Name & Godparent Suggestions for the Twins

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15.30 DK summertime.

Making it 23:30/11:30pm Australian EST :cool: Jess will need to bring out her Red Bulls (and pray that her history essay is finished before then :whistling:).
Sites that I canwatch it live?

Keep an eye out for › forside One of the public service networks, they cover the event on the Net as well and usually it's possible for people abroad to watch it.

I'm sure someone will be able to test and post a link as the transmissions start shortly after 12.00.
That should give you about three hours to find a live link before the actual christening starts.
I drove by the church today & it's so exciting to see all the preparations :)

DR NU will broadcast live from 12:00 am (DK time).
As once said by the Pointer Sisters "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it".
I think the brother en sister of Mary will be the godparents and so is Princess Marie.
They seriously need to hurry up and name them...I'm getting annoyed with the name guessing.
I played with names these days...

Girl: Louisa Alexandrine Mary Ingeborg or
Anna Sophia Mary Dagmar

Boy: Andre Hans Frederik Gustaf or
Gustaf Magnus Frederik Olaf
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TV2 NEWS is also showing the christening live from sometime after noon.
I know that channel can be seen on the Net outside DK, because some of you accidentally looked at it, when M&F left Rigshospitalet.
You'll find it somewhere here: TV 2 News

It's a dedicated news channel, so don't be alarmed if there are news updates every half hour or so.
its coming up soon!!! cant wait to see their little faces but more importantly knowing their names!!!

i like Louisa, Anna, Irina, Benedikte, Catharine, Margarethe for girls
i like Andre, Richard, John, Johan, Michael, Erik, for boys

even though i posted several names before, i ran out of ideas
I think the brother en sister of Mary will be the godparents and so is Princess Marie.

i believe it too, i read that marie will be a godparent, and john and patricia are in denmark to go to the christening, so, now we have 3 godparents, but only marie is official...

don't you think that is quite rare that amber petty isn't a godparent yet?

fred & christian...
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Can't wait for tomorrow! Does anyone know (this might have been discussed elsewhere but couldn't find it) if the christening will be broadcasted live and if so, is there are site where we could watch it? I have to say I have absolutely no idea what names the prince and princess will receive... I hope they are pretty names!
It's today at last ! Can't wait to see more pix of "the new" Christian... he looks very much like his father !
Just for fun, my last predictions:

Dominic André Joachim Patrick

Josefine Frederikke Marie Johanna
My final predictions:

Oscar Frederik André Peter

Sofie Alexandrine Mary Renée

The long wait is nearly over! :flowers:
So when will the names be officially released? how many hours we'll still need to wait?
my final predictions:

Sophie/Sofie Elizabeth/Elisabeth Margrethe Victoria
Mathilde Louise Mary Henrietta
and William Frederik Andre Peter

I think these names are also possible:
first names:

complete name:
Sophie Elisabeth Margrethe Victoria
Mathilde Louise Mary Henrietta
Sophie (or Sofie) Margrethe Charlotte Johanne (a version of Jane)
Mathilde/Matilda Ulrikke Ingrid Charlotte
Elisabeth Amalie Margrethe Ingeborg
Josefina Louise Margrethe Thyra
Charlotte Hedwig Patricia Mary
Louise Ingrid Victoria Jane

and the little prince:
first names:

and complete name:
William Frederik Knud Joachim
William Johann Frederik Knud
Thomas Johann Peter Frederik
Oscar Thomas Frederik Peter/Johann
The time is almost 9:00 in DK now, the christening will start 15:30, so we have to wait about 6½ hours :)
The time is almost 9:00 in DK now, the christening will start 15:30, so we have to wait about 6½ hours :)

Thanks. I think this means it will be nearly midnight Australian time until we find out.

My guess for the names:

Sophia Louisa and
Erik Magnus

It seems like yesterday when we were all waiting for the birth of the twins, how time flies!

Will try and stay awake :D

So exciting!

I'm gonna go for :

Sofie Mary Susan Jane
Amelie Mary Renee Susan

Oscar Frederik Edvard Thomas
Olafur Frederik Peter Andre.

Princess Marie, Prince Daniel, John Donaldson Jr, Patricia Bailey and friends of the couple.
Prince : Oscar Joachim Frederik Christian
Princess: Alexandra Patricia Feodora Margrethe

The christening has yet to start (guests don't start arriving till around 14:30 Danish time I believe - about 22:30AEST), but no foreign royals have announced their attendance. The only ones I can see attending are the close family - the Berleburgs and the Greeks, if they could get the time off work.
JessRulz I know that hte christening hasn't started yet but as the royal maybe they may have arrive early in the day
Nothing has been reported about foreign guests, apart from the Donaldsons and the possiblity of Amber Petty holidaying in Denmark. IIRC, for Isabella's christening we didn't really know which foreign royals would attend until just before the christening when they arrived to the church (the Norwegians/Swedes possibly may have put it in their calender).

Here is a live link to the TV2 coverage - they've already started pre-christening coverage, just around Copenhagen and the usual 'blah blah' commentary. They will break for the news at various intervals though.
The danish language is so fun to listen to, Aussie news channels report on some names the parents may choose and on the dress problem.
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