Mary is Pregnant

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norwegianne said:
My understanding of it, (from is that any change in the Danish constitution has to be approved by two elected parliaments, and then... approved by of, at least 40 % of the Danish people in a referendum. So, it's a process that might take some time.
Thanks norwegianne, I was confused about the contradiction beetween what PM has said (as I understood) and the information about a process in making a new law I've got before (also thanks for Lena):) ...
Congratulations to Frederik and Mary. I do wish them lots of joy and happiness. They are my favourite royal couple.
Not all that long now and personally, I cant wait for the arrival!

I agree with you smiley, Their Royal Highnesses are my favourite Royal couple also. Just such beautiful and down to earth people.

Although (like everyone else) I hope that the baby is healthy and enters this world safely, I do admitt that I am wishing for Mary to be delivered of a beautiful daughter and (if passed by the Danish Government) heir.

they have to fill out 15-20 pages with something about the pregnancy. And that within about 24 hours - announcement Monday and deadline Tuesday(Billid Bladet and Se & Hør, some other mags even late Monday).

good point. that relentless pressure to fill up space can lead to some pretty pointless speculation. you see this a lot with 24 hour news networks when there is a big story. they can't switch to another story because then they'll loose viewers but they have nothing new to report so they just keep having to come with a fresh angle.

BT reports that Mary is taking less than 4 months maternity leave - due to an official visit to Germany in February next year. (The average Danish woman takes about 10 months.) Frederik said earlier that the maternity/paternity leave was a bit more vague for him and Mary as they "really don't have anything in favour of taking it." After all, they do approve their own programme, one would hope... ;)
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Oh, I hope Mary and the baby are okay. That's just horrible! I can only imagine how worried she must be right now. :( I wish them all the best.
Me too, i wish all the best wishes for Princess Mary and the baby, hope both of them will be well.
I hope everything is ok with the pregnancy, so there is no more duties till the birth? I hope so, she needs a rest
Frederik at work today

The fact that Crown Prince Frederik actually attended his scheduled task at 10 AM today, does indeed support your idea about Crown Princess Mary's contractions tuesday being a false alarm ;)

14/09 05H.K.H. Kronprinsen foretager overrækkelse af DSB’s Brunelprisen ved en højtidelighed, som finder sted i Meldahls Smedie på Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole på Holmen, København, kl. 10.00.

I'm praying for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

I'm really hoping that Mary's baby is healthy and I am sure that he or she will bring joy to his/her family and to Denmark.
Doctors say that early contractions like this can be the sign of early labour, or it can just be a "test" run. But the baby should be sufficiently developed by now to manage just fine later in life if it is born now. Of course it would be the best for it to be carried to term, but... nature might want it differently.

I do hope everything will be alright in the end.
What frightening news! But if Frederik's back at work then I think it's a good sign that Mary and the baby both are okay.

I think Braxton Hicks (spelling?) contractions (false contractions) are commonplace. Many moms to be that I've known have experienced them. I think they are particularly commonplace with first time pregnancies -- something about your body preparing for the "big push" as it were.

Last year a friend (pregnant for the first time) experienced what she was absolutley convinced were false contractions at 4 in the morning so she took her time getting to the hospital. (She even took the time to make her bed and let her husband pop by the drive thru for his morning coffee!) But when she got to the hospital the nurses looked at her and knew immediately that they weren't false contractions, so she actually had her baby two weeks early.
I hope everything is fine for Mary and the baby
even if the baby is developped enough to live if he is born now .... but he should wait a little again !!
I pray the baby is ok. I believe that first pregnancy's are difficult. And if a Higher Power is ready for us to have a new prince/princess of Denmark, today's technology allows him/her to be ok if the baby is born prematurely. Boy, will the baby be spoiled!
poor mary, that must be so stressful for her. I hope she recovers quickly.

its perfectly normal to go on maternity leave 6 weeks before the due date.
Both her and the baby will be fine.(the power of positive thinking!) It's just her body's way of telling her to slow down. Her body and the baby are both getting ready for the "big entrance" into the world.
Not to make comparisons, because everyone & every pregnancy is different, but I carried my daughter just like Mary is carring her baby. Very small, and all in front. Once the baby "dropped" into position, I had to slow down and pretty much do nothing. She ended up coming 2 weeks earlier than I thought! And she was a very healthy & happy baby much to my relief!:)
I hope and pray for Mary and her baby, I hope everything will be okay... It's so worrying to hear these news, especially since it's quite a while yet before she's due...
It says in the press release that "CPss Mary's condition is stable and she is feeling well." That, and CP Frederik going to his scheduled event is a good sign.:) It must have been quite scary for F&M being first time parents and all. I'm sure Mary is being well taken care of while she is in the hospital and will be when she goes back home.

I think the actual due date is probably less than 6 weeks since courts may add some time on to throw off the press. So if the worst was to happen and the baby was born now (knock on wood!) it would almost definitely survive and his/her long term development would not be affected. However fingers crossed it waits a while longer and comes after the full nine months.
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I'm sure everything will turn out fine! Fred's back at work and Mary's said to be doing well, so those are good signs!
arent contractions a good sign when someone is pregnant?
carlota said:
arent contractions a good sign when someone is pregnant?

Not if they're coming before the due date. Mary and Fred's baby would probably be ok if it were born now, but it's best to keep him/her inside for as long as possible.
i got news from Hello magazine that CP Mary admit in the hospital and she alright and its totally scary of her to death and CP Fred still with her all the times but im not sure whether she would birth of new baby girls or boy her hometown in Australia wanted to hear about it! and the Hello articles says if Mary would able birth by October or November we have wait and see what happened!

Pregnant Princess Mary Admitted to Hospital

Mary and her baby will be fine. She is receiving a royal treatement now that she is not an ordinary person any more. I am sure she would cancel her duties and stop wearing high heals as we saw in some of her recent events. Hope all the best to her and to the baby!
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I was very surprised to see this being the subject of message boards. I logged on this morning hoping to see pictures and articles of her scheduled engagement today, not hearing of her being hospitalized. The good news is that she is well and at 34 weeks babies are generally healthy enough when born that early. I hope she gets lots of rest and that the baby stays put until it's scheduled to arrive.:)
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