Koningsdag 2014-2024

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It's nice to see the extended family is still involved. :flowers:

Its natural though that the three A's are front and center with their parents. They are king's heir and younger daughters. Its no longer the days when Bea was on the throne, and the girls were just three of her grandchildren.

The girls seem happy and Amalia confident enough with the attention. I feel bad, they all looked so cold, but they definitely kept their good spirits up.
Amsterdam has been raining and very cold (6°C) since I arrived on Sat. There are even short interval of snow hail (or snow) almost everyday. This year is said to be the coldest King's Day ever. But today, the weather has been good when I arrived in Zwolle even though it was still very windy and cold but at least no rain.
Great to see these pictures and video. Thanks for sharing!
The royals look all very cheerful despite the cold weather. The outfit of Queen Maxima looks very elegant, love her hat. Her feet must be killing after spending so much time on her heels.
Nice to see that Catharina-Amalia, Alexia, Ariane were also present. They are cute girls, lovely mixture of both parents.
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Thank you to everyone who shared the photos and videos of this year's King's Day. I've always wished that we had a national celebration on the scale of King's Day here in England, we have Trooping the Colour but it's not that widely celebrated (well, not in my area at least). They look really fun.

The AAA's are lovely, and they've grown up a lot! I think all three princesses are very pretty but Alexia is blossoming into a rather beautiful young lady. I love their little flower bracelets, they're cute details. The video of Alexia speaking with the reporters was nice too, and it was sweet to hear of her excitement about King's Day. She appeared to be very confident and sociable, she didn't seem to have a problem chatting with the reporters.
The most boring Koningsdag up to now, I am sorry to say. While I alwaye like the attendance of the Van Vollenhovens, the prominence of the triple A's irritated me. Especially Amalia and eventually I found out why. Amalia already eclipsed her father because she has the personality that -in my eyes- her father is supposed to have as a King but doesn't. He totally misses the stateliness of his mother and that is something I want to see in a King. Stately yet warm like his grandmother, Queen Juliana. He has neither.
If anything, he has converted the Royal House into a business. In Amalia I see three generations combined: stately like Queen Wilhelmina (and Queen Beatrix, who also had grandeur) and warm like Queen Juliana - she will be very strong once she ascends the Throne. With her father I miss feeling and a majestic radiation.
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Koningsdag 2017, Tilburg

Koningsdag 2017


Arms of the Dutch Royal House

The RVD has announced that Koningsdag in 2017 will be held in Tilburg.

King Willem-Alexander will celebrate his 50th birthday in Tilburg.
King's Day will be on 27th april (it will be thursday).

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Tilburg is an industrial city but has some royal connotations. King Willem II of the Netherlands (1792-1849) loved Tilburg and indeed also died there. The local football club is named Willem II and they play their matches in the Koning Willem II Stadion

King Willem II also ordered a neo-gothic house. The King never lived there: he died 9 days before the house was ready. In his testament the King destined his house to become a Rijks (State Higher Civic School). Later it became a representative location for the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Tilburg. It is known as "the palace" in Tilburg but it never was. Sadly the once so lush green gardens have become the concrete roof of a giant underground parking and sadly the municipal offices have been glued to the neo gothic building...

The house of Willem II in 1962 (the city has already knibbled large parts of the gardens): picture and picture.

The house of Willem II in 2016. The city has completely destroyed the lush gardens: picture.

King Willem II also owned lots of land surrounding Tilburg, with farms. It was called Koningshoeven (the King's farms), where still Cistercian monks (trappists) brew La Trappe, the local trappist beer: picture. The Abbey is named Koningshoeven.

There is also a statue of Willem II in the centre of Tilburg: picture.
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Apparently the concept of the route was leaked to the local press. Terrorist experts claim that this will give people with bad intentions a long time to make preparations.

The Brabants Dagblad claims to have the route and mentioned some (obvious) places but they did not publish a plan of the route in their newspaper. The editor claims they are concerned about the leak but that they do not want to disturb the plans.

The city emphasizes that the plans are still in concept and can and will be changed.

Route Koningsdag in Tilburg uitgelekt|Binnenland| Telegraaf.nl
Are round birthdays celebrated in a special way in the Dutch Royal Family, or could be expect something in connection with the King's birthday this year?
Here are some extra photos of King's Day celebrations in Tilburg this morning!

PPE Agency
Thanks for the pictures everyone, this is one of my favorite royal families. The girls are getting so big, P.Amalia looks just like her grandmother Princess Beatrix, P.Alexia looks just like Queen Maxima and P.Ariane looks just like King W-A, they are all very beautiful girls.
The reviews of the day were rather positive, even in the left-leaning Volkskrant. The celebrations feel much more 'now' than it did during the previous reign. The choice for one larger city/town seems to work out well: there were 150.000 spectators, more than double the amount that was expected -and that is despite the bad weather predictions. They noted that there were much more older teenagers/young adults than a few years ago.

The entire visit can be seen here:

Lovely that they arrived by royal train. It seems they have been using it more frequently these last years.

From today Queen Máxima's outfit will be exhibited in the textile museum in Tilburg. The designer, Jan Taminiau, was born and raised close to the city. A ncie way to attract some more visitors to the museum.
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I was aftraid for a twitterstorm about the physical changes of Princess Amalia, but in the general positive vibe of the royal family in twitterland, it remained calm on that front.
Were there bigger crowds than normal in Tilburg this year,have to say it has been my favourite kings day setting in recent years.
I would say, there are always big crowds on King's Day / Queen's Day, in every city. And they seem to get bigger and bigger because it more and more changes into mega events with music, dance and that sort of things.

This was in Breda, the old Nassau-city close to Tilburg: https://youtu.be/jzwPB3n3L9E
What was the name of that song that Guus Meewis was singing with the group on stage? The royals knew it and were all swaying along!

A big thank you for all the videos and photos!💐😄
I guess... It was the one everyone was singing along to
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