King Talal

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July 7 , 2012 40th anniversary of King Talal's death
Can anyone tell me in which year Talal's son Muhsin was born? I'm aware he lived only for a very short time. I believe it was 1948 or 1949 but can't find out for certain.
I know for a fact that King Talal was sent to a Swiss clinic where he lived til the day of his death, which was not so many years ago- it looks he had tried to strangle his own son, KH, don't know why, but he was ill, he had schizofrenia, I wonder why King Mohammed was disappointed with him, it was not his fault he was so ill.... I could never read anything else about K Talal, don't know if KH and Q Zein ever visited him in the Swiss Clinic, -don't think he ever met any of his grandkids- so, when KH married dina, K Talal was not already around, I think he was sent to the Clinic be4e KH's coronation.BTW, there is one pic of KH and his father when Hussein was a toddler.:confused: :cool:

King Talaal was first sent to a Clinic in Cairo then to a Clinic in Istanbul and passed away there. King Hussein and Queen Zein did visit him at the clinic but they were very short visits, and no he didn't meet anyone of his grandchildren, Unfortunately he had a life full of sad events.
Can no-one help me out with Muhsin's birth year?? I've tried every genealogy I know!
Royal court marks king Talal's death anniversary:

@RHCJO:Since His Majesty the Late King Talal ascended the throne in September 6, 1951 he aspired to reinforce the principles of the Arab Revolt #JO

@RHCJO: His Majesty the late King Talal formed a constitution that strengthens the foundations of community 1/2 #JO #Jordan

@RHCJO:.. based on political and economic freedom and that is responsible before the law 2/2 #JO #Jordan

@RHCJO:The Jordanian constitution was ratified on the 8th of January, 1952. 1/2 #Jordan #JO
..which at the time was one of the newest constitutions in the world, the most democratic and modern 2/2 #Jordan #JO

@RHCJO:Under the reign of the late King Talal, the constitution made the government accountable to the parliament #Jordan #JO

@RHCJO:The Parliament became entitled to a vote of confidence or no confidence in any government under the provisions of the Constitution #Jordan

@RHCJO:Under the reign of late King Talal, education became compulsory and free in #Jordan #JO

@RHCJO:His Majesty the late King Talal was the first Jordanian officer to ever graduate from the Military Academy #Sandhurst in #UK #Jordan #JO
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Talal becomes the new King of Jordan:

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