involved both in the board and as a donor, although the collection has taken place widely.
One might wonder why business sector is so willing to invest millions and engage in theroyal family's charity project. Of course, donors themselves say that their motive is a will to help and give back. But you can not ignore other driving forces. There are other charities that perform similar activities as the royal foundations. Why not give to them instead?
Beyond pure vanity, the opportunity to be able to socialize with the royal family, there are those who also benefit from good relations with the House of Bernadotte. As Fokus has shown earlier, the business community in general and the Wallenberg sphere have particularly benefited of the king in his business, not least in the export of fighter aircraft. The Wallenberg family has also cultivated a conscious blue-yellow profile over the years.
The royal foundations are no small, honorable side activities. In total there are about 70 foundations and funds that are linked in various ways to the royal house. Total capital amounted to around 4.4 billion kronor in 2013 and a few hundred million SEK are distributed each year.
The billions of the foundations should not be confused with the royal family's private economy. They are their own legal entities. According to Margareta Thorgren, there are no reimbursements from the foundations of the royal family members or the court's employees.
The present royal family seems genuinely interested in charity. But the foundations also offer something else. Through them, the family can act in the society in ways that are impossible for the ordinary business of the royal family.
Hovleverantörerna - Fokus
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King Carl Gustaf's interview at magasine Chef in April 2007.
And what does the Crown Princess think of the King's leadership style?
"Absolutely awful, probably. ( Laughter. ) She is young and has an opportunity to be just like herself. That's how your leadership style is shaped, based on your personality. I'm reserved. The Crown Princess is more open. Thats how it is."
Does the King have a role model?
"My father. I have been told that my father always strived to do the same things, preferably a little better, than his equestrian friends and co-workers in order to be a role model. That view has shaped me. It has also been said that my father was very shy. Even there I look like him."
Exklusiv intervju med Kung Carl XVI Gustaf _ Chef
Article from 9th November 2009, about Victoria and Daniel taking their hunting license.

The new tenants of Kilafors Herrgård mansion were offered a real head start. The first weekend under their own auspices, they received Victoria and Daniel as guests when they were to take a hunting license. The mansion's property owner, Per Linell, was also involved in the visit.
Victoria and Daniel had booked an intensive course. Their intention was that they would be on the course only during the day. But they decided, after Säpo gave the go-ahead, to stay over for the three days.
- It was a spontaneous decision. They wanted to stay with the other course participants. Everything went exactly according to plan and the guests enjoyed themselves immensely, says Per Limnell.
Madeleine had got her hunting license in 2005. The first of the siblings was Carl Philip.
Among the other course participants were some of their friends, mainly Daniel's.
Kunglig glans vid Kilafors herrgård

Kilafors Herrgård is in Bollnäs, close to Westling family's summerhouse in Acktjära.
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Lady Finn, I have to ask. The article about Lilian is wonderful, but the translation is a bit wonky in places (though the meaning is always clear) - what on earth is the correct translation of "Princess Lilian is even more indignant than us and suggests that now we go all out in the yard to show the driver the vagina".

It made me laugh!
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