Magazine Covers for Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

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Aug 21, 2005
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This thread is for magazine covers that feature Zara Phillips and her fiance, Mike Tindall

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Even though that picture is a year and a half old, I love the way Zara looks. So happy.
Yes and I hope they cover her wedding here in the states, she and her fiance make a cute couple! :wub:
You'll be lucky, I doubt we'll get much coverage here.
I doubt that there will by much coverage really - maybe some shots of them arriving and leaving - like there was with Peter's but hardly anything more - simply because she is so far down the line of succession (now down to 13th and sure to drop further within the next year or two).
IDK, the British press covered Peter Phillips' wedding pretty well IMO. Granted with William & Cathering wedding; then Albert & Charlene in the summer, plus the Danish twins' christening this year Zara my not get as much coverage as Peter. But I do think her wedding will be covered. Heck we'll get a peek if only because most of the royal family will be there including William & Catherine.
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